What is a smoking fetish

what is a smoking fetish

What is a smoking fetish – The fetish known as capnolagnia

Learn what is a smoking fetish through this overview of smoking fetishism.

Smoking fetishism ( often referred to as capnolagnia ) is a sexual fetish consistent with the vision as well as representation and images of someone having a smoke, be it a cigarette, cigar or some type of smoking instrument.  For some individuals, the fetish would seem to commence or originate as early as childhood years. . The Fetish itself has been classically conditioned and formed by numerous factors. These different factors could possibly include observing the smoker as a stereotypically lovely , innocent person behaving in ways in which are believed to be taboo. For some individuals the fetish attributed to seeing and enjoying someone smoking stems from a fascination and being attracted to more experienced and worldly men and women whose smoking epitomizes their toughness, power as well as self-esteem.

Within gay lifestyle , this fetish frequently originates from the impression and image portrayal of masculinity.

Old photo

Old photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A 2003 research investigation discovered that the fetish was not in past times the subject matter of scientific study however had only been something that had been talked about in “a handful of newspapers”

What is a smoking fetish cause?

There have been a number of different reported reasons why both men and women have a smoking fetish.

While there is not a lot of research on the subject of smoking fetishism, it is more common that heterosexual men are more known to be “into seeing smoking women” and considered smoking fetishists.

Certainly there has been a number of homosexual and bisexual individuals, both men and women who have advised of their enjoyment and fetish for smoking.

With heterosexual women, there is little research on their fetish area of smoking.

The main reason that men report their fascination for a smoking fetish is that men often see an association towards oral sex or fellatio. The image of a women in particular who put a cigarette to her mouth. This image itself is sexual in nature perhaps.

The image rather than the scent of a cigarette or smoke is not usually what creates the sexual response.

For women it would seem that the smell as well as the taste of the smoke has a more of a role in female’s smoking habits then compared to men[3]

While for certain smoking fetishists, are more fascinated with the nicotine and the addiction to this substance. Which reportedly can lead to harm of the body and most definitely that caused by smoking Tobacco based products.

There is a sub-fetish also found amongst the smoking fetish group who see the smoking as something that harms women and can be known as the “dark side” “lung damage” and also the “black lung fetish”

What is a smoking fetish attraction?

The attraction to seeing smoking and the fetish based on this notion is often linked to the glamour element of smoking women. The habit itself is considered or was historically been a masculine based activity. While in recent times smoking has become more mainstream and almost fashionable. With a growing trend towards fashion branding marketed towards females who have used fetishists to expand the brands appeal.

The fascination towards women smoking is based on the demographic that the marketing has been driven towards. Younger fashion conscious women who may be professional or career driven.

Of course there has been even more government backed anti-smoking campaigns in a number of western countries who have pushed smoking into the limelight. Even more taboo and anti-social in a way. This has almost made the attraction and made women appear more erotic in that they are rebellious and breaking a taboo.

Charlotte Stokely On Set With Da Vinci Load Fr...

Charlotte Stokely On Set With Da Vinci Load From Hustler Video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another attraction and cultural based concept has been the advent of Hollywood and motion picture. Today Hollywood has taken steps to remove smoking from modern film. While in years gone by we have seen erotic and powerful women playing into the hands of the erotic element of smoking. These older motion pictures made famous from the film noir era.

Males also see an attraction fo observing females with smoke blowing from the mouth or nostril. The reason for the enjoyment is yet to be clarified, with one theory that it men may find a fetish element based on their mother smoking. With the older belief that men are often attracted to women who are similar to their mother.


What is a smoking fetish for gay men?

The smoking fetish or Capnolagnia has shown to be very common in the psychology of that of a heterosexual male.

In that gay men can experience enjoyment in seeing

  • The dominant man smoking
  • The innocent man smoking

The rebellious element of the action of smoking as well as seeing smoking as part of the growing up and being a man aspect.

While the fetish is also again linked to seeing the “harm” done to the smoker and observing a health man putting his health at risk can be a turn on.

What is a smoking fetish with E-cigarettes?

While Tobacco smoking has been known to cause associated health risks and dangers, the advent of electronic cigarettes or e-cigs has made smoking more appealing to both men and women.

As E cigarettes are a nicotine delivery system without the disadvantages of Tobacco smoke.

There has been a swing towards a more classy look and fashion item for many women and men towards this modern smoking device.

Producing smoke vapour that looks and feels like the real thing. Delivering the kick you like.

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Smoking Fetish movies and pictures

You will find a good deal of movies, videos and pictures depicting smoking women and men on the internet. This is an attempt to monetize on the fetish and to cater for like-minded smoking fetishists.

Watch smoking fetish movies

Here is an example from Youtube so you can watch smoking fetish movies anytime.

 You can also buy specific smoking fetish dvds produced for smoking fetishists that are adult orientated and more erotic in nature.

DVDs on the subject.

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Smoking fetish pictures.


Check Out our dedicated PINTEREST Board dedicated to Smoking Fetish http://pinterest.com/storeerotic/smoking-beauty/


what is a smoking fetish what is a smoking fetish

You will find a number of dedicated websites and blogs about smoking fetish.

One that we found most appealing was http://smoking-fetish-world.tumblr.com/

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