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Zeus Electrosex

If you are looking for a way to enhance your sexual pleasure and reveal your wild side, Zeus Electrosex toys and devices can help. Zeus Electrosex has a stream of toys and devices that individuals, couples, and more participants can use to maximize the amount of pleasure they experience.

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For many years since the advent of modern sex toys, there has been many exciting creations and devices. These devices and the like have been designed to stimulate spots that send waves of pleasure pulsing throughout your body. Countless devices have been manufactured to either rub, massage, vibrate even pinch certain spots to create sexual excitement.

The people at Zeus Electrosex beleive there is an even better way to create excitement.

Instead of rubbing the pleasure areas from the outside, the Zeus Electrosex devices are able to send a slight current right through the toys which then stimulates them. This electric current is not dangerous, rather it stimulates the nerves which creates pleasurable sensations. It is zeus Electrosex devices and toys that make you vibrate. These vibrations for many are very arousing have led to users experiencing hands free orgasms like no other.

Zeus Electrosex products are made to allow users to be introduced to electro stim in a simple and safe way. The range comes in a number of different attachments and power boxes. Which can support make the decision to choose the right power box simple. The idea is to make the devices simple and user friendly giving users more time to get down to the experience rather than going through lengthy and complicated instruction manuals.

Zeus Electrosex just some of the range

Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands

zezeus electrosex penis bands

Zeus Electro-sex Penis Bands available from Shop.storeerotic.com

List Price: $68.99
Your Price: $50.84
You Save: $18.15

These penis bands can be used with electro sex power units. They can be used with beginners and advanced users. Many people are fans of this versatile toy because electricity is allowed to flow from one band to the other. Since these bands are adjustable, the positions and placements are unlimited.

Shop for all of our Zeus Electrosex Devices and Toys at our shop.

You are able to attach for example one of the bands to your balls and the other band to the head of your penis. As an alternative position the bands side by side located on that specific spot that seeks stimulation. The elastic fit ensures the bands are  as snug as required no matter where you would like to position them.

Zeus – Silicone made Mini Torpedo for Electrosex

Zeus Electrosex Silicone Mini Torpedo

Zeus Silicone Made Mini Torpedo for Electrosex available from shop.storeerotic.com

List Price: $53.99
Your Price: $39.18
You Save: $14.81

The Silicone made Mini Torpedo is an expensive way to explore and have fun. Although these little cucumber-shaped units are simple, they are inexpensive and versatile. This mini torpedo is available in blue and black. These devices may be small compared to others, but they pack a powerful, electrifying punch. If you have one, or more  Zeus Power Unit, this torpedo can be used.

The mini torpedo is able to be used either anal or vaginal. While many begin with the smaller size anally and users can elect to increase when trained. Once inserted the mini torpedo allows you to experience a wild or mild sensation of pleasure. The level of power defines exactly how much wild or mild your like.

Zeus  Bi-Polar  Erection Rings for Electrosex – Silicone

Zeus Electrosex Bi-Polar Silicone Erection Rings

Zeus  Bi-Polar Silicone Erection Rings for Electrosex available at shop.storeerotic.com

The Bi-Polar Silicone Erection Rings set is all you need to get yourself in the mood for having some down and dirty fun. To ensure that you get the most out of this ring set, make sure you are using them correctly. Using these erection rings are easy. To use these rings, place them on your penis and make sure they are connected to a Zeus Powerbox. A lot of people are fond of these rings because you can select your intensity level. The Bi-Polar Silicone Erection Rings are compatible with Zeus handheld systems and power boxes.

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The Beginner E-Stim Kit

Zeus Electrosex Beginner E-Stim Kit


Zeus Electrosex Beginner E-Stim Kit available at shop.storeerotic.com

List Price: $134.99
Your Price: $100.31
You Save: $34.68

The Beginner E-Stim Kit is the ideal pack to get into electrosex. It is a basic, portable, unit which includes all the attachments that one needs to begin with. It is very easy to adjust the pulse amplitude,  intensity and rate, with the dials. It has 2 outputs, each able to produce differing intensities. Once a user has reached the limitations of the included attachments, they can plug in any other Zeus Electrosex Accessory and open themselves up to whole new dimensions of pleasure.

The Beginner E-Stim Kit is popular for many different reasons. It includes:

  • A power unit
  • Adhesive pads (4)
  • Lead wires (2 sets)
  • Bonus electro sex clamps
  • Instructions

If you want to have an electrifying time, this kit provides all of the tools you need for your sexual pleasure success. Don’t be fooled by its small appearance. This box has a variety of accessories that can be used to enhance your overall pleasure and experience. The controls are easy to use, and it can be used with all Zeus accessories.


This is a value for money unit and offers you the opportunity to explore the fascinating area of electrastim at an affordable price.

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Shop for all of our Zeus Electrosex Devices and Toys at our shop.

Zeus Electrosex Anal Plug

Zeus Electrosex Anal Plug


Zeus Electrosex Anal Plug available from shop.storeerotic.com

A lot of people enjoy the special touch that the anal plug offers. People who purchase this device also purchase Boy Butter and Universal Toy Cleaner. This anal plug is an awesome accessory for the Zeus Electrosex Systems. There are many different toys that include electrosex and e-stim devices that are great for pleasurable fun that beginners and advanced users can benefit from. This is yet another toy that is compatible with all Zeus Power Boxes. The size of this plug is great for stimulating the area that demands attention and for those who love anal play in a new way.

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We have convered just a few Zeus Electrosex toys and devices that promise great pleasure and stimulation. If you are looking for devices and toys to spice up your night, you can find more Zeus Electrosex products here! These devices and toys can help you explore yourself, partner, or others and have a great time.


Shop for all of our Zeus Electrosex Devices and Toys at our shop.


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