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Write For US

Do you have a passion for writing about sexual topics? Write for Us, we are happy to post  unique well written content to our blog.

We would love to hear from contributors to this site who are specifically passionate about human sexuality. There are so many fascinating areas to consider be it about erotic literature, sexual tips, a sex toy that you can recommend, or perhaps a product you have newly introduced onto the market place and would like to share with our readers.

Designer vibrators and dildos in an erotic sho...

Designer vibrators and dildos in an erotic shop for women Français : Vibromasseurs design et godemichets dans un sex-shop pour femmes Türkçe: Sex shopta satılan seks oyuncakları(Vibratörler) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are just so many interesting topics to consider and we are open to help support by posting on our newly created website, including sharing on social media on a number of different platforms, including facebook, google plus, twitter, tumblr and pinterest as examples.

How To Begin Posting as a guest publisher.

We know you have what it takes, it is just you that needs to get the ball rolling.

  1. Simply Register as a Store Erotic contributor If you are familiar with WordPress you can create your own profile and submit your Post accordingly. In order to register you will be asked to provide an email and confirm your email address. Please Check your Junk Mail should you not receive an email from our system in the near future. (unfortunately our email address tends to get stuck in junk mail)
  2. Please Use an appropriate picture to add to the post and featured image.
  3. If we are happy with your profile and your topic we shall then approve your content..
  4. Once we check over your article and it is approved we shall let you know when it is published and allow you to double-check that you are happy with your work. We are happy to make adjustments accordingly so we are all happy.

We are very happy to be able to help you, help our readers as well as help us to share the love of Store Erotic.

We very much welcome your interest in writing and welcome you on board.


Store Erotic.



If you have something that you need us to know, please send an email to Karin.

using the following submission form


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