women shaving private parts

women shaving private parts

Women shaving private parts – The best way to shave

We both personally love to shave or trim our pubic hair. So you can say women shaving private parts is a good thing. It provides a good clean view to our love parts and offers a fresh smooth feel that looks great. While some have a fetish for a full bushy pussy, we like a trimmed bush.

You will notice that typically in pornography as well as an ever-increasing popular choice amongst women as well as men is to show off their trimmed pubic hair.

Certainly for some the trend is to be shaven, it is always good to get the best results without causing too much irritation. This post hopes to cover off a few tips in order to avoid undesirable shaving irritations.

For women shaving private parts – Step 1 Trim

We fully recommend before even contemplating a full shave, you should really commence with a trim. It is just a commonsense approach, having a large amount of hair whilst shaving will only clog up your razor. Your pubic hair should be trimmed with either a good pair of clippers, hair clippers are great for shaving pubic hair fast, just be ultra careful not to have the blade to short. Or an alternative is to use a pair of small scissors.

A very useful tool is the Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer, Opal / Aqua suitable for a good trim to commence your shaving activities.

you may also wish to check out a few more alternative pubic hair trimmers for women

You be aware that pubic hair is more coarse than your hair on your head. Prior to shaving it is a good idea to soften your pubic hair and this can be easily achieved by soaking in a nice hot bath or an enjoyable shower. Having a cleaned pubic area can also assist to avoid skin irritation down the track.

Prior to starting your shave ensure your private area is dried completely.

For women shaving private parts – The tools of the trade

Such a post needs to provide some recommended tools to help you get the job done clean and effectively. The husband or boyfriend has shaving products such as cream or razors, however they may not necessarily be the product for you.

We highly recommend creams, foams or gels produced for shaving the pubic hair. Also it is important where possible to check out if you can find a product that is for your skin type. It may be such that you need to test a few alternative products in order to find the ultimate pubic hair shaving product for your liking.

Our top seller is the Shave Cream Forbidden Fruit 8 Oz Tube

Shave Cream Forbidden Fruit 8 oz Tube

Shave Cream Forbidden Fruit 8 oz Tube

For the guys looking to shave their pubic hair and balls then the best seller is

M4M Balls -N-All Shave Cream 2Oz

M4M Balls -N-All Shave Cream 2 Oz


Tip : We suggest avoiding soap. Soap although can offer a lather may not be ideal and will certainly not moisten your hair like a shaving product will. If anything soap can lead to irritated skin.

We also suggest to avoid using disposable razors. Buy yourself a high quality safety razor that has been designed specifically to shave the pubic region. They are also designed to prevent such things as annoying cuts or soreness.

For women shaving private parts – The shave

Make sure you private area is covered well with the shaving cream , gel or foam. It is good to leave the product settle for a minute or two. Take one hand and in a gentle fashion pull your skin to make it taut. With your other hand with the razor take it and shave in an upward motion. Shave with good long strokes against the direction of the hair growth.

Tip: To avoid in grown hairs, you should try to not shave too close to the skin as this can lead to the skin to over grow the hair follicles. So do not apply too much pressure on the razor and do not continually shave the same area.

Apply more shaving product if required to  ensure your skin or hair is well covered. This is to avoid getting razor burns.

Be sure to rinse off the razor and remove excess hair from the razor. By rinsing the razor regularly you will avoid clogging.

When you have completed  your women shaving private parts job, dry your private area with a gentle soft towel. After your dry down, you can use baby oil or aloe vera to soothe the skin. This is a good way to avoid the nasty effect of itching.

Tip: Another way to avoid getting ingrown hair is to use an exfoliation cream to ensure any skin is lightly exfoliated from your private area.

Moisturize after with the recommend aloe vera or baby oil.
If you are after some more information on women shaving private parts, we can recommend the following videos that go into detail of hair removal.



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