Whips and Impact Toy for Better Sex

Whips and Impact Toy for Better Sex

Whips and Impact Toy for Better Sex

Rough sex can be quite pleasurable, provided you and your partner agree to limitations during sex, and there are tons of manufacturers that make whips and similar impact toys that can be worth a try. If you are thinking of buying whip and impact toys, the first thing you should do is to ask your partner about his or her comfort level with pain. Some people simply can’t handle pain so this may not be for them but many people actually get off on pain so impact toys would heighten their sex life. There are a lot of sex toys like dildos, vibrators and plugs that let you explore inside your body, but when it comes to sensation play, you normally need a little extra.


Whips and Impact Toy for Better Sex

Foreplay or anything that involves exciting your partner is not meant to be boring, but unfortunately many people settle for just that. Boring foreplay. Playing with various sensations allow you to spice up an otherwise boring time. Unless you or your partner is a sadist, no one wants sex or foreplay to be painful, and impact toys aren’t meant for that. What they do is give your partner just little more pleasure that can lead to more powerful orgasms.

Over the years, the love for whips and similar toys like crops, slappers and canes has grown mainly because of the novels popularizing the use of those toys. There are many couples who want to find new ways to surprise their partner, and these toys allow them to do just that. Before you start, be sure that both you and your partner fully understand what each other wants during sex and foreplay. It’s also helpful to have a safe word. There is no better way to start with impact toys and whips than talking with your partner just to ensure that there is no discomfort but only passion and the desire to explore more of your partner’s body.

During foreplay you can start by lightly letting your partner feel the toy that you plan to use. This allows him or her to get used to the material and toy first so he or she is not surprised. You could also make your partner feel at ease before you start by showing him or her the new toy. We would not recommend using blindfolds restraints during your first time with impact toys. This could quickly turn the experience from fun and pleasurable to scary and uncomfortable. At the end of the day, fun and pleasure is what we all seek and impact toys may be just the thing to get you there.


Author: The author is a known sex expert who works with www.vickysdickys.com. Known for her unique style of writing and fun ideas, she has been instrumental in making many couples feel their best and making the most of the sex toys available on the market.


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