What is Electrosex?

what is electrosex

What is Electrosex? Exploring erotic electrostimulation


what is electrosex

PicsOf Mistress Justine Cross with her demonstration of Electrostimulating Kevin Pereira & Candace Bailey

So let us describe exactly what is Electrosex, it  is the abbreviation for electrostimulation. This is a human sexual experience or practice that involves the use of electrical stimulation to the body particularly emphasizing on the genitals. Here you’ll require a power source such as Violet Wand, VEMS, TENS or other electro sex kits or our recommended Electrastim Sensavox Kit  made for electroplay Electrosex is associated with BDSM activities, thus making erotic electrostimulation be viewed as an evolution of the said practice.

While it is widely viewed as a sexual stimulation for males, electrostimulation can also be enjoyed by women as well. The only challenge posed is how men can talk their significant other into trying this form of sexual play.

Communication is the most important thing as, it’ll be hard introducing such in the bedroom, if you don’t talk to your partner about their sexual preferences and whether or not they’d try using this mode of sexual stimulation or they’ve had before in previous sexual experiences.

What is Electrosex things that are good to know:

  •  The kind of sexual experience they’ve had in the past. When it comes to the use of electrodes for women, it is important to make sure that your partner’s part of the process. A lady’s consent matters a lot.
  • If they view electrostimulation as fun and if they’ve tried it before if no then a starting place is necessary.
  • If they have any health issues. This is necessary as there are physical issues that may prevent the fun of electrostimulation thus it is important to read carefully the safety information provided.
  • Lastly, it is important to know whether your partner has had any negative electricity experience. This is important as if someone has had previous nasty electric shock experience they won’t be comfortable with the idea of using electrical impulses for sexual pleasure/stimulation.


Many people are usually nervous at first when it comes to trying out electrostimulation. Now, if your partner’s already shown interest in understanding what is electrosex, next is the fun part . . . picking out or deciding on your choice of toys. There are several of them like; Electra pads, Vaginal plugs, the P.E.S power box, or our recommended Electrastim Sensavox Kit  spanking paddles and much much more. Many people are advised to start off with the more subtle approach being electra pads that can be used by both men and women and worn in many locations for a pleasurable and exhilarating experience. Also the Vaginal plug is a popular choice.


What is Electrosex – The Electrapads

ElectraStim Uni-Polar Square ElectraPads (4 pack) – $11.99

from: Lovehoney Ltd
Have you worn out the ElectraPads that were included  with your ElectraStim power unit kit?

This package of replacement pads will certainly assist you to charge your sex life all over again. 4 self-adhesive patches pre-coated with long-lasting conductive solution to charge any portion of your body at will.

Just connect this set of 4 electrifying electra pads into your ElectraStim power unit and position them upon any portion of your body prior to starting your sexy shocking. Consider making use of the electra pads as an electrifying couples sex toy, by positioning one pad on either lover and begin experimentation with tingley touches and kinky kisses.


Each pad has a measurement of 50mm x 50mm.

ElectraStim Uni-Polar Long ElectraPads (4 pack) – $14.99

from: Lovehoney Ltd

These more lengthy, thinner self-adhesive patches are developed specifically for genital stimulation. Designed to suit your all intimate regions more accurately, this collection of Four patches boost your electro sex play making use of your ElectraStim device.

Peel off the plastic material backing and position the self-adhesive patches on the skin area. Their exclusive shape enables them to get applied totally anywhere, also on the thinnest of regions.

Each pad will come with its individual wire and socket so they can be attached to your specifically designed ElectraStim package right away.

The electra-pads are semi-reusable and will sooner or later lose their stickiness but you don’t want to worry about them slipping – they are ultra secure!

Attempt placing the pads on yourself, and another pad on your companion to electrify every touch and stroke.

Dimension: 15mm by 75mm (0.6 inches by 3 inches)

An electro sex accessory for the ElectraStim Power Pack.

What is Electrosex – The Vaginal plug/dildo

The vaginal plug is also called the penetrative electrode and is phallic shaped. Its conductive surface runs from its tip to base and when used, it feels more like a dildo or penis in the vagina moving in and out. Most women have had the experience of being penetrated previouslyand this makes the experience of electric impulses in their privates less strange.

Why Start with the Vaginal Plug?

Most women may be concerned about this internal stimulation as compared to clitoral stimulation. One unique feature of the vaginal electrodes is that low frequency electric impulses are used thus it only reaches below the vaginal wall’s surface, stimulating the muscle and nerve tissue in a way not closely replicated by a penis or dildo.

To begin,  insert the plug, afterwards, plug the leads into the box and now you are ready to go. This can be a great way of warming up for sex and also one to satisfy a lover with a higher libido than yours. It can also be used to pleasure yourself when your partner’s away.

Basically, it creates a push-pull sort of stimulation, majoring on the inside via the clitoral nerve bundle as well as through the perineum and also anus too giving a tingle to the genital region.

Because of its design, the vaginal plug leaves the clitoris to whatever stimulation, you choose be it; oral, manual or even vibration!

It not only makes the muscle taut, giving one an intense orgasm and then release in a stimulating way. . So when you are starting out there’s no need at all to pressure your partner or yourself to make something happen. It all needs practice and conditioning the mind.

Also, let her be the first to run the controls. This way she’ll be able to control what she feels then later on she’ll let you know just how she loves it and what she wouldn’t want also. The one thing that will ruin the initial vaginal plug experience is if you don’t have it anchored correctly in place with its straps. Also, this is not a vibrator or standard dildo as such, so don’t push it in and out as you may hurt your partner.

Vaginal Plug and Dildo Options for Electrosex.

ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Radial Dildo – $104.99 You will experience the enjoyment of an orgasmic buzz from ElectraStim’s fantasitc Radial Dildo. With it’s Bi-polar contacts that curl horizontally surrounding the shaft which enable and produce an amazing 360-degree stimulation to all your pleasure points. Experience the most intense electrosex pleasures you can imagine.

Product Description

The first choice in what is electrosex, ElectroStim’s electro adult toys are made to heighten your senses by transmitting electric impulses to your nerve endings. Connect the Radial Dildo in to the ElectroStim electric power unit (purchased separately) and have the pulses reverberate across the solid shaft.

The power unit allows you to test out a number of throbbing rhythms and your pelvic floor muscles will contract in time with the pulsation – providing both pleasures and exercising mutually!

With stainless steel contacts and a shaft created from medical-grade plastic material, this Radial Dildo is constructed beautifully.


Please notice: This electrode requires an electrosex power device to operate. The unit is not included.

If you are serious about learning what is Electorsex can be. The ElectraStim SensaVox Erotic Electro Stimulator is the Unit for you.

ElectraStim Bi-Polar 7 Inch Electrosex Wave Metal Dildo – $164.99

Product Description

Take pleasure in amazing arousal and superb sensations with the bi-polar steel dildo by ElectraStimWith a length of 5.5″ that is possible for insertion and with a slender 3.5″ circumference, the wave metal wavy dildo feels satisfying with or without an electrosex power unit.

Designed for complete pleasure, this bi-polar dildo will give you wave upon wave of pure pleasure. Produced from polished metal with a main acrylic isolator, this dildo can become electrified by connecting it into an ElectraStim device and after that coming in contact with both edges of the steel to complete a circuit.

The cool external surface comes to life when both of the 2mm pin connectors are put into the sockets in the base, sending a tingling sensation to the physical body wherever it touches. Seven insulating rubber rings at the base make sure that all of those enjoyable pulses move straight to your special spots, instead of being absorbed by your hand.

The linear design means that the acrylic insulating layer runs from end to end so you will feel the exciting stimulation at any penetration level. Wherever the contacts touch the skin, that sexy tingling will follow.

Please notice: This electrode requires an electrosex power device to operate. The unit is not included.



Let us further explore the subject of electro stimulation equipment and erotic electrostimulation

Erotic electrostimulation is a unique way to spice up your sex life. Electrostimulation is, basically, the application of electrodes to sensitive areas of the skin to provide stimulation. Properly controlled electric current can stimulate the nerve ending and muscles, leading to an intense erotic experience.

If you want to get in to S&M, electrostimulation is a great way of exploring the pleasure/pain paradigm without lasting damage or excessive risk, unlike other forms of S&M.


  • Electrostimulation is done with specialized equipment designed for the human body. That means it is not like putting your finger in a power outlet, or touching an electric fence.

Electro stimulation equipment is specially designed to make it an erotic and entirely different sensation.

  • Electrostimulation is also seen as being able to force people in to having orgasms against their will; this is not true. While some can orgasm entirely through using electro stimulation equipment, most people require extra stimulation- the electrostimulation is mostly used to enhance an erotic situation.


  • Because electrostimulation involves the use of electricity, you must be careful at all times. First off, there are several categories of electrostimulation; some more, and some less dangerous or painful. The most common type of electrostimulation is pulse-based stimulation.
  • Most dedicated devices are pulse-based, and are the safest form of electrostimulation. Other devices are electrostatic; these produce a prolonged sensation of static electricity. They leave a temporary red mark on the skin after use, unless use is prolonged, in which case the mark may not be temporary.
  • AC/DC stimulation is the most dangerous form of stimulation. Items like cattle prods or generators can produce too much power for the body to handle and can cause real and lasting damage. These should be avoided as it is not designed for use on the human body.



  • A common misconception is that electrostimulation is best applied to the nipples. This could not be more wrong, as it is never advised that you place any electro stimulation equipment above the waistline, as this increases the chance of problems with the heart.
  • Even if you don’t have a recognized heart problem, you might have an undiagnosed problem and could cause complications.
  • You can get specialized electrostimulation nipple clips, with both electrodes on one clip, to reduce risk of damaging the heart, but these are very specific pieces of equipment.

Things to watch for:

  • One should be aware of sudden muscle contractions. Generally, if the electrode is placed on the genitals or the anus this will not be a problem, but if it is placed on the arms or the legs, sudden contractions could cause injury.
  • If the person is standing up, avoid stimulation of the legs, in case of falling; and if the person is tied up or otherwise in bondage, be aware of how their body might contort if involuntary muscle contractions occur.

Electrostatic stimulation is an amazing way to add to your sex life, so long as the correct safety procedures are followed. The feeling can be indescribably unique, and is both a great way to explore S&M for the first time, and to enhance the experiences of those more familiar.

 Some other Accessories for electrosex.


See Our range of Electrosex Products.


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