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The ying and yang of Wet Nuru massage

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wet nuru massage

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Nuru massage is a type of whole body-to-body massage that is performed using a special massage gel called Nuru oil. You can learn all about Wet Nuru Massage and get down and wet with your partner together. Or take a wet nuru massage with an experienced masseuse. The masseuse and the client are usually naked during the entire massage session. Consequently, several forms of sexual activity normally follow the massage as it leaves one revived, relaxed, lubricated and extremely aroused.

Depending on the style of the massage therapist, the requirements of the massage may vary. However, a special bed, or preferably with a specially designed air mattress is a basic requirement. Towels, warm water and a bowl or a basin are other basic requirements that will set the wheels of erotic Nuru massage into motion. A dimly lit massage parlor or spa room, romantic candles and soft music will add color to the already good package.

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The Nuru Mattress 

If you would like to experience the fantastic thrill of a Nuru Massage in your own home, this affordable full size luxury mattress for wet nuru massage, is ideal. Just check out our Nuru Air Mattress which offers a controlled environment that retains your Nuru Massage Gel and allows you and your partner to slip and slide freely without the mess.

The massage procedure normally begins with a warm shower. It is important to note that the massage gel works well over wet body than a dry body. It is thus advisable to ensure that you do not rub off your body after the warm shower. Meanwhile, put the Nuru gel in a bowl or basin of warm water until the desired temperature is attained. To avoid a “square peg in a round hole” situation, one should ensure that the Nuru gel and water are mixed in fine moderation.

wet nuru massage

wet nuru massage using the specially designed nuru matttress


See our Range of Wet Nuru massage products

Once everything is ready, the massage client lies on the air mattress with the head lying on a towel. The masseuse then rubs the warm Nuru oil and water mixture on the body of the client, then the journey to passion of the most profound kind begins! She climbs on the body of the client and takes pleasure in sliding on his body, eliciting pleasure to him as if the heavenly angels have already shown him the direct way to Paradise. Waves of desire uncoil inside the bodies of both parties as their bodies come into contact, making their sexual emotions to skate around in their brains.

The body slide continues smoothly and rhythmically, stimulating the sensuous zones of the bodies of both the masseuse and her client and unveiling their deepest sexual cravings. The roles of the masseuse and the massage recipient can be reversed to ensure that no one is left behind. The sliding movements, aromatherapy and the general romantic atmosphere conspire to ensure that the massage session leads to true exhilaration. Moreover, the sliding movements are normally accompanied by erotic touches, making the session an all-inclusive affair. The length of the sessions may vary between 1-2 hours.

wet nuru massage

wet nuru massage

The uniqueness of Nuru gel is perhaps the factor that makes Nuru massage tick. It is a very slippery oil that originates from Japan. It is made from Nori seaweed, aloe vera, grapefruit and chamomile extracts. It is odorless, tasteless and colorless. These features make it an excellent moisturizer and a massage gel of choice. It is very comfortable in the pores of the skin, it does not stain clothes and it is easy to wash off. It is also available in a variety of brands, all of which have their unique features. This means that there is something for everyone.

Concisely, Nuru massage is the key to stimulation of the sexual chakras in the bodies of both the masseur and the masseuse. It leads to better ejaculatory control, increased orgasm intensity and sexual satiation beyond the sublime.

See our Range of Wet Nuru massage products



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