Trick or Treat – What’s It Gonna Be This Halloween?



Trick or Treat? It that time of year again and no doubt you’re stressing over the ultimate Halloween party outfit. Well it couldn’t be simpler – Keep Calm and wear something hot. So what’s the delay? This is THE occasion to wear something incredibly sexy and outrageously provocative. Sexy, outrageous and provocative? You just can’t lose. The only problem is which way do you wanna go?

No, not boy or girl? That can be part of the fun later on, on a night where anything goes, literally. Which way to go with the outfit? All out pout or gory glory. You can get dressed up to the nines (or sixty nines) in the most temptingly tantalising black, leather, rubber, zips, holes, lace and chains or go for ghastly ghoulish blood-curdling make up.



Graveyard or Junkyard?

A graveyard inspired trick with your outfit or show off a tempting treat with your bodily treats?

The trick is, the horror show can be a rocky choice to pull off successfully. There’s a good chance you may be too freakin’ freaky to stand out as the drop dead gorgeous queen of scream and the guys won’t take you seriously as their choice for a Halloween humping.

If your have natural assets then choose these over fancy dress. Sell your god given talents rather than cover up with attention splitting outrageous costumes. If you’re arse, legs or breasts normally do your bidding then put them on an eye pedestal this Halloween.

So the choice is yours, but the thing either look has in common, is it must show off your best features. If you’re blessed with outstanding assets then it’s best to decide which costume can turn your charms into cast iron head-turners. Likewise it would be good to disguise the thing about your look you just don’t like.



  1. Treating them to your Body Snatcher booty?


First Question – What You Packin’?

So what’s your junk? Let’s break it down. What is your number one irresistible attention-grabber? This is what to use to base your whole look. This is the feature and everything else will have to follow suit. You must big it up and accentuate it to the max.

The jet black look should be worn from head to toe. Dark satin sex appeal all over. You don’t need to focus too much on makeup, accessories and horror make up because everyone should be looking only at your butt and legs, so high black boots or stockings up over the knees is advisable. Eyes follow thighs.

Legs All the Way

For instance, if you have a pair of killer pins (that’s a good name for a movie), then make sure everyone notices your long and lingering legs. You definitely need the perfect skirt or better still, a miserable excuse for a skirt. You need a tiny black shiny flirt skirt. Think ‘Itsy-bitsy teeny weeny, tiny skirt for Halloweeny’. Now you’re getting it!

Behind You!

Perfectly rounded buns of steel must be just about covered in only the thinnest clingy layer of PVC. If you are blessed with most guys’ fantasy of the triangular gap at the top of the inner thighs just below your crotch, then grab your tiny black shiny arse gift wrapping and work out your outfit from there upwards.

Titillating Fun

If you have a cleaver of a cleavage then Halloween should make them obscene. Get ‘em up. Get ‘em out and get ‘em noticed. This applies to all girls with it going on up top. You can wear black, white or lemon with pink spots, if you’ve got a rack to stretch any eyeball then make sure you’re trussed up with a killer black bodice and straps are a must.

Shoulders, even if not svelte will enhance the trance as your ample bosom will steal the limelight. Leave the allure of the skin tone from the edge of your overhang to the tip of your shoulder bones. A bit of glitter and sexy sheen won’t go a miss, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in and let your milk shake bring all the boys to the yard.



  1. Weird and Wacky Wardrobe Time


If you’re not gonna turn head with your torso then don’t worry. There are still plenty of options to make your night frighteningly fun. You can still look cute or sexy but maybe let your personality shine through the sequins and pearls or blood and curls.


Witches are wicked in all shapes and sizes

Still turn heads with your appearance but let your outfit do the talking. There are plenty of costumes and famous girl looks that will amuse and entice at the same time. From Maleficent to Batgirl you can be queen of darkness and still look sexy with killer cheeks bones and buckles and belts. Long red fingernails will get any boys blood curdling so don’t hold back.

If hair is your thing then Medusa and her set of snakes will be better than an orgy in Slitherin House. Big hair will make any body-form look smaller so go for Morticia Adams in a long flowing gown. Vampires have never been sexier, remember the blood thirsty babes in Van Helsing?

If you’re a petite frame then don’t despair. A blood stained night dress is sure to scare the hell out of most people. Think Carrie or the Exorcist. You don’t have to always go with the shock factor.


Wardrobe, Make up, Action!

Dressing up is the name of the game so if you possess than innocent charm then how about Alice through the Looking Glass? Just have fun with what you want to where and make it work for you. If you’re going with your beau he would be great as your Mad Hatter.

If you are really creative then you can go to town with your make up. Not blusher and lip-gloss but all out zombie style Hollywood special effects. The Corpse bride or Bride of Frankenstein is going to look awesome with stiches all over your face. Half flesh, half skull always looks great and a definite kiss inviter.

Why stop there? How about a sexy straight jacket with some peekaboo openings. The fetish queens and all dominatrix should be leading the way this Halloween, so do you best and make a real effort. No matter now sexy you look leaving the house, you will look irresistible when living your part at a party. Did I hear a werewolf? It must be time to join the bad moon rising!




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