Tips on Delivering the Ultimate Sexy Massage for Your Lover

Sexy massage

Spice up your sex life by adding a sexy massage to the mix. Priceless tips and methods revealed.

Sexy massage

It’s the flame of romance that keeps many of us going about our otherwise seemingly normal and boring lives. That uncanny connection that you share with your significant other is truly special. Over time, however, the spice and flame can substantially wane, as you both grow so accustomed to one another that it seems like you are playing out the very same motions that you have (in the bedroom) time and time again. Sexual experts advise that it’s during these times that you should explore your bodies and think about introducing more intriguing methods into the bedroom.

If you are wondering how sexy massage can traverse to the bedroom, it’s all about sex without the penetration. According to Juan Urosa, a Great Jones Spa massage therapist, she says that when seeking to introduce sensual massage into the bedroom, you should think of it like a sex form, but in the sense that (during the massage) you are not actually having sex. Rather, the massage arouses both partners and ultimately leads to great sex. Use these tips to deliver an intimate massage like no other for your partner.


Be Prepared

Before you can even hope to offer your lover a massage they won’t ever forget, make sure that you are fully prepared first. This means that you should have all of the tools that you will require handy and ready. Ensure that a few of these are on your checklist:

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Tips on Movements and Motions

It’s all about rhythm when performing any sort of a massage. Remember that your hands and wrists should not be the weight bearing medium here; rather your body weight and shoulders should. Be sure that you use your hands softly with them flatly spread as you push into the body using the weight of your upper torso and shoulders. To really get a good position on weight, kneel over your lover with your legs spread across the lower end of their buttocks. Then use your upper body strength to provide the pressure as you gently massage them. Sweeping, gliding and pressing motions work the best. Avoid the spinal column and instead focus upon the divots and contours in their back. Next, learn about some truly sensual areas that you can focus on as well as some other helpful tips and tricks.


Turning Your Lover On

The goal of sensual massage is to relax your lover and to also sexually excite them and stimulate them as a method of foreplay. Here are some tips and tricks to executing this to perfection.

  • Focus on sensitive areas: ears, nipples, nape of the neck, crevices in the shoulders, sex organs and nearby areas, buttocks, and arms and hands.
  • Add light kissing to your touch and make sure you get close to your lover often, fettling them with soft kisses.
  • Softly drag your fingers across their body to ensure arousal and to tickle them with love.
  • Focus on extremely sensitive areas like the inside of the thigh and the lower abdomen.


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