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Womanizer Liberty Rechargeable Travel Clitoral Stimulator
   Using a clit vibrator to achieve Orgasm Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for women to orgasm. According to research approximately 75% of women cannot orgasm from intercourse or penetration. Of course, there are women who have no problem climaxing. If you are in the lucky 25%, congratulations! Otherwise, you must use other types of […]
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 Ultimate Guide Cunnilingus & its 7 deadly sins is something to consider.   We examine the Ultimate Guide Cunnilingus through this post from our special guest writer Raeven. Men may think they know everything about going down on their princess. But in reality they are likely to suck at sucking. So if you aren’t too […]
how to enjoy sex
How to Enjoy Sex – Stop stressing about sex itself and learn about taking it in turns reports the expert If you want to learn to enjoy sex then you need to consider a number of basic principles. Many couples think that they should be having their climax at the same time Sex Expert Tracey […]