Sexy role playing ideas and tips

sexy role playing ideas the obedient robot

Sexy role playing ideas and tips

While we have investigated roleplay now it is time to look at sexy role playing ideas and tips from a different angle. You might want to visit our how to sex roleplay post to understand more.


While we give you more sex role play scenarios in another post.

 sexy role playing ideas and tips the 10 step guide

1 – Prepare your sex role playing ideas into a very realistic scenario.
To enjoy a role playing game, you may decide to plan the scenario all the way down to the finest details. By knowing your own part, you could possibly feel surer of your self. You might also want to create some dialogue beforehand.

2 – Improvise
Some individuals would rather formulate a complete story however with a little bit of practise, you’ll become freer even more relaxed straying from what you had at first prepared.

3 – Talk about things in advance
Speak with your spouse about the elements you’re not interested in. It’s just a game; you must not feel manipulated or even compelled into doing something you’re less than comfortable with.

4 – Find a compromise
Which game should you pick? One that appeals to both of you. That won’t actually be easy because people don’t all have the identical erotic imagination. Ideally, try to find a game that turns you both on.

5 – Pay attention to your partner’s desires
The things your lover fantasises or dreams about might be the littlest of particulars that aren’t important for you but are essential for him.

6 – Don’t place stress on your self
Never think that you need to be at the very top of your game sexually. The aim is to have some fun with each other.

7 – Don’t stretch yourself too sparingly
You don’t have to test all the scenarios. If you discover one that the two of you simply adore, you can replicate it again and again with kinds of different versions.

8 – Think about using accessories and props
Go all out with your role playing and dress in suitable items of garments, go to particular places, put together suitable arrangements, etc. But you might also keep things very simple and role play at home in your usual clothes. Precisely what matters is stimulating your creativity. To accomplish that, accessories can be helpful although not essential!

9 – Come to an agreement on your sexy talk
You wish to hear him say he’s planning to tear off your top and instead he says he’s going to tear open your blouse… blouse?! Absolutely nothing ruins a mood akin to an unsexy line. Agree on banned, unsexy phrases in advance. If you hate the sound of “gentle, tender kisses” and you’d rather be “gorged on and ravished” then now is the time to say so.

10 – Have a safe word
No matter what game you’re taking part in, you at all times need to have an arranged safe word. Similar to an emergency stop button this certainly will bring the game to an abrupt halt whenever you need. Make sure it’s a word you wouldn’t commonly use. ‘BAKED BEANS’, ‘ARDVARK’, or ‘BOB HOPE’ – whatever kills the mood is ideal.

Here is just one of our sexy role playing ideas 

The obedient robot
For this sexy role playing ideas, you have one of you who plays the role of the obedient robot. When you are the robot you are unable to make a decision on your own. All you can do is obey your master and his or her instructions. The master will specify exactly what words you need to say or the specific actions you need to take in order to please the master. The robot is only able to excute orders. What a fun alternative to a submissive role.

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Why is this sexy role playing ideas so hot?

This is a powerful scenario. You can let all your desires come true! Or if you are the robot you have the chance to be the one who is able to provide all the pleasure to someone you truly love.


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