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Sexy Role Playing costumes help you get into character.

Sexy role playing costumes are growing in popularity for many reasons and one of the factors is the fact that you will discover right now a lot of diverse themes of erotic and sexy outfits on the market. Not just that, but the different versions within the costume themes by themselves also offer increased selection that doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. As an illustration, if you want to dress as a sexy devil, you will discover not simply one or two sexy devil costumes online or perhaps in bricks and mortar retailers, but when you browse around, there are 100s!

A number of years ago, outfits, sexy or otherwise, were quite sparse with a few of a certain theme to choose from. That is certainly no more the case and, as the marketplace grows, increasingly more outfits shall become available.

Take our word for it, our selection of sexy role playing costumes gain popularity and our range expands on a monthly if not weekly basis.

Costumes used to be really cheap looking, something which might be chucked together in at least an hour at home by a poor machinist. Those remain on the market if you want these type of cheap throw together outfits, but a majority of people today nowadays appreciate the attention to detail, and overall quality available on the market online today.

So let’s consider a few concepts of sexy role playing costumes in a little detail.

Sexy role playing costumes – Pirate Costumes.

The popularity of pirate style costumes has grown probably above any other theme. I would suggest that that is certainly at least in part due to the flourishing film series “Pirates of the Caribbean” staring Johnny Depp playing Captain Jack Sparrow. Remarkably he said to have based his depiction of a pirate on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards as well as was able to convince the guitarist to accept a little role in one of the later motion pictures. It has been indicated that Mr Richards didn’t need a lot help with his pirate outfit or even his make-up!


pirate outfit men available at

sexy role playing costumes the pirate outfit men available at

pirate outfit women available at

pirate outfit women available at


Pirates were usually men in history, however that’s not essential when it comes to dressing up. There are lots of costumes for would-be female pirates and what a terrific theme it really is to show your self within. Ladies can add all sorts of add-ons here and also transform a basic pirate outfit idea into something completely original. It could even be possible to construct a design without shopping for everything but by piecing together items from various garments the lady already has.

What also has become a very popular erotic film is the X rated pirates production with elaborate outfits and some of the most well performers in the adult film industry.

Sexy role playing costumes – Sexy Nurse Costumes.

Usually a well known outfit concept with the guys. Likely something maternal, or even taking care of the man’s needs is involved with the psychology, but we needn’t delve too much into the notion of nurse enjoyment right here. It’s sufficient to state that the nurse idea is sexy, exciting and popular. Degrees of sexyness can vary greatly, as with all outfits, however the costume theme is very sexy naturally.

Sexy role playing nurse outfits from

nurse outfit nurse outfit  nurse outfitnurse outfit

An even more exposing outfit may be more appropriate for home role play pleasure or gently teasing and nursing a “man flu victim” to better health. Somewhat less revealing nurse costumes may suit a girly party night out or a charitable foundation fund raising event.

Nurse uniform and sex nurse outfits available from Love Honey.

Sexy role playing costumes – Sexy Cop Costumes and Outfits.

This is another theme the guys like. There might be some dominance/submissive human behavior happening with this outfit concept but whichever way if a man is going to be arrested, he would most likely want a sexy female cop to give him a very good frisking and slap the handcuffs on as compared to another man taking away his liberty any day of the week. “Are you going to come quietly sir?”


sexy police woman

miss swat

miss swat


Of course the ladies enjoy a man in uniform too so why not guys, dress the part and impress your lover with a cool police uniform or what ever uniform takes her fancy.

officer midnight

officer midnight

Sexy role playing costumes – French Maid Costumes.

Variable in the level of cleavage the woman chooses to display along with the length of the skirt too, but the skirt should invariably be short as necessary to reveal your hosiery. A romantic and appealing costume as is the French reputation, but additionally naughty as it might suggest something that should technically be out of reach. The maid is there to clean the rooms not romance the inhabitants. In your own home of course a little cleaning is always something that has become a chore, however with these outfit you will be wanting to clean a whole lot more.

Your man will absolutely adore these fun outfits.

see our range of sexy maids outfits

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Sexy role playing costumes – Halloween Costumes.

Possibly not sexy at all, but incorporated right here simply because they can be, that is certainly more obvious these last few years. By nature, Halloween is a creepy time of year when the witches along with the “undead” may make an appearance. However with modern culture it has enhanced the fun element of the occasion by making it a lot more sexy than scary. There are all kinds of sexy devils, vampires and witches available to buy these days if we search around the Web.

Check out these Halloween costumes available from Lovehoney

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If you want some couples will re-use their adult Halloween costumes to use during sexy role playing.

Of course, don’t forget the accessories – a wig, the whip, some stockings or a pair of high-heeled shoes will complete your outfit!

Sexy role playing costumes – Sexy Sporty Costumes.

Women are really known for grumbling that their man takes too much interest in sport rather than enough in her. Here she can get double the focus since some sporty getups are very sexy but are designed to make the sports outfit look very sexy for your chosen sports activity. Be it a football, soccer, baseball, motor sports or a general cheerleader costume which is selected. But this can be also be a fun costume idea for a girls’ night out and appealing here are the sexy cheerleader costumes that happen to be always well-liked for birthday celebrations or pre-wedding hen nights.

If you can think of an idea for a sexy costume, there is certainly something already available that is comparable. So use your creativity when it comes to roleplay and take a look at’s range of Sexy costumes and naughty roleplay outifts.

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