Sexy Confession – My Accidental Gym Confession

sexual fantasy confessions two guys and a girl

For this contribution from Anna, we decided to send her a little gift from our store to thank her for sharing such a hot steam sexy confession with us.

My Accidental Gym Confession

It was a simple mistake, which ultimately made Anna’s naughtiest sexual fantasy come true.

Naughty stuff NSFW 18+

It was like any other day, perhaps it was the summer season, or perhaps the fact that I had recently broken up with my long-term boyfriend. I needed to maintain my composure and my gym routine had become my sanctuary and a place to unwind. After discovering myself again, I had some confidence about my body and was dedicated to maintaining my sporty figure. I am one of those girls who likes to go to the gym once or twice a week, just to make sure things are tight and not too flabby. The last two to three months were different.

It was just heading into summer and the long winter had just come to an end. Living in Sweden the winters are long so I needed to make sure that I had a beach body ready for my trip down to Greece in Mid July with some girlfriends. So I had two motivational factors, one was to shape up for summer, beach 2013 and secondly make sure I had something to occupy myself with, since breaking up.


Now I had decided that training 5 times a week at the gym plus tennis one day a week was much more suitable.  After 3 months my legs and butt were in great shape. My stomach was really flat, not quite 6 pack flat but I enjoyed looking at my body in the mirror and comparing it to the other fit girls at the gym. The change room at our gym is just full of semi to completely naked fit bodies. I don’t know? I am used to it, however my friend from the US was shocked at how just how open we are when it comes to being confident with our bodies and showing skin in the ladies changing rooms.

I consider my breasts to be perky as I really focused on working on maintaining a nice balance between muscle and boob. I wasn’t going to over do it and become flat chested.

The story begins.

So what was a typical summer’s day, with a very early sun rise turns out to be something that I will never forget. I am an early riser and dedicated gym fan and a 6am Monday morning start was where it began. I was dressed for the gym and just slipped off my tracksuit with my gym gear underneath. I locked my gear in my locker and was out on my gym routine starting at about 6:15 am. There were only a few regulars at the gym, no girls at this stage and some new guys I hadn’t seen before. They were hot looking, younger guys pumping their muscles and working hard. I like to watch the gym guys pulling their man muscle faces. Taking a look at the mirror now and again with a small glance just to see how good they look after their set and reps.

They take a peek now and again at me. I see them checking me out in the mirror. I am not surprised really they are guys full of testosterone. They look at anyone with a pair of boobs,so I wasn’t reading into anything regarding their eyes on me. Not sure if they were looks of admiration or just something better than looking at the other guys.

I was working up a sweat, with some cardio training some squats and a good leg work out. It was a legs training day and I loved to concentrate on leg squats. After seeing some pages on Facebook with girls showing off their butts I was inspired. My ass was working hard from the squats and the other leg exercises and I could almost say that I was like one of those girls on that She squats page. What I did notice was the fact that I had to adjust my work out a little. As my gym was doing some major renovations. The gym had placed notices up all last week but I hadn’t really made an effort to look at them.

So after my workout peering at my iphone to select a new playlist I head to the change rooms to take a shower. The place was deserted as to be expected, no other girls were in the gym and it was early and many had gone away for summer vacation. We have a sauna in our change room in the shower section so I was keen to sit in for a bit to unwind. After a very quick shower to freshen up I headed in to the sauna, opened the door, only to be startled to see two guys sitting in our ladies sauna with a towel around their waists

I just stood there fully naked with my body exposed to their peering eyes in the semi dark of the sauna. “What are you doing in here?” (in swedish) was my first question before taking my towel around my body to hide my women parts. “One of the guys replied, sorry we don’t speak Swedish.

I then asked in English “didn’t you read the sign, this is the women’s change rooms” One of the guys responded with,”they are renovating the men’s bathroom and they changed the men’s changing rooms to this one this morning.” I was in shock, for one I had just managed to openly show my body to these complete strangers, and secondly I didn’t even think to pay attention to the big orange sign on our changing rooms door. I was just in my zone checking out my phone and was not even thinking. I just waltzed in to my regular change room.

Now what to do? The second guy just smoothly responds with  “take a seat we won’t bite” I was on overdrive, my legs were burning I was a little light headed from the intensive workout and the last thing I wanted to do was move out and go to the new ladies change rooms. Although I was not so sure I wanted to be intimated by these hot English speaking guys. So I calmly thought to myself, Ok why not.

I sat down across from them and they covered themselves more from my naughty eyes. What came as a complete surprise was the openness of these young men. “Wow we weren’t expecting a show like that” the blonde guy says. With a laugh. My face went red. I began to wonder where these guys were from with an unusual accent. “Sorry about that, I didn’t see the sign” “no worries we liked what we saw” was the reply of the guy with the large tattoo on his arms.

I sat there and stared for a short while trying not to appear too obvious. I liked the look of these fit young guys and they intrigued me with their accent. I managed to gather my courage and asked, “so where are you from?” The blonde guy with his gorgous body to die for replies  “We are from Australia”. Wow I thought boys from Australia, I have so dreamed of going there and had yet it was so exotic and so far away from Sweden.

My light headiness and leg burn must have got to me, my mind was a mess, “Australia, I would love to go”, I blurted out, then suddenly out of my mouth came the words “so you know, you are not meant to wear a towel in a sauna” The tattoo guy was up for the challenge. “Is that so, then why are you wearing yours?” was his very quick response. I went on and said something like this“because you are in here wearing your towel and I have already given you a show, so it is your turn”.  The gorgeous Blonde guy was keen to impress. “Ok then you must be a Swedish and you seem to know the rules” and stood up and undid his towel from his waist, exposing a man hood that made me feel all tingly, it was a good size cock and he was so toned it was mouth watering to see such a fine specimen.

The tattoo guy also very hot, did the same and took off his towel and showed his manhood off as well. He was a good size too. The boys were not afraid to show off, and the warmth of the room had made them harder than normal.

“So what are we meant to do now? Said the blonde guy. I was in a very naughty frame of mind, with two hot guys, a hot sauna, and now with two cocks just there a few meters away from me staring with their one eye each nearing on fully erect. I just thought naughty thoughts and imagined what it would be like to have two guys at once.

It was only a fantasy that I had and this was just crazy.

“What do you mean?” I said with a naughty smile. “Well you are the Swede what should we do?” said tats. “Are we just going to stand here or are you going to help us with our issue? Pointing down to his cock.

I was in heaven, feeling confident and with two Australians ready to excite me, I was up to the task. “Well I could help you with your issue” I laughed. “But I need you to help me.”

Blondie replies, so what can we help you with”? I wanted them both and I knew I could convince them to be nice. “if you are both nice you can both have me here and now.”

They were mighty happy to hear me say that.

I got up and took off my towel showing my boobs and nicely shaven pussy. They stood to attention and I walked over and instinctively grabbed both of their cocks in my hands and commenced stroking them until they were fully erect. “So who likes oral?” I said, they were quick to respond with a “yes.” “Well then I think you better start on me first.”

I layed my towel on the sauna bench, and sat there in a comfortable postion as tats got on his knees and began to run his tounge on my pussy and clit. No messing around straight to my quivering pussy, it wasn’t long before I was wet. Blondie was standing by my head ready to receive some attention at the same time. I grabbed at his cock and wrenched it to my mouth. I love the feeling of cock deep down my throat and after a 3 month absence I almost gagged. I soon relaxed and was sucking his man hood with a moist and wet mouth that made him throw his head back with pleasure.

My new favorite love boy, Tats was flicking his tongue deep into my pussy while transferring his tongue to my clit like an expert. He began to finger my wet pussy with one and then two fingers hitting my spot which felt so so good.

With my pussy getting attention and I was busy expressing such joy with this very hot guys cock in my mouth, I was just in an amazing place. I didn’t notice or see  if there was any one else in the bathroom it was just me and the Australian boys.


sexual fantasy confessions two guys and a girl

Sexual fantasy two guys and a girl

Tats did something unexpected and lifted my bum up a bit and as a complete shock he began to please me with delightful naughtiness. He did something that I had yet to experience and my ex boyfriend refused. He gently licked closer to my bum hole and it was driving me crazy. I had never experienced such a feeling. He moved closer with his naughty tongue strokes and shortly raised his head and said, “enough of that, how about some cock in there?

I was not ready I insisted that he swap and I let Blondie move to my pussy and I grabbed tats in my mouth and sucked him returning the favor for giving me such oral pleasure.

Blondie began to lick my pussy and got it so wet he was in there with more than two fingers and was trying for four. I was gagging on tats and Blondie was ready to fist me and I quickly sat up. “Enough boys enough”.

The boy toys stopped in their tracks.

I then said “ok now I want you both to fuck me.” I was not in a fit mind or mental state. I was so horny I couldn’t resist the chance to have two guys fuck my every hole. I wanted to feel filled by these two strangers and the thought of experiencing my fantasy of allowing two guys to take me was going to come true.  I said to tats, “now before you fuck my bum hole I want Blondie to get started on my pussy.

Blondie was soon back to my wet and pulsing pussy. He had worked on it with his fingers and he thrust his cock in with one delightful glide. I moaned with excitement and the feeling was out of this world.

Tats with his delightful cock was in my mouth and Blondie was pounding my love hole hard and I was in a blissful state.

It felt so good and after a short hammering I again said “stop”. Both of them froze like my slaves.

Ok Tats as I called him. “Now be gentle I want you to work my ass but be gentle.”

Tats didn’t hesitate and as Blondie moved from my pussy, he was soon over to my mouth making me taste my own horny juices and I loved it. I had a cock in my mouth and tats was working on my ass like an expert. I could tell he loved anal play and I wasn’t stopping him. I had done anal only a few times and it was ok, but this was just too good. I felt his finger now enter my ass and he was working to get it lubed up with his spit.

He worked in two fingers and as I relaxed a felt such an amazing feeling come over me. I had someone with fingers in by bum and a cock in my mouth and It was only a short time later before tats took his cock and slowly eased it in my ass hole. The feeling was so good so naughty and so so so wrong but so right at the same time. He managed to work his magic and I was enjoying the slow and methodical movement of his cock inside me. I was so ready to go further and experience double penetration. With a watchful eye Blondie knew what to do and both boys shifted me into position with tats on his back with his cock positioned in my ass and Blondie ready to position over my pussy. I was laying with my back on tats as he lay there not moving but holding my body. He moved and caressed my boobs in a very passionate and manly way.

My boy Blondie moved in for the kill and gently eased his way in. He did all the work while Tats gently thrust his cock at the same time. Tatsgrabbed my head and turned it to meet his mouth. He was amazingly good for a young guy and deftly used his tongue to kiss me in a such a sexy way.

While Blondie moved in and out with amazing skill and it was only for a  few minutes that I got to feel two cocks inside me. It was hot in the sauna and within about 5 mins we had gone from towels covering us to DP action and the boys and I were so close to climax.

Blondie pulled out and quickly came over to me and forced his cock down my throat. He made me gag and I loved it. He pulled out and quickly said “can you take my load”. I was not in a position to deny him and accepted his love juice with a wide open mouth. The warmth of his semen in my mouth was something completely new. I had never allowed it before and now I was left with a mouthful of semen unsure whether to spit or swallow. I just enjoyed the taste and swallowed hard with a satisfying grin and wiped some of the residue from my mouth and began to lick it.

Tats moved me from his chest and bent me over good. He had a few quick thrusts of my ass that felt so sensational. He was soon finishing himself and decided to blow his load on my back. I really would have enjoyed the feeling of his hot love juice up my bum but his load on my naked back and ass felt just as good.

I was so close to climaxing myself and the boys knew it, within a few seconds Blondie had sensed the urgency and sat me down with my legs spread slightly. He worked his magic with his tongue and fingers once again and pushed me over the limit. He was hitting my spot so deftly and like nothing I had felt before. I felt as though I was going to pee myself from his finger and tongue motion. But it was something more than the sensation of orgasmic release. Tats was kissing me with passion and fondled my subtle boobs. The feeling of two guys taking such good care of me was such a thrill a fantasy that I didn’t think possible I was in ecstasy and a release was inevitable.

I was being worked over by my two hot Australia lovers, and Blondie had my pussy and clit pulsing with delight, I was ready to explode and at the corner of my eye I could see another guy watching us. Just standing there with a towel around his waist and a boner. It was enough to send me other. I had three guys now there and I orgasmed like nothing before, I squirted my own love juice all over Blondie’s face. I didn’t even know that I could squirt and this was the first time. The first time for many things within less than 8 mins at a guess, My body shook with pleasure. I struggled to get up, but we quickly grabbed our towels and I showered to cool down from the sensational experience and the hot sauna. I got dressed quickly in the front of a few inquisitive eyes. No doubt wondering why I had come from the sauna and shower area and what I was doing in the men’s change rooms. Which were until today the ladies.

I left the change rooms and the receptionist had a smile on her face and said to me. “Those are the men’s change rooms until the renovations are over”. I turned around to see the big orange herrar (gents) sign on the front this time.

I put on my outdoor shoes just as the two boys came out of the change rooms and smiled at me and waved a good bye. As I left the gym a very happy soul with a feeling of immense satisfaction, a little sore but feeling like a women who had just had the most amazing thing happen to her EVER.


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