sex toys couples

sex toys couples

Enhance Your Sex Life – Sex toys couples use together

Have you considered what the sex toys couples use together? There are so many different ways to enhance or alter your sexual experiences. So many females from young adults to older housewives use sex toys.

If you only use your sex toy when you are alone and away from the “man”, or the “woman” for that matter you’re both missing out. Over 40% of couples admit that they have used a type of sex toy at some point during their sexual intercourse. These are not only used for women, many men have admitted that using these sex toys increase their sex drive, intensity and intercourse satisfaction.

This is a great way to enhance your sex life and an excellent investment that will have you begging for more. If you and your partner decide to come together and become even more close, start searching online at our store for the various different sex toys the world has to offer.

Sex Toys couples use come in all shapes and sizes.

Try looking together for a sex toy to try.

They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The fact of you both looking together at the different types of toys definitely will spark up your mood and you will already feel the excitement. Once you and your partner have decided on the sex toy you wish to bring upon your bedroom, you will be very excited and ready to put it to use as soon as it arrives. The anticipation of a new toy builds up the sexual excitement.

Surprise your partner and buy a sex toys couples use together and bring it out for some fun.

You can surprise your partner by ordering or buying a sex toy and bring it out and spice up the bedroom action.

adult bedroom toys

surprise your partner with a sex toy

We really believe that you and your partner will not regret it. It is one of our favorite activities to go and get a new toy to explore. Upon arrival the nice new love toy should then kept as a surprise then bring it out wrapped. Once unwrapped we expect that there should be no hesitation with it. You and your partner can use it together and enjoy it.

Or you might decide to tell your partner that you have something new to try. Keep them guessing for the whole day and let their imaginations run wild with anticipation.

sex toys couples

sex toys couples can let their partner know they have a little treat ready to try out.

Sex Toys couples use can be a great warm up.

Of course the sex toys couples use together can be used in the beginning of the action, to warm things up a bit. But, it is yours to play with, you and your partner may explore different things and enhance your sex life and bring a little spice into your life.

A change is always a good thing in life especially when it comes to these matters, love and romance will exceed to the bedroom, where these “toys” will take charge. They will make the moaning louder and the intensity increase drastically.

Don’t forget to clean your sex toy after use.

After use just clean it up, put it in your favorite drawer and charge it up so it is fully ready for when the next time comes. You won’t be disappointed.

You and your partner will most likely want more after you discovered what these sex toys are capable of. That’s why there are a huge diversified selection of different sex toys for every couple. Try new things and pick one that fits you guys the most.

If you have ever been disappointed with your partner finishing early and you wanted more, have him pull out the sex toy and take you for a ride, during this time he can have time to recharge and after what he experiences with this, he will definitely be ready for round two.

Some toys may seem little, but they are capable of very large things,  sex toys are a great solution to enhance your sex life and relationship with your partner, these are not only used solo, but as a couple as well.

Soon to be released the book that explains all about sex toys couples use.

The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys [Paperback]

Available here through Amazon

Publication Date: August 13, 2013

The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Sex Toys

The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys

Let us look at the sex toys couples use: All available from our store.

Categories available –  sex toys for couples

Love Rings

Couples vibrating cock rings come in various shapes and designs. We like using premium products that are built to last and made from the best materials.

However if you are on a budget there are plenty to choose from that are still great to use that will not cost the earth.

The Ego 3 from Jopen is a luxury couples cock ring that can allow you to heat things up in the bed. The vibrating cock ring or penis ring stretches, buzzes and does a great deal to satisfy you both.

ego3 jopen

ego3 jopen – luxury cock ring ideal sex toy couples use

For guys it can assist to make the penis thicker and make it more firm. While for her it can at the same time satisfy the clit and with the vibrate on, expect to feel and buzz like no other with balls and clit getting a great buzz. Often the sensation leaves the two of you with nowhere else to go but orgasm.

Why would you choose a sex toys couples use together such as the vibrating cock ring?

It is one of the most simple and quickest ways to spice things up.

  • You don’t have to be an expert. – putting on the cock ring is not challenging. If you can put on a pair of socks or a condom then sure you can manage a cock ring.


Realistic Vibrators

If you love the feel of the real thing and are just waiting for it, the next best alternative are the very cool and realistic vibrating dildos available from our store.

The most popular is the Jelly Chocolate Dream Vibe – 3

Jelly Chocolate Dream Vibe - 3

Jelly Chocolate Dream Vibe – 3

Vibrator Kits and vibrator sleeves

Indulge your partner with a premium vibrating kit. Lelo is the premium love toy manufacturer and they bring to the party some great quality and appealing couples kits.

The LELO Adore Me Pleasure Set has a indulging  playful restraint with the silk and suede Sutra Chainlink Cuffs, including the Intima Silk Blindfold which help to intensify your senses for what is sure to happen. Next lay back to pleasures that comes to a whole new levels with LELO’s iconic Mia 2, the stylish lipstick vibrator which is sure to bring one of the more memorable nights with your partner.

LELO Adore Me Pleasure Set

LELO Adore Me Pleasure Set


With the different Sleeves you can choose form a number of different varieties and can be used on your favourite vibrator.

Check out all the wonderful vibrator sleeve options from our store.


Realistic Dildos

You can add to the fun with a selection of realistic dildos to help keep things moving. With many to choose from some of these beauties are almost so close to the real thing “you won’t believe it’s not penis.”

Or if you are up for a new sensation, try a wood or glass version dildo. Check out our range.

Our best realistic dildo seller is the American Whopper 6.5in.

It is a very stiff and realistic version of the real thing. Perhaps a little too stiff for some of our customers, however stiff enough to ride while using the suction cup on a smooth surface. The floor or some have tried the wall with great success.

If you are keen to try double penetration for the lady’s and do not want to cause a fight by asking for a real man with your husband or boyfriend, then this is a great alternative.

One of our customers was so turned on by the feeling of being filled she described it as one of her best sexual experience’s ever, her man loved to give it to her as well.

Just check out some of our reviews to see if this number is the right one for you and for the price of about $16 you can not go wrong.

American Whopper 6.5in

American Whopper 6.5in


You might even like to try a dildo that squirts like the real thing. Now the recipe that may be found in the box uses condensed milk, egg white and sugar. This can be a little dangerous by adding sugar it may lead to yeast infection.

A highly recommend solution is to use natural yogurt while adding some water to the desired consistency. The PH level is also ideal for squirting in your love hole(s) and doesn’t taste all the bad too.

Squirting Realistic Cock

Squirting Realistic Cock


Lotions & Potions

Now this is where the fun begins, with

  • Beauty and Body
  • Lubricants
  • Oral sex toys
  • sensual massage
  • sexual enhancers

One of Our top sellers are the Wet synergy range

The wet synergy cool tingle is great for massage and personal lubricant with a cool tingly sensation. Double the benefit and a great formula

Wet Synergy Cool Tingle

Wet Synergy Cool Tingle

the are so many to choose from we just can’t fill in all the details here so go check out the range for your self and be inspired with some lotions and potions to get you going like never before.

Bondage & Fetish

Where to begin, there are so so so many choices:

  • ball gags
  • blindfolds
  • bondage kits
  • chastity belts
  • collars and leashes
  • cuffs
  • electro stimulation kits and accessories
  • extreme bondage
  • nipple play
  • restraints
  • sex furniture
  • sex machines
  • whips, paddles and ticklers

Our top seller is the Under the Bed Restraint System


under the bes restraint system

under the bed restraint system


You can transform any sized bed into a pleasurable binding love place. The restraint straps can be quickly fitted underneath your mattress or bed frame without the need for hooks. While you can then tie down and restrain your love partner’s legs, arms from the sides or from the top or the bottom of the bed. the choice is entirely yours. Ideal as a portable love session on a holiday or hotel romp.

Sex Furniture

Why not bring in some sex furniture.

  • There are sex swings and slings
  • shapes pillows and chairs

Our top selling is the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Door Swing

Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Door Swing

Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Door Swing

Bedroom Accessories

  • Adult books
  • batteries and chargers
  • ben wa balls and kegel exercises
  • condoms
  • novelties, party and fun
  • sex toy cleaners
  • storage
  • pole dancing poles

Gifts For Couples

There are plenty to choose from here too.

the best seller is the We Vibe 3 – Purple

We Vibe 3 - Purple

We Vibe 3 – Purple

This is an award winning product and has so many positive reviews. A couples vibrator that can be inserted in the vagina whilst allowing for clitoral stimulation at the same time. Also possible to insert a penis into the vagina at the same time as the device is inserted.

With a remote for delivering a magnitude of different vibrating levels this is one remote you both are sure to enjoy using.

Also comes with a great recharging docking station.

Find the video here

 We hope this article has given you a great opportunity to investigate the many wonderful sex toys couples can use together that is sure to bring some added excitement to the bedroom.

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