sex role play scenarios

sex role play scenarios

Here are a few more sex role play scenarios to give you some inspiration. As we delve into the world of sex role play, the number of scenarios is limited only to your creativity and imagination. Read (how to sex roleplay) for more details in this fun and exciting way to spice up your sex life.

We introduce some highly arousing sex roleplay scenarios:

 Sex role play scenarios –  The teacher and the pupil

One of our favorites and certainly one of the all time classics. You can decide to establish many different scenarios here.

It depends on who wants to be the teacher and who wants to be the pupil.

female student

We shall begin with the young pupil being the girl of the role play. While you are in class, you dressed in your school uniform and your lover the male older and very much sexy teacher. This is one of the more realistic sex role play scenarios because it is very exciting to reenact a scenario from when growing up. While we know for certain that many teens start by falling for or fantasizing about their teacher. You now have a great opportunity to capture that teen crush for real in an absolute great sex role play scenario.

Your teacher gets to teach his innocent pupil a few things about whatever takes your fancy, perhaps it is a sex education class and the class follows up with some practical education. Very sexy and naughty.

There might be a scenario where the roles are reversed somewhat and the strict teacher is doing everything in order not to be seduced by his young and horny female student.

sex role play scenarios

male student

While another alternative scenario is when the teacher is the more mature female  teacher, teaching her male student a lesson. The experienced teacher shows her student how exactly she likes it.

While another mix to this scenario is the innocent teacher is exploited by her male student into doing the unimaginable.


Why is this sex role play scenarios so hot?

You can be taught a great deal at school, it might be a piano class, maths, a language class, so why not a sex class ! While we like the idea that the “pupil” has had no sexual experience and wants to learn from her / his teacher, while discovering everything for the first time can be a whole lot of fun!


Sex role play scenarios -The prisoner and the prison guard

While the prisoner has been a naughty girl or boy and has been locked up in their cell and needs punishment. The prisoner is under complete control of the prison guard who happens to be keeping a very close eye on his/her prisoner.

One thing for certain the prison guard takes a fancy to the naughty prisoner, in fact very attracted. Where will this attraction lead the dominating prison guard has reason to believe you are concealing something or need some particular punishment for misbehaving.

A very good dominance and submissive scenario.

Why is this sex role play scenarios so hot?

This little scenario game can go in a number of ways. It is about dependency while the prisoner might seduce the guard to try and get some sort of advantage. Or the prisoner lets themselves be ravished or seduced by the prison guard for the fear of being further punished. You get to choose the style that takes your fancy!


Sex role play scenarios -The luxury call girl and the client

We like the idea of having an experienced and expert in her chosen profession. You are one sexy call girl all dressed up to impress in a sexy evening wear dress and an expert in your own element. Your man is willing to pay a great deal to have all of his wishes fulfilled.

luxury call girl scenario

For you as the call girl and your man the wealthy client, anything is permitted: with provocative clothing, some daring methods and naughty talk… but strictly no kissing.

You might even take this scenario to a whole new level by arranging to find your client alone sat at the bar of a hotel with class! Act out a scenario and return home to finalize the service, or if you have the budget, make it a romp in the hotel room.

Plan ahead and have your overnight back packed ready for an over night stay.


Why is this sex role play scenarios so hot?

You are the sexy and experienced call escort who has a few tricks up her sleeve. You know how to please your man, seduction and keeping your man begging for more, while you ensure he pays up for his sexual acts.

By having a strict rule of no kissing will make make your client and lovers absolutely made with desire.

If you want to mix this scenario up, the man can play the gigolo and his wealthy client is the lady wanting serviced. Anything goes except the kissing.



Sex role play scenarios -The stripper

We bring on the stripper or  the Chippendale! While in a skimpy outfit, you can play the music, dance and flirt for your lover. Your lover is unable to touch you with his hands and needs to sit on them.

sex role play scenarios stripping scenario

You show your lover a new side to your adventurous and sexy little lap and strip tease. Striking some lustful poses and dance while slowly revealing more of your skin.

You know exactly what your partner is after but deny them until you both give in.


Why is this sex role play scenarios so hot?

Now we like the idea of putting a dhow on for our partner. They get to look but not touch. It is a for of exhibitionism and voyeurism all at once. It is a very healthy and natural sexy show. While we enjoy looking at out partners body and the feeling of being desired and lustfully looked at is highly arousing.

Especially for guys, the sense of sight is one of the most strongest and provides the most pleasure. It creates a great deal of arousal as a visual stimuli.




Sex role play scenarios – Sleeping Beauty

For this scenario, we have a sleeping beauty laying in her bed deeply asleep. While the need for a very skilled Prince Charming has his work cut out in trying to raise his sleeping beauty from her spell. This time, a simple kiss does not work to the desired effect and it is a great deal more than kissing that raises our sleeping beauty.


It is a very practical scenario as sleeping beauty lays on her bed and ensures a perfect location for the loving acts to follow.

A highly arousing form of foreplay as sleeping beauty takes her time to wake as her prince caress, kisses and offers erogenous massage to allow his beauty to become highly aroused.

Why is this sex role play scenarios so hot?

This sexy idea is all about being sensual and the man needs to stir up his lover’s sexual desires. Of course this is a very old theme and it is not until her prince arrives does her whole body awake for amazing sexual adventures to follow.
It’s about sensuality and the man being able to stir up his partner’s desire. This theme is as old as the hills: the day that the prince arrives, her body is finally awakened.


Sex role play scenarios – All tied up

Being tied up in the real world is something that is not a pleasant experience. It can often relate to assault and even instances of rape. It typically means trouble.

sexy bondage

While in fantasy and role play being tied up signifies something completely different. For the man who ties up or puts his woman in bondage it creates a situation where “she is so desirable that he can not resist her”. While for the woman it can be a feeling of liberation. She actually feels as though she is obliged to do things she would not normally do and acts to reduce inhibitions.

Of course the role play scenario of being tied needs to be game and remain a game with both parties consenting to the scenario. If things are not worked out before hand, things may turn out to be somewhat unpleasant.

You should establish a safe word that is clearly identified so that if things do get out of hand or goes to far for you. You should select a word that is unique and something that you would not normally use. For example “PINEAPPLE” could be ideal. You should not use the words “no” or “stop” because you want to use these as words that make the scenario as realistic as possible.


Why is this sex role play scenarios so hot?

The act of sex when restrained is something that can be a quite kinky and something that is not your typical scenario. It may not be something that you would suggest yourself. If you happen to the one bonding up your partner, you get to really know your partners body. You get to see how badly they want you and you get to tease the one tied up as much as you feel possible.

There is a lot to learn about bondage we leave that for another post.


Let your imagination run wild.

With a few suggestions that we have put forward, you can see that there are plenty of variations to think about and you can come up with your own scenarios. Explore your creativity and let your fantasies run wild.

  • Doctors and nurses
  • Master and Slave
  • and many many more.


Don’t forget that props, accessories and sexy wear can really make the sexy role play even more hotter. You can really put yourself in character with a change in appearance and the key is getting into character to make your role play that much better.

Check out the range of role play costumes that are ideal to get into character.

Available through our for your sexy costumes

As an added tip.

The scenario that you select and the rougher it becomes, the more you need to communicate between yourselves. You need to establish the rules before hand and of course a certain level of playful aggressiveness can be a real turn-on. For this to happen you need to be in total trust with one another. You should always use a safe word that has been predetermined and you can stop when ever you are feeling uncomfortable.


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