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My Sex Quest – The Newly Released Android App is set to Revolutionize Sex Lives

While sex apps come and go, My Sex Quest has been developed with couples in mind. The Concept came about after a married couple was introduced to the world of BDSM contracts through reading the highly popular publication, “Fifty Shades of Grey”.





PRLog (Press Release) – Dec. 20, 2013 – NEW YORK – How Did My Sex Quest Begin?

It was not the BDSM aspect, rather the notion of setting hard limits and defining their own activities considered a “No” or a “Yes” that kicked off the idea. The concept became a reality and now available on Google Play is the Ultimate Yes, No, Maybe Sexual Bucket List App. Created for inspiration and a great way to spice up countless sex lives throughout the world.

From what started as a fun spreadsheet of an open minded couple exploring sexy things to try, became an obsession. The simple spreadsheet of fun activities became a research project leading to the creation of an extensive sex bucket list and inspired from various sources on the online world.

The ability to share and communicate each other’s sexual likes and dislikes in an easy way, in the one place, sets this app apart from the rest.

Why create a sex bucket list app was the question asked to Store Erotic and the My Sex Quest creators?

“The idea was simple, there are many sex-less couples out there, with recent surveys in the U.S. showing significant concern about the lack of sex or many claiming to experience mundane sex.” By creating an app, the couple believes there is a chance to create a buzz. Today many people own a smart phone and have access to the online world. Instead of playing games, or checking out a feed on their favorite social network, there should be more focus on happy sex. After all a healthy sex life does wonders for a healthy loving relationship.

By paying attention to each other, sharing sexy ideas and concepts and most importantly offering a chance for couples to communicate in a modern way makes sense. Of course an app does not replace the sex itself, it just provides inspiration and hopefully bring back the passion.

How exactly does the My Sex Quest app help?

My Sex Quest provides couples with ideas and by having a big list of sexy things to do and to try, aims to get couples to sit down together and talk about sex and their fantasies. By using the Premium version, couples can elect to share their own preferences to certain sex activities or trying out sexy products.

The main user sets up a password and can look at the categorized list. Beginning with foreplay, romance, sexy wear, vanilla sex and leading on to those activities to be considered kinkier, he or she is able to delve into the world of erotica. Each activity has a brief description or a chance to read more about a topic, or even look to buy through Store Erotic’s online store. The main user can classify each activity with a Yes, No, Maybe, Favorite, Priority, Completed or Completed as a couple. The list is extensive and there are plenty of areas to explore.

What makes this app different, is the sharing function. By creating a partner password the partner is then able to use the app to share their own classification on each of the same list of activities. Each preference is then sorted into separate lists, be it yes, no, maybe etc, and the compatibility can be found amongst the couple.

It is the ability to know exactly what each other say no to, or is their favorite, and having a priority list that makes the app entertaining.

As an added advantage, couples can be even more creative and add to the “my list” allowing countless possibilities.

The ability to have access to each other’s hard limits and yes list and maybe’s, makes discussing topics even more fun and a great way to begin communicating. While the sharing function is only available to users on the one device for now. It has been acknowledged this can lead to having a partner hog the phone. This shortcoming is a little compromise when it comes to the overall “let’s talk about sex baby” benefit.

Store Erotic was created by a happily married couple who have founded their blog in early 2013. Visit for details. They decided to create the My Sex Quest app and was released on Dec 15th 2013 and is now available from Google Play.

To find out more about the My Sex Quest App, Visit for more details on the two different versions.

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