Sex Myths Debunked

sex myths debunked

Sex Myths Debunked – We have so much to learn

Sex is something many humans enjoy, yet there are many untruths that remain in the world. Let us have a few of these  sex myths debunked.

sex myths debunked

Sex myths debunked

Sex Myths Debunked – Sex will lower your blood pressure

False Blood pressure actually goes up – but only for a brief period. There are only very few reported cases of a lover having a heart attack or a stroke during sexual intercourse.  Whilst blood pressure rises, it does not to a level that is very high. Unless of course the sex is extremely intense. oh yeah.

Sex Myths Debunked – Sex helps to reduce stress

True A survey study in the area of Biological Psychology questioned a number of respondents to maintain a diary that recorded sexual activity. Then after stressful activities such as public speaking, blood pressure was tested on the respondents. For those that had sex on a regular basis, it was shown that they responded better than those who were not engaging in sex regularly. So if you have a stressful public speech coming up, be sure to get between the sheets and get to it to help your performance  not only in the bedroom, but the boardroom.

Sex Myths Debunked – Alcohol helps to boost female sex drive

True if in moderation. With a relatively small amount of alcohol, it has been shown to cause a temporary increase of the male sex hormone in women, (testosterone). This Sex hormone will lead to a boost of female libido, according to published findings in Nature.

Sex Myths Debunked – The best time for sex is on a Weekend

False Research conducted by the London School of Economics has determined that Thursday is the best day to have sex. This is as a result of a build up of cortisol, the stress chemical  over the week. In turn this stimulates sex hormones –which has shown to peak on a Thursday.

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Sex Myths Debunked – Men are the only ones to fantasise.

False 80% of women have or have had sexual fantasies about people who are not their partner, as a comparison men are at a rate of 98%.

Sex Myths Debunked – Sex leads to an intelligence boost.

True Research conducted  at the University of Maryland has discovered that sex leads to a greater increase in the creation of neurons within the hippocampus. This is the section of the brain that is responsible for the formation of longer – term memory. While there is some uncertainty of the results in humans, the testing was done on mice. So let’s just say it’s true for the sake of the exercise.

Sex Myths Debunked – Sex will burn a greater amount of calories than running

False Research conducted by the University of Quebec in Canada decided to put the theory to the test. The following results were found in regards to the number of calories are burned per minute: 
9.2 calories burned
Man on treadmill 
4.2 calories burned
Man having sex
7.2 calories burned Woman on treadmill 
3.1 calories burned
Woman having sex

Sex Myths Debunked – And some final figures for fun

0 One in four couples over the age of 50 have zero sex (although respondents who were  surveyed by Gransnet said they were happy, with 65% rating sex as important).

8-9 is the number of times on average per month that a couple in their mid-20s to mid-30s have sex. The research was conducted by the the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyle.
6 is the number of times per month that those in their mid 20’s to 30’s fell to once the couples had  been together for two years or more..

We hope you have enjoyed some of these sex myths debunked. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. I can vouch for the fantasies! Why is it that so many men think women don’t fantasize??? it’s the best lol

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