rodeoH boxer harness

rodeoh boxer harness

rodeoH boxer harness – for women who love harness underwear.

RodeoHs & TRUhKs – The harness briefs for the new women. The rodeoH Boxer harness are the new way to strap-on.

Brought to you by an all women operated company out of San Fransisco. RodeoH boxer harness and panty are beyond the words stylish and sexy. These boxers and panties are the most comfortable harness on the market. Made like regular boxers but with a built-in harness ring up front to allow your dong to be placed when ready.

rodeoh dog tag

rodeoh dog tag

These rodeoHs are seriously comfortable and more so than your typical strap harness system. You can slip on a pair of these great boxers and wear them all day long if you choose to.

Of course they are made of cotton 95% with a 5% spandex to allow for comfy wear. The cotton fabric allows a much more intimate connection between you and your partner. With just the cotton separating you from skin.

No time is wasted buckling and fastening with RodeoHs

You can choose yourself an optimally sized toy with measurements 5″-6″ in length by 1.5″-2″ wide.

The rodeoH range does include a kit that you can purchase to ensure you have the best pants to go with the best toy for you both.

We should warn you, your pants will not an eternity. It all depends on how you treat them and like all underwear they will be worn out one day. So to ensure they get the best wear and longevity out of them, do take good care when washing.

Our recommendation is to wash by hand or machine in cool water. Lay flat to dry if possible.

RodeoH Boxer Harness –  The range

With a good selection to choose from of various styles and colors you can be sure there is a pair for your taste.

Lesbian couples absolutely love these pants, so straight or bi curious ladies, If you are looking for a harness and enjoying pegging with your man then these are the pants for you.

Check the range below and then head over to our site for the best value RodeoH boxer harness styles from

rodeoh boxer harness

rodeoh boxer harness

rodeoh boxer harness

rodeoh boxer harness

RodeoH boxer harness styles from


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