Pregnancy Sex Positions – Safe, Easy, and Highly Pleasurable

Pregnant Sex

To have sex while pregnant is not something that you need to be scared of, nor completely keep away from during the pregnancy term. Pregnancy health practitioners as well as doctors will often need to reassure their patients that  to have  sexual intercourse is completely safe all throughout pregnancy.

Sex can be enjoyable during pregnancy

Sex can be enjoyable during pregnancy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The opportunity to have sexual intercourse is possible so long as she is not experiencing any health complications that could possibly result in losing the unborn baby or early labor. But occasionally, due to how tradition dissociates sexuality from being pregnant, females find it hard to ask if it is safe to have sex in the course of pregnancy and which pregnant sex positions are ideal for them.

This post is focused on the ideal & most pleasant sex positions that you could try whether you’re earlier or later in your pregnancy. You as well as your companion can experiment, modify, and try various positions that will not put at risk your wellbeing or the little one’s health at any time.

Woman on Top – this  sexual position is one of the more easier for the women since she is able to take control. This is the position that we would usually recommend during the earlier stages of pregnancy. Just ensure that your partner doesn’t penetrate too hard.

Spoon – this is a simple and comfy position where by the woman is curled in a C shape and lies on her side. Her partner then will lie behind her and then enters her vagina from a behind position.

Side by Side positioning – this sex position is similar to the spoon position except for the fact that the couple will face one another. The guy then slips his legs over the woman or vice versa and enters her from a certain angle.

Rear Entry – The woman can lean against a wall or a bed and the man will approach from behind. This affords deep penetration and can be more erotic for the man than spooning or woman on top.

Oral Sex – Plenty of oral sex should be encouraged during pregnancy. Ensure the woman does not lie on her back. A favorite position is with the woman lying on her side and with the man parting her thighs.

Many say you have the best sex of your life during your pregnancy. One of the top Obstetricians (and my personal favorite), Dr. Irina, shows when it’s safest and how to have the most exhilarating sex during pregnancy in her latest book, Pregnancy from A to Z

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