Pole Dancing Pole

Pole Dancing Pole

Choosing a Pole Dancing Pole

You are now set to buy a pole dancing pole, well good for you. You have had a few pole dancing classes at the dance studio. You are now ready to go the next level and have set about looking for a pole dancing pole to buy. Buying a pole dancing pole for home can be highly affordable and enables you to practice your moves at home.

Having a pole dancing pole at home also makes it much easier to use it as part of a very good fitness regime. You can do your exercise and it is free without the need for leaving your home.

English: Demonstrating a knee hold

English: Demonstrating a knee hold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a number of different pole dancing poles to choose from whilst we attempt to go through some of these options in this article.

Choose between a removable or fixed pole dancing pole

Depending on what you are intending for the pole itself, the first critical aspect of choosing a pole dancing pole is one that is securely fastened. Poles need to be fastened and support the weight of you or potentially up to two dancers. There are units that have secure mounts or screws at both the top and bottom. Or top only or bottom only.

Fixed pole dancing poles are attached securely to brackets that screw typically into the ceiling. With a base that is wedged to provide the anchoring. You need to be mindful what types of screws or bolts you use. If fixing to the ceiling as an example you need to consider the material you are fixing the pole onto. You can go to your local hardware store to ask what the correct type of screws, bolts, brackets etc that are needed.

The fixed pole is very secure and great if you intend on keeping it there for some time, however it is not necessarily the right one for you if you intend on moving it about the place.

You may be best to ensure you check to see what type of ceiling and flooring you have to see if it is appropriate for installation of a pole. You need to be certain the ceiling and floor is sturdy and safe. If you are not 100% sure about installing a pole by yourself then seek assistance from a qualified person to ensure the pole is fixed properly.

It is very important that your pole dancing pole does nor move and is securely fastened in order to support your weight.

There are some poles that can be removed and employ tension and pressure to ensure they are held in place. These type of pole dancing poles are suitable if you intend on moving your pole or wish to remove it during storage time.

The key to this pole is ensuring that the ceiling and flooring is sturdy enough to have tension applied. The ceiling needs to have a joist above the pole. This is to ensure that there is support above the ceiling and your pole will not damage the ceiling in any way.

Be mindful of this before deciding to buy a pole.

Think about the height of your ceiling from the floor  when choosing a pole dancing pole

English: Pole dance

English: Pole dance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The height of your ceiling will play a part in which pole you can buy.

Typically the height of your ceiling from the floor will allow for one of the poles to fit nicely. Just keep this in mind when selecting the pole for your home.

The diameter of the pole dancing pole.

There are common diameters 50mm (2” approx.) and 45 mm with some coming in a smaller diameter as low as 35mm 1.25” approx.

We would not really recommend something below the 45mm gauge as we see no advantage. The only advantage is that the smaller diameter poles can be manufactured more cost effectively and are lighter in weight and therefore have lower transport costs.

The competitions poles are typically the 2” 50.8mm diameter or 50mm diameter. The advantage of a larger diameter pole is that the pole makes it somewhat easier on your feet and body. It makes it easier to move and hold and spin, although to grip with the hands it can be a little more challenging.

The 50mm version looks and feels sturdy so if you can go with that then do so. It is also much easier to get used to having a pole that is 50mm at home then when you want to train and perform in a dance studio then it is the same dimension that you are used to.

The selection of the pole material and coating.

You will find most poles are made from steel of some sort. They have different coatings plated in chrome or brass.

Those that are coated in brass have more grip but make it a little more challenging to spin.

We do not have a preference but if you have been used to one particular style at the studio try and get a pole that is as close to that one as possible.


Some poles are fixed while others rotate

Keep in mind that some poles are fixed or static while some will rotate.

Choose which one suits your preference.

Looking to buy pole dancing pole?

Now that we have detailed your choices, sorry for creating so many considerations and things to think about.

We have a number of pole dancing pole choices at our store to choose from.

Our top seller is the My sexy little pole. This is a sturdy and durable pole.

My sexy little Pole pole dancing pole

My sexy little Pole


If you want more of a professional pole and can allow for a little extra for your budget then the Penthouse Professional Dance Pole is our recommendation to you. It is portable and if you have some handy skills you should be able to put it together yourself ok without too much hassle. Available from our store.

Penthouse Professional Dance Pole

Penthouse Professional Dance Pole

We see in the below video from youtube our friend from Penthouse discussing some tips and tricks when it comes to pole dancing and being seductive. Watch the play list to find out more.


Professional Pole dancing Pole

Now we thought we should include this pole dancing pole as the ultimate choice. We try and provide the best information as a resource on everything erotic.
Pole dancing is an absolute amazing sport and can be very seductive.
If you are a professional and have the budget to suit then the name in the business is X-Pole
The X-Pole Xpert 50mm Chrome is totally amazing and has fantastic reviews Available from Amazon.


The X-PERT is the world’s first ‘bottom loading’, spinning and static pole dancing pole. The X-Pole Expert is Designed with Professional Pole dancers in mind and to allow special Pole Tricks. The X-PERT has been incorporated with all the features necessary to meet the demands of the world’s best.
X-Pole Epert 50mm Chrome pole dancing pole

Watch The video on the instruction process required for the X-Pole X-Pert pole dance pole.



Also recommend.

Mighty Grip is our recommended powder for ensuring you keep a good grip of the pole. It is light in color, has no odor, it has no taste. When the powder is applied to your skin, it enables you to have a non-slip grip. Apply on any section of your body; your hands, your feet, your thighs, the back of your legs. Any part of the body that comes in contact with the pole. It enables a new pole dance artist to keep a proper balance and grip of the pole. It is also used by professionals.

the specifically designed glove gives you a firm grip while you spin and perform your moves on your pole. Ideal for all skill levels.


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