Penis Measurements – The New Scientific Study

penis measurements

Penis measurements – Science does not lie

penis measurements

Penis measurements – Is she in shock due to it being larger or smaller than she expected?


For those individuals taking penis measurements throughout the world, you can now breathe a little more easier. Your measurements have now been validated. With a recently published study, that was undertaken by sexuality researchers at the University of Indiana. The results have established that the average length of an erect penile is precisely 14.15 cm (which is equivalent to 5.57 inches in length). This particular measurement is notable not because it is different from earlier research into the subject, rather the contrary: the measurement is similar to earlier studies, ” which suggests that men may in fact self report their data accurately. They do so reliably to the research teams. ” (A specific excerpt of the research paper: “Although a significant amount of men may dream that their penis length were longer and they might take upon a great amount of effort towards penile enlargement techniques, this alone does not necessarily indicate that men over report their penis length and dimensions to these particular researchers.”)

Penis measurements – the study can be challenging

Taking on a scientifically precise analysis on erect penile size is hard challenging. Due to the nature of the study it has been determined, simply due to the fact a majority of men have a typical tendency not to acquire a full erection whilst under the watchful eyes of the researchers with measuring sticks. How Odd.  This is why research such as the statistical dimensions of  penis measurements  must depend on males to report themselves their own sizes, that  can , err, arouse suspicion about the reliability of this particular study. Due to apparent factors: exactly how do we fully understand that these penis statistics validate earlier penis statistics if these penis statics had also relied on men reporting their own penis measurements? This can be considered a penis paradox! 

penis measurements

penis measurements perhaps this is somewhat inflated


Intelligently it was Dr. Debby Herbenick who provided an incentive for the men to provide an honest assessment, as she explained on Psychology Today:

In contrast to the majority of earlier research into the self-reported penis measurements, [subjects] had specific reasoning to report and provide precise information to our research team. It was because we used their measurement data to fit them to a correctly sized condom, which was sized to comfortably and safely fit their erect penis. If the subjects had gone on to report a larger-than-actual size to our team, they would end up wearing a baggy condom. If they report a smaller-than-actual size to us, the condom would be uncomfortably tight.

Intelligently played Dr. Herbenick. Besides the condoms happened to be more than just a motivational ploy. “We did not just to set out to be ‘penis measurements researchers,'” Dr. Herbenick responded in an email. “This happened to  part of a bigger research paper on the correct fit and measurements of condoms—and the Discussion part of the research reports a little more about other worthwhile areas of research.”

Penis measurements – oral stimulation provides the best results for penile stimulation

Fruitfully enough, Dr. Herbenick’s research generated an additional  unexpected discovery. Unlike earlier studies, this one took into consideration how men achieved the erections that they happened to be measuring. As it was discovered, “oral stimulation of a man’s penis resulted in reports of greater lengths and fantasy on its own was attributed to significantly smaller penile dimensions that were reported.” This may suggest oral sex results in larger erections. Or—because correlation causation etc. etc.—it may indeed suggest that those men with larger than average male organs are just more prone to receive oral sex in the first place.

It is clear, that more research remains to be done in the areas of penis measurements. Which may be great news for all of those who are into the study of penis dimensions and the accuracy of the study.


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