Non Penetrative Sex 101

non penetrative sex

Non Penetrative Sex: Foreplay, mutual masturbation, and more!

Learning that there is more to sex than just sticking it in, with our look at Non Penetrative Sex.

On occasions it can help to get back to the basics of sex when it is time to try something new from the standard mundane sexual intercourse that can happen in a longer term partnership. It is great to break habits and start something new and very rewarding.

By removing the focus of your sexual exploits from mere penetration alone, you are able to discover exciting new methods of pleasing both yourself and your lover. We come up with the term NPS –  Non Penetrative Sex which is very sexual in nature with contact that is not penetrative. Rather you should focus on the erotic element including verbal and physical communication that is between you and your loving partner.

When you remove intercourse from the Sex to do List, you will certainly find that you are to discover exciting new and highly creative ideas to try out between you both. Non Penetrative Sex puts a new focus on specific parts of the anatomy of the women that is most often neglected during intercourse alone. By engaging in NPS you also completely remove the pressure associated with the goal orientated sex that we become so accustomed to. That is to remove the orgasm from the mindset as the goal and you will soon discover by doing so that an orgasm is achieved more effortlessly. Sex that is Non Penetrative sex is less predictable and becomes more pleasurable as new exciting sensations come into play.

Here is your homework for the week. Make it a week where one of your sexy times is a NPS night only! When you choose which tricks and activities to attempt, consider and communicate the options with your partner and go about deciding on what can be on the menu for the night so to say.

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We have listed a few things that are great for foreplay and more.

Here are just a few ideas:


romantic bath together non penetrative sex

take a romantic bath together

Take a romantic bath together. Create some intimacy and set the mood with some candles and filling the bath with some of the foam from the gift box Love Candy kendra

 You want to run really hot water and add in Love Candy Kendra Bountiful Foam. This foam is filled with the scents of Gojiberry and Mangosteen, and it will totally set her off. Not only will she feel clean, relaxed but she will be ready to take you like she never has.

Lather and rub each others body all over with a sponge, your hands, or a loofah. Also it is also great to experiment with washing one another from head to toe (you will soon realize that receiving a shampoo from someone else can be very sexy!). You might even want to Incorporate some vibrating bath toys or vibrating sponges to enhance the sensation even further.

Massage one another. Set up a nice massage table or bed with some sensual music and candles to set the mood. With a naked body exposed or hidden under a towel or sheet to keep warm, commence rubbing your partner’s body with a nice massage oil or lotion — and before you know it, a most enjoyable relaxing body massage may turn into a pleasurable genital massage! Find out how to give a sensual massage in our past post.


non penetrative sex eating off a woman

Eat foods off one another. Well we have some sushi here in the above picture if you like sushi then this is a great choice. Some other great ingredients include peanut butter, honey, whipped cream, hot fudge and ice-cream can all be very sensual when they are licked or eaten off each other’s bodies.

We particularly like taking some ice-cream in our mouth and using it during some pleasurable Oral Play. The cold feeling on the erogenous zones is fantastic for sensation play. The cold soon turns to warmth as your hot mouth melts the ice-cream.

It is also great to experiment with edible panties and edible tattoos. Or you might decide that playing with edible body paints is a something for you both; decorate or paint as you so desire on your partner’s body before taking a good licking to get the paint off.


Sharing your fantasies. The brain is a sexy thing and telling your partner what it is that turns you on can really add to the excitment. As well listen to your partners desires. You might find that you have a common fantasy which you might like to act out together.

Kissing and necking . You might decide to try kissing each other all over — be sure not to forget such things as the feet, neck, back, toes, nipples, and fingers. This can not get any more plain and simple, kissing and making out is surprisingly passionate! While kissing is indeed the very first phase of great foreplay and it can pretty much define your entire sexual foreplay and sexual game. For many women, it is a huge turn off if a man is unable to master the art of kissing. Even if they are a master at sex, if they can’t kiss it can be a breaker. As we said it doesn’t just need to be the lips, the whole body is your destination with that wandering mouth. The neck is for many women particulay sensitive and women love a good neck kiss.

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Cuddling. why not spend some time hugging each other close and wrap those bodies around one another. The closeness and the intimacy is very erotic.

Mutual masturbation advise . Leading up to sensual touch of the inner thigh you can touch and rub each other’s genitals. Learn to watch your partner masturbate, watch yourself masturbate in the mirror as you watch each other or mastubrbate togther mutually.

Masturbation is another very fun activity that can certainly last for hours. While simultaneously stimulating each others genitals, it can be an   absolute mind-blowing experience. masturbating mutually is most definitely a bonding activity where both partners are reciprocating.


dry hump non penetrative sex

dry humping oh yeah!!!

Discover the sensation of Dry humping – This is the ultimate in Non Penetrative Sex, if you happen to be stuck in a private place but are not able to take your clothes off with any number of people ready to walk in on you. Then the dry hump is one of the most pleasurable experiences done fully clothed. The dry hump is just like regular sex, all you need is to keep your clothes on. You will find that the clothes add a barrier that is totally tension enducing and raises the sexual energy like no tomorrow. Another name for the dry hump is grinding.

Breast stimulation – While we have covered sensual massage, for the ladies, the breasts provide their men or women with  pleasurable fun bags. What can we say about breasts? There are no words to describe how obsessed the typical heterosexual man is with a sight and touch of his partners breasts. They are fun parcels of pleasure ranging from fondling, sucking and even the good old tittie root or mammary intercourse where the man takes his penis and rubs it in the cleavage of her breasts. Of course the art of  erotic breast massages can add to the whole experience. Treat her breasts with care and learn to respect and understand what she enjoys most and when, gentle, hard squeezes are in order, let her guide you.

Now this list is only just a small part of the complete list of Non Penetrative Sex actvities that you might like. Get imaginative, be creative and come up with your own fun activities to create that much needed variety.

Here is a great list of props worth considering in your NPS (Non Penetrative Sex) night:


Non Penetrative Sex the way to keep yourself away from the sin of sexual intercourse.


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