mutual masturbation advice

mutual masturbation advice

Mutual Masturbation advice – The things you should know.

Mutual masturbation advice is all about explaining what mutual masturbation entails. Some of the techniques and why it is beneficial for your sex life.

Mutual masturbation which is also known as manual intercourse is when two or more individuals manually stimulate each other genitals. Mutual masturbation can be performed for a number of specific reasons. For example if couples are not ready or able to perform sexual intercourse but rather elect to masturbate together.

Reasons for Mutual Masturbation

There are many reasons why people choose to mutually masturbate such as when couples may feel they are not ready for penetrative sex, are not physically able to or not socially or at liberty to have sex.
It may be even that sex is appropriate but mutual masturbation is used as a lead up or part of the sex itself.

Yes you can use mutual masturbation as part of your sex lives where it can be used as an interlude, masturbation as part of a great foreplay lead up to sexual intercourse or creating some level of heightened anticipation as a positive alternative to sexual penetration.

It is even some couples first choice in sexual acts.

Mutual Masturbation advice – Who chooses to perform it?

Mutual masturbation is appropriate for anyone and any sexual orientation. It is a suitable alternative to penile – vaginal penetration and can be used to ensure virginity is preserved while also preventing pregnancy when performed with caution and no semen or sperm is discharged near or in the women’s vagina.

It is also appropriate when females are experiencing their menstrual period and still wish to enjoy sexual contact without the need for penetration and a mess.

It is possible to achieve orgasm for one or more partner through mutual masturbation.

mutual masturbation advice

mutual masturbation advice- Share the experience

Mutual Masturbation advice – safe sex choice?

It is a safe sex practice and as long as no bodily fluids are exchanged between individuals it has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of transmitting sexual infections. It was highly encouraged during the 1980s between gay men in the inception of the HIV and AIDS outbreak. Mutual masturbation when performed in a safe way is a healthy lifestyle choice verses anal and oral sex.

Mutual Masturbation advice – The approach

Mutual masturbation is when partners manually stroke each other genitals in order to help reach orgasm.

Typically both parties are pant less and sit alongside each other for easy access to each other. Using a lubricant is a great way to stimulate the penis /vagina & clitoris. Done in such a way as to create what is known as an expanded orgasm.

Mutual Masturbation advice – Expanded Orgasm

This technique of achieving expanded orgasm is one whereby the orgasm experience is more intense and beyond the sensation of a regular orgasm. Expanded orgasms are said to be one which is full – bodied and different sensations are experienced. The orgasm can last for a few mins to those that have experienced orgasms for hours.

The term expanded orgasm was first used by Patricia Taylor in 1995.

Mutual Masturbation advice – STI/STD prevention

Be mindful that certain techniques of mutual masturbation do carry some level of risk attributed to the contraction of STIs or STDs. Using a finger with a small wound in stimulating a females genitalia can still be infected with HIV as an example found in the vagina. Whilst men’s semen can infect their partner with an exposed skin wound.

Still to be safe a condom and latex gloves are a way to ensure safe sex in occasions when partners are uncertain of their sexual health.

Mutual masturbation advice – The safe and erotic way.

Now if you want to be safe and avoid risk of sexual transmitted diseases and want a very erotic way to please each other. Then this is one way to do both at the same.

Picture this: We ask you this, Do you find it erotic to see your lover masturbate? Do you masturbate in front of your lover? Do you know that if you masturbate in front of your partner together you can in fact experience some of the most erotic sensations ever. It is one of the most sexiest things to masturbate in front of each other and you should try it.

Mutual masturbation advice – Watch each other masturbate and tell a dirty thought.

We make plenty of recommendations in our blog as experimenting and experiencing new things together is what a healthy sex life is all about. It may sound strange but you might think about telling your partner the things that you have done sexually with other lovers. It can provide a great avenue for communication and create some additional areas of sexual pursuit. As long as your lover is not the jealous type, exploring pas sex acts can be a great turn on.

If you are not into sharing sex exploits then consider a really intimate experience together. Masturbate in front of each other. Show each other how you please yourself so that they can train about you and about your own body that you only know best.

There is absolutely nothing more erotic than mutual masturbation in front of each other. The secret is to tell them a dirty secret thought of yours. Something that you have been thinking about your lover. While it is not only the little dirty thought that creates some seduction it is the mutual watching of each other pleasing oneself and it is also teaching you how to please them at the same time. It really is a fun and sexy experience.

So for us that do desire a more intimate bonding together with our lover then we can highly recommend that you show them how you bring yourself to orgasm or great pleasure.

Mutual masturbation advice – For those that are not into Oral sex or it is not the right time for Oral sex.

For certain people who are not into giving and receiving oral sex for what ever reason. It may be a hygiene issue or not the right time to perform oral sex on each other. Then of course learing some great mutual masturbation techniques is something that can add spark.

Even if you do enjoy oral sex, and need some additional tricks up your sleeve than mutual masturbation can be highly rewarding and allows for partners to reach orgasm through alternative sex acts.

With Mutual masturbation you have an advantage in that you can look at each others eyes. Seeing what each other enjoys through their body and facial expressions and it also allows for some intimate kissing. Kissing is something often that women advise that they do not receive enough of so mutual masturbation can be a great sex move to allow for greater intimacy and kissing.

Mutual masturbation does not require a great deal of energy to perform so you can do it as a warm up or a bit of a break from heavy love-making.

Mutual masturbation advice – How to.

One of the more simple techniques is when you and your lover face each other while resting on your knees. This enables you to both touch each others body and genitals. This position also allows for easy stroking of the clitoris and if leaning back slighty, G-Spot stimulation. This is a common position, however there are many more suitable positions. You might decide to face away from your partner while they touch you. Laying side by side can be a great position. Or if you want lay on each other and rub each other with your clothes on or off.

If you are wanting a variation to sexual intercourse here is a great technique

 One of our most enjoyable mutual masturbation techniques is taking our masturbation and mixing it with penetration. It drives her absolutely crazy with anticipation. It takes a little gentle touching of the clit, with an occasional entering of the vagina with the tip of the penis. Then pull it out while mixing it up with another touch of the clitoris with the penis head and then try entering her all the way in. This mix and mutual touching drives us both wild. This dynamic mix of masturbation and intercourse is a great foreplay and a transition from foreplay to sex.

Mutual Masturbation Techniques

We find that there are some couples that have some trouble when attempting mutual masturbation techniques. The issue is that we are very used to how much we need to orgasm during masturbating ourselves. So what tends to happen is that guys tend to be too hard when stimulating the girls and the girls tend to be to be too gentle on the guys.

Guys and girls get off in different ways and a great way to overcome this is to do the following. With your girl put your hand on hers as she touches you. Guide her exactly how you enjoy being touched and this is a great way to teach your lover. While she can show you exactly how she loves to be touched. It can be a fantastic fantasy to see each other touch themselves.

Mutual masturbation advice – rhythm is key

Rhythm is a very important part of mutual masturbation. We seem to start off way too fast and there is absolutely no way to maintain the speed or increase the rhythm while close to orgasm or to bring the orgasm. It is ideal to start slow and build things up. As described in the technique expanded orgasm.

Massage, leading up to mutual masturbation in a slow and erotic way to prolong the orgasm of both lovers. This prolonged orgasm is building more and more sexual energy until it is time to release to experience and absolutely mind-blowing all body orgasm. You do not need sexual intercourse to bring about an orgasm and mutual masturbation is a fantastic sex act. Think of tantric.

Let us Recap.

You can perform mutual masturbation in a number of ways.

1. Masturbate in front of each other it is very sexy.

2. Masturbate each other enjoying each others body

3. You can try long distance mutual masturbation over the webcam / video if you like

4. Learn about rhythm and what each other likes and share your dirty thoughts with each other.




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