More Music More Sex, Study shows.

more music more sex

More Music More Sex, Study shows

More music more sex, research shows that people that listen out loud to music have a closer connection and love making is one such benefit.

Is the home you live in filled with music? If it is then most likely it will also be filled with togetherness, more happiness — and as the recent study shows when music is played at home aloud it leads to  “More music more Sex“.


more music more sex

These factors and results have been found in a none-too-surprising finding from that of a new study that was sponsored by Sonos and supported by the likes of Apple and Apple Music. The study aptly named Music Makes it Home, a name that, given the findings, can take on a number of meanings.

While the study’s findings make a great deal of sense, there also is no getting around the fact that the results may be a little biased towards the music industry sponsors. With the new nine month old Apple Music subscription based music service promoting their monthly all you can listen to music library access. While the other company funding the research, Sonos is an audio hardware corporation that sells mid-tier, Wi-Fi-connected music systems. Those that are specifically designed to fill our rooms and, ultimately, our homes with music. The study also coincides with Apple Music’s newly availability on the Sonos system.

You might understand what we are alluding to here?

While it may sound as though the research is somewhat of a joke, we need to delve deeper into the study to get a picture on the truth. Understanding that the study was professionally conducted with the support of a Daniel J. Levitin who is a highly regarded neuroscientist and writer of the published works “This is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession”.

Levitin supported with the study’s methodology and analytical approval of the sampling of data taken.

Daniel J. Levitin, previously a musician and producer of music has been actively involved with the research in the area of how music effects humanity. For more than 20 years his research has found many interesting findings, he writes that music is as old as humanity itself. Only recently has music been delineated into music creators and music listeners.

“Throughout a majority of the world as well as for most part of human history, making music has been as natural as breathing and walking. Music making is something that everyone participated in.” writes Levitin.

With the above concept in mind, it is not surprising to discover with the introduction of music sharing in a relatively confined space, that we return to our primal selves. That is, listening to music out loud leads people to engage and be more interactive, rather than staring at our many digital screens that we own.

When Levitin was contacted about his study, he did accept there may be some scepticism and also admitted that Sonos probably would not have published the results “if it was found [out-loud] music makes your ears bleed or people run away from each other.”

More Music More Sex – The Survey

Using a 30,000-person survey, there were some interesting findings and that listening to your favourite tunes in your house has quite a few benefits. If you compare it to just sitting in silence or looking at a screen, it has been found listening to music can make you feel more loved. It can help make chores feel easier, it can even help to make cooking more enjoyable.

Another great finding was it may allow for your family to spend more time together.


More Music More Sex – The findings.

Of course one of the major benefits and a finding from this study that truly stands out above all the others: 67 percent of respondents said they have more sex while listening to music in their home. So you know what to do, find your love making music and get to it. Oh yeah.

The study put families in the study by recording their lives over four weeks. The first two weeks as normal, the next two weeks with music played aloud.

With music being played aloud, the researched families reported back spending 13% more time together and they were in closer proximity to each other (20% more of the time). And if you’re in a relationship, oh buddy, you know what that means.

That second statistic may have something to do with the huge increase in sex. Globally, the music listeners reported having 67% more sex.

Levitin said the family dynamic results are consistent with what he has observed in the laboratory: music changes people’s brains. When people listen to music that they like, Levitin and his team discovered dopamine is released into the brain’s Limbic system, giving people a warm feeling of contentment.

In addition, study subjects’ newly found desire to be closer together physically (in romantic, familial and platonic ways) directly correlates to brain studies that show that the neurotransmitter oxytocin is released when listening to music. This chemical is “responsible for helping use feeling connected with people, bonded to them or avoid them. It signals what in social environment is good and bad,” Levitin said.

It wasn’t all happiness, of course. “There were some cases where there were disagreements over what to play”. People had to work that out, like in any family.


more music more sexMore Music More Sex- We wonder what Miley has to say about it

Overall, the study does make a good case for sharing music, as opposed to the solitary act of listening through your headphones. “This is a return to something that’s more organic and natural to us as a species,” Levitin said.

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