How Male Pheromones Influence Our Sexual Attraction

English: Patrons at nightclub TLV in Tel Aviv,...

English: Patrons at nightclub TLV in Tel Aviv, Israel when Offer Nissim was spinning. Photographer’s blog posts about photo and the event. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mens Sweat has more to it than meets the smell.

From the Beginning of man as we know it, in a state of nakedness, the glands known as apocrine are responsible for the creation of armpit sweat. Not just any armpit sweat but specialized sweat useful in contributing to human sexual foreplay. The glads produce a certain sweat scent that is considerably different to the standard heat-reduction sweat or perspiration and is challenging to detect consciously. The Specific sweat was originally evolved as a very important part of arousal for women.

The specific secreted scent from these apocrine glands are different between women and men. While men have less apocrine glands than women, nevertheless, the male humans secretions are able to produce a very powerful response for females in times of close body contact. The Women who get all close and cuddly to their freshly washed naked man are very much likely to be influenced by the primeval signals. Even when they are completely unaware of the source of this arousal.

So men listen up, after a bath or shower when you aim to get or freaky with your love interest do NOT go for the deo spray . Rather stay all natural and use the assistance of the ancient stimuli of an erotic nature.

You are probably thinking, is this for real. Absolutely, with some very recent controlled studies proving without doubt the importance of the male scent glands in sexual attraction. From these glands, pheromones are produced and have demonstrated to be an influencing factor of the hormonal balance of human females. The study was conducted by placing pads on the armpits of the male study volunteers. The pads collected fresh sweat, from there concentrated extracts from thee collection pads were then placed below the female volunteers nose’s. This was done so over a six hour period.

The Female study group, were then asked to determine how they felt and the reports suggested that the women felt more relaxed, less tense then they had been at the time prior to the testing. What was also intriguing was the study determined that there was a significant rise in the hormone levels specifically that triggers ovulation.

So with this research information it has been determined that if future research can isolate the chemicals that are key in the secretion from the male arm pit glands, it would then be feasible to use these ingredients sand chemicals as a element in fertility drugs, if not relaxant perfumes for women.



In an additional test, androstenol, which is a human pheromone that is similar in a chemical breakdown to testosterone and also secreted by the male armpit. It was found that there was a stronger reaction to females at the specific time of the menstrual cycle when ovulation was taking place.

Also in the research conducted, it was found that the armpit scents or pheromones work only in close proximity to the male subject. In other words the ability to sense or smell the pheromones is only possible from a few centimetres away. Thick clothing is known to cause the pheromones to go stale and can also block them entirely when fresh. Even when not wearing any clothing, a romantic couple are required to lie together in a certain way where the optimum results of the scent works for sexual attraction. Interesting it found that women are on average 7% shorter then men and as a coincidence this happens to be in line with the scent of the man. Where the women’s nose would be positioned in relation to her man at rest.

Theories suggest that certain generic difference in the male body fragrances might subconsciously play a part in the selection of a mate. To put it in other words, if you happen to be male, your genetics may assist in deciding whether ot not you happen to smell attractive to a specific female.

It was a carefully controlled study in the laboratory that uncovered that females are able to respond more intensely to men who have a similar fragrance, however not necessarily identical to their own. What was also interesting was that the female study group reacted least to identical or to very different scented odours. This would suggest that women are more likely to mate with males who are genetically close but not close to be the same. Which if you think closely about this, it would suggest that women are not looking for incestuous relationships, rather looking for a relationship with a male who is similar but Not necessarily with someone genetically remote from their own genetic type.

Of course it should be added that females are most certainly unaware of their ability to smell genetic difference in the men they happen to meet. Or for that matter that these specific scent difference influence their choice of male partner.

Perhaps that overworked Hollywood cliché, used to describe convincing screen lovers, that the chemistry between them is amazing, has a literal significance after all.

Now with this in mind how to you feel about your own pheromone production and how it influences your partner(s).

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