Lovehoney BASICS Strong Suction Penis Pump review

Lovehoney Penis Pump review

Lovehoney Penis Pump review

Let us take the guess work out of your next penis pump purchase with this comprehensive  Lovehoney penis pump review –

Lovehoney BASICS Strong Suction Penis Pump review

The OH was lucky enough to be given the chance to personally test this product and here is the Lovehoney Penis pump review from a beginner’s perspective.

You will be happy to know that your purchase and delivery from one of the leading adult toy company’s,  Lovehoney is always discreet and private. You can be rest assured that the parcel delivery guy or girl will be non the wiser when it comes to the delivery of your new best friend the Lovehoney penis pump, or any product for that matter.

Placing an order on Lovehoney’s site is quick and simple. The Lovehoney BASICS Strong Suction Penis Pump is readily available for prompt delivery and part of the comprehensive range of penis pumps on offer in the penis pumps and enlargers section.

When you receive your penis pump you will find a nicely presented device ready for action in an easily accessible pack.

The Lovehoney Penis Pump offers Super Strong Suction. You and your loved one are sure to be pleased with the results. Don’t go overboard as a beginner and take your time to develop your manhood. This highly affordable pump should be bought sooner rather than latter to experience for yourself. – AussieSwede77


Lovehoney Penis Pump review

The instructions are straight forward to follow for the Lovehoney penis pump and can be found on the reverse of the pack.

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Increase length and Girth

Enjoy stimulation during use

Prolong and enhance pleasure

Lovehoney penis pump review – Instructions for use.

1. Apply lubrication

2. Insert Penis

3. Pump bulb to create suction

4. Use for 30-60 mins a day

5. Break very 15 mins

6. Twist valve control to release

7. Remove penis

8. Clean and store safely.


Lovehoney penis pump review – Instructions for use for the first time user.

Now for the man of the house new to penis pumps, the first time can be rather exhilarating or for some even daunting. Knowing what to do properly the first time can add to the experience and enjoyment of using a penis pump. Get it wrong and you won’t get the same satisfaction as a lot of other guys have in using this highly rated penis pump from the Lovehoney basics range.

Here are the wise words from the man who has just tested it as a beginner.

1. Watch instructional video – First of all it is good to watch the instructional video that can be found below, or alternatively can be found on either of the lovehoney sites for the Lovehoney BASICS Strong Suction Penis Pump

Lovehoney BASICS Strong Suction Penis Pump – $26.99

Give yourself a pleasurable performance and size boost with Lovehoney’s BASICS Strong Suction Penis Pump. Designed to give you bigger, stronger erections, it also feels sensational as the suction increases with every pump.


Lovehoney USA –

Lovehoney UK

Lovehoney Australia

Lovehoney penis pump review- instructional video

2. LUBE – Be sure to have a good water based lube on hand and take note of the time as you should time the duration of your pumping. Place a bit of lube around the base of the devices chamber where you should place your penis in.

3. Create a good Seal – The idea is to ensure you create a good seal around the base of the chamber and the base of your penis.

4. Insert Flaccid Penis (this really depends on your preference, however a flaccid penis being pumped up is an interesting experience.) Insure that the chamber is resting nicely to create a good seal against your body. (this is a basic concept and you will find it works well without too much fuss)

If you choose to insert a fully erect penis or semi hard penis, be sure to use lube for the whole of your penis to allow for easy insertion into the chamber of the device.

5. Pump bulb – once your penis is inserted, begin to pump the bulb until comfortable you will notice a vacuum pressure is created. If you pump too much and it becomes painful, simply release a bit of air from the valve with a simple press of the release button. Adjust the suction and pressure as you feel warranted and what feels best for you.

Note: It is important not to go over board with the pressure when first beginning, you do not want to damage your manhood.

6. Comfortable position – Find a comfortable position, either standing or laying. and allow your penis to expand. the vacuum pressure should allow your penis to grow both in girth and length.

7. Enjoy alone or with a partner. If you want, have your partner watch your manhood grow. The transparent plastic and sleeve allows for fun viewing. he or she can pump. Tell your partner what you enjoy and share the experience if you are comfortable with this concept.

8. 15mins max at a time. Be sure to take note of the time and allow for 15 mins maximum for safe results. Release the air fully from the chamber and take a break. Allow for a few minutes is fine and recommence for another 15 mins. Use from between 30 mins to 60 mins daily for best results.

lovehoney penis pump review


9. Clean – Once you have finished using the pump simply remove the tube from chamber as illustrated below and put the tube aside. Give the chamber a good rinse with some luke warm water. You can remove the sleeve if necessary for large clean ups. However we recommend a light rince and air dry for best results.


lovehoney penis pump review


10. Use Daily It is recommended to use the device for a number of weeks to get the best results.


Lovehoney penis pump review – honest review.

The man of the house didn’t know what to expect, with no real expectations on such a product, the results proved to be better than expected. Firstly, as a beginner of penis pumps, a simple viewing of the instructional video would have helped before using. The instructions are simple on the back of the pack, however unless you actually make the effort to ensure proper use, then things may not work out as they should.

For one, the first experience was not as pleasurable as it should have been.  The man of the house although fully lubed up with a good WATER BASED LUBE was fully erect on insertion rather than flaccid. Secondly he decided that the most pressure possible with multiple pumps of the bulb was going to give best results.

In fact it hurt and was  uncomfortable, the suction was too strong. It was short time it soon became clear that finding a good level of pressure between pumping and releasing the valve was actually very satisfying. It was great to see how much the penis grew from within the transparent chamber. (you can see your growth )

The feeling was actually very pleasurable and the suction was nothing like that experienced before.

The fact that the penis actually swelled near the head due to too much suction proves that this device is seriously strong.

Made from body safe materials, easy to clean and a good strong bulb pump and simple release valve makes this pump very affordable and highly recommended.

Safe for use in the bath or shower if you like, this pump is definitely something that a man who want to improver his performance will be buing sooner rather than later.


  1. Lovehoney penis pump review – How it measures up

    • Opening: Stealth
    • Canal (chamber diameter) : 1.8 inches
    • Internal Length: 7.75 inches
  2. Lovehoney penis pump review – How it feels

    • Texture: Textured bumps
    • Material: body safe Plastic
    • Contains latex: No
    • Contains phthalates: No
    • Waterproof: Splashproof

Lovehoney penis pump review – Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use once watching the instructional video,
  • Effective results – you see the penis expanding through the tube.
  • Easy to clean out and maintain the device if not applying too much lube. You can pull out the sheath or insert to clean but is difficult to put back in.
  • Simpy clean with some warm soapy water in the shower if you want.
  • Made from body safe plastic free from phthalates.
  • water resistant and can be used in shower.
  • Made with good quality components.


  • You do not know exactly how much you are meant to pump with no feedback on suction.You simply need to experiment with how much suction you like. (this is part of the fun of getting to know your own pain threshold)
  • If you pull out the plastic insert then it is a pain to get back in.
  • the instructions are not exactly easy to follow as simple as they are. Insert penis, flaccid or erect?
  • if you are a well endown man, this pump is not suitable. Note the dimensions prior to purchase.
  • Not designed to be used with water compared to the bathmate range

Bottom line

  • Great for first time users,
  • Highly affordable
  • Effective, you see the results quick. Try to use after a few weeks and see the results for yourself
  • Pleasurable experience –  feel the suction experience for yourself

Lovehoney penis pump review –

The conclusion

This highly affordable and super effective pump is sure to please. Not only is the experience enjoyable, but you will see the results for yourself.

Read the reviews for yourself at lovehoney from other users and make the time to prep your manhood for some serious suction fun. A few minutes a day and the feel of being pumped is truly an experience in itself.

If you want to try something new, or your are after some gains for your lover, be sure to click through to your country’s lovehoney site.

Be sure to not go too crazy on your first experience as a learning from a newbie who went too far with the suction affect from the first try. Take the pressure level to a comfortable level and you will notice that your manhood grows without a fuss.


Lovehoney BASICS Strong Suction Penis Pump – $26.99

Give yourself a pleasurable performance and size boost with Lovehoney’s BASICS Strong Suction Penis Pump. Designed to give you bigger, stronger erections, it also feels sensational as the suction increases with every pump.

Lovehoney USA –

Lovehoney UK

Lovehoney Australia

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