Love Cloud’ Offering Sex Flights For Those Wanting To Become Mile-High Club Members

love cloud vegas

Mile High Club Flights.

For those of us who have ever wanted to join the mile- high club, but have been too scared to take the chances of being caught. Now you have your chance to with the help of an entrepeneur out of Las Vegas USA.

Our aspiring business man is now ready to make your very own My Sex Quest Reality come true .

The name of the company is Love Cloud and is a brand new service that offers flights flying over Las Vegas, or affectionatley known as sin city. Flight are available for couples who are seeking to partake in a little bit of sin of their very own.

It is company founder Andy Johnson who beleives that the flights are much more than just sex.

“I want it to be romantic,” Andy has advised the  Las Vegas Weekly. “It is a bucket-list thing that you will do and never forget for the rest of your life.”

Here is a picture of the aircraft’s door as you enter into what is destined to be membership into the mile-high club, taken from the company’s Facebook page:

love cloud vegas

The plane is a Cessna 421 which has been affectionately nicked named the “Golden Eagle” which would typically seat 6 however the modifications have now changed that. The mods include such things as a custom-made foam mattress including a Liberator Heart Wedge and a liberator Decor Whirl bolster (which are fantastic sex pillows available at

Here is a quick look at the interior of the aircraft and where all the action takes place!!!:

love cloud vegas


love cloud vegas

“After all flights, Love Cloud commissions a cleaning service that insures to clean all parts of the plane using specific cleaning products that destroy any nasty stains and germs ” Johnson, aged 32, informs KLAS-TV, ensuring that all sheets, towels and pillowcases and towels changed accordingly.

The aircraft is also incorporated with a light and sound system including a special curtained door that separates the action down back from that of the pilot, who is also to wear a noise-canceling headset to dampen any mile-high moans.

While this sounds exactly like something from an April Fool’s Day hoax (and it is possible that it may be), Johnson has informed Las Vegas Weekly at the beginning of March that he has already received bookings. His business has also come into the medias attention with a second round of auditions that will see his company feature on the “Shark Tank” TV show, . If you have not seen Shark Tank, this is a show that allows small business to try and  secure funding from deep-pocketed entrepreneurs.


Flights begin at $799 for 40 minutes with routes over the Red Rock Canyon, Vegas Strip,  Hoover Dam as well as  Lake Mead.


original source huffington post

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