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love candy kendra

Love Candy Kendra – Proven To Enhance Your Love Life

This article about Love Candy Kendra is just for guys, so ladies you are going to have to turn your backs for a moment!

That’s much better, I wanted to take a few minutes and help you guys out. I know it can be a struggle keeping your romantic life alive. We have jobs, families and responsibilities – yet our women want to be treated special. I get that, they deserve to be treated like princesses and even get freaky from time to time. The problem is trying to find a way that is within budget and will not offend your women. If you have looked at the majority of adult product they are great if you are a porn star. However, I don’t think your average everyday girlfriend or will would appreciate a double butt plug! And that brings me to the secret I wanted to share with you today, Love Candy Kendra.

love candy kendra

You may have heard of Kendra Wilkinson she is a Playmate and reality TV star. Well she has developed her own line of adult themed products. What I found really exciting is while they are designed to put your sex life on steroids they are also really romantic. So here are three of my absolute favorites that are guaranteed to put a smile on your girl’s face and on your penis!

You know how much women love to make love, especially if the “mood” is right. So as men if we want to have more sex it is our responsibility to make sure that mood is right. And Love Candy Kendra has made that so easy with her Boudoir Boost. Think of this the Febreeze of sex, it will absolutely change the dynamics of your bedroom! This freshener is infused with aphrodisiacs that will stimulate your senses, while the rose petals included will make any bed look luxurious. After smelling the freshener it just made me feel good, I can only describe it like a little slice of heaven. If you use the freshener all you will need is some nice unscented candles to enhance the mood.

love candy kendra

After you have made your bed and bedroom into a heavenly cloud you can now move onto phase two. Every women loves a good massage, but very few enjoy the stickiness of some oils and lotions. That is where Love Candy Kendra Body Drizzle is going to come into play. While this is not marketed for massages, it will work wonders on your women’s body. The sweet smell coupled with the soft feel on her skin will once again put her right into heaven. Also remember you have that Boudoir Boost sprayed all over your bed, so her senses are been hit left and right. As you gently massage her body she will be transported to another dimension. You could make your move here and I am 100% positive she would take you. However, that is what she is expecting in her mind, come on the only reasons guys give massages is to get sex, right? So surprise her with a bath!

love candy kendra

I figure I took you for a loop there, didn’t I. You are wanting sex and here I am sending her off for a bath. Well we have one last weapon we want to use and trust me it will make for night you will both remember! This step should be completed before we start anything else, so her bath will be ready. You want to run really hot water and add in Love Candy Kendra Bountiful Foam. This foam is filled with the scents of Gojiberry and Mangosteen, and it will totally set her off. Not only will she feel clean, relaxed but she will be ready to take you like she never has.

Trust me when I tell you that using all three of these products on your woman is a deadly combination. You can go ahead and buy them yourself and give here one heck of a surprise night! Or you can even buy one of the Love Candy Kendra gift baskets and take her on a romantic weekend and give it to her then. OK guys, you are armed with an arsenal of information, take and do good things with it.

This kit unlocks all my secrets to having a sensual, fulfilling love life. Enjoy your Love Candy experience! KENDRA



  • 1 x Packet of Petals from rosess
  • 1 x Dice pack to give some spice.
  • 1 x 1oz bottle of  Rendezvous Aphrodisiac Infused Linen and Room Freshener
  • 1 x 1oz bottle of Smitten Aphrodisiac Infused Bath Time Invigorating Essence
  • 1 x 1oz bottle Lovephoria Aphrodisiac Infused Oil for Sensual Massage
  • 1 x 1oz bottle of Sweet Crush Aphrodisiac Infused very Lickable Body Drizzle
  • 1 x 1oz Lovephoria Aphrodisiac Infused Hydrating Body Lotion
  • 1 x A great little Massager

Available through our store at for the Love Candy Kendra Kit


Watch the Video to find out more about the Love Candy Kendra Kit.

Ladies, it is safe for you to return to the room.

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