Lipstick Lesbian Seduction

Lipstick Lesbian Seduction – We love girl on girl action

You may have heard the term lipstick lesbian, lipstick lesbian seduction is a term to describe being seduced by lesbians.

Lipstick lesbian is a phrase that has been adopted to refer to lesbians who appear to be feminine. In the USA the term is a slang word that is used to describe a lesbian or bisexual women who typically displays a typical or greater amount of feminine qualities. Whereby wearing makeup (lipstick) wearing dresses or skirts as well as expressing a genuine feminine quality.

This lipstick lesbian seduction is typical of same-sex lesbian scenes in pornography that is mainstream produced and is often seen as a very erotic encounter. Often enjoyed by both men and in particular women viewers for its more softer version of pornography and the portrayal of a loving encounter. It makes for great couples pornography and is a great warm up to some bedroom action.

English: Lesbian show in Granada (Spain).

'i kissed a girl and i liked it'

‘i kissed a girl and i liked it’ (Photo credit: lostinangeles)

The term Lipstick Lesbian rose to more wide use during the 1990s and was made mention in the Ellen DeGeneres show. Where Ellen went on to describe herself as a chapstick lesbian.





 Lipstick Lesbian Flag

There has since been an official lipstick lesbian pride flag which was designed in 2010 by Natalie McCray. She is a designer who resides in New York City. The flag itself incorporates seven stripes. This is similar to the gay pride flag, however the colors used are different shades of purples and reds with a lipstick lips printed on the upper left hand corner.

The colors represent womanhood and femininity.

Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag - Lipstick lesbian seduction

Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag

In the United Kingdom, the term has been known to describe a woman who is curious or is willing to be a center of attention or for shock value in a public situation. It is a very intimate expression where kissing involves the swapping of lipstick. Girls and women can be spurred on by their friends to kiss other females. For the first time or many times more, the kissing of girls is a very seductive and erotic expression. Typically this lipstick lesbian kissing is by heterosexual females and they will typically not engage on anything more than flirting.

Lipstick lesbian seduction at the MTV Awards

You may have seen more about lipstick lesbians in the footage of the  2003 MTV Awards publicity stunt by US pop singers Britney Spears, Madonna and Christina Aguilera. Where they kissed each other on stage.

Britney-Spears and Madonna kiss

Britney-Spears and Madonna kiss

Men particularly enjoy seeing lipstick lesbian seduction when they see two attractive girls kissing each other.

Lipstick Lesbian Seduction Movies

As previously mentioned there is a good deal of mainstream lipsick lesbian seduction pornography.

One such title is a play on the term and happens to be titled Lesbian Lipstick seduction


lesbian lipstick seduction 3

lesbian lipstick seduction 3


There are many more girl on girl dvds available in both dvd format or Pay On Demand format.

Lipstick Lesbians on Facebook

Here is a taste of some of the pics made famous on the site Lipstick Lesbians on facebook.



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