How to Last Longer During Sex – Tracey Cox Explains

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The Secret On How to Last Longer During Sex.

Lets us explore the technique used to last longer during sex. It can be considered rather a large misconception that all women would like to have marathon long sex sessions. Those sessions that can go on for hours and hours. While some find this kind of sex session totally invigorating and depending on the type of sex and pace, the reality is that “satisfaction” does not always need to correlate to duration. You just need to look at the survey results and typically to “satisfy” a female partner you need not last longer than 13 mins. We are talking sexual intercourse here, the foreplay aspect of course makes a huge difference and the lead up to sex is half the fun.

However there can be a problem, the average guy will typically last some where up to the two minute mark. During intercourse average Joe will go for it and climax approximately 2 mins into the act.  So as you can see there is a mismatch. Two minutes versus 13 minutes. There is help at hand of the literal sense.

Discover the secret to last longer during sex with the help of international sex expert Tracey Cox , who teaches the concept of practicing a technique known as ‘peaking’ that supports in improving your sexual stamina.

Tracey goes on to introduce the EDGE Stamina Sleeve, and discusses about how it is possible- with just a small amount of training – that you are able to delay ejaculation while learning to take complete control over your orgasms. As an important reminder as they say – practice makes perfect!

Last Longer During Sex

Each of the videos in the series works in conjunction with Tracey’s new EDGE range – this range of products have been specifically designed to assist men in improving their physical performance in the bedroom.

Take a look at Tracey’s EDGE collection to learn how her brand new range of quality products for men can assist to boost pleasure and performance during solo and shared use. Scroll down to watch the video.


The Secret to Last Longer During Sex is to use this specific tried-and-tested technique. It is possible to train towards postponing your climax and enhancing your sexual endurance . During this video , Tracey describes exactly how, with a number of tools along with a  handy app , it is possible to maintain control over your climaxes for superior shared satisfaction .

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3 Responses

  1. tomlaughton says:

    Great advice, lasting longer during sex is the holy grail for many men. Anything that gives your lady satisfaction is worth doing, really. I’d like to think i’m quite a technical person in bed but anyone can improve, can’t they?


  2. zuckerman23 says:

    I shall have to try some of what I’ve read, if I can please my woman more than usual then that’s another tool in my armory. Heh heh heh. There’s so much variety that can be practised that anything’s possible!

  3. BarryTiffin says:

    I think I’ve been doing things wrong all this time, I just usually try and keep my pace slow. I’ll adopt some of the above techniques in my own and see if they work! I try to inform myself from alternative books with some success but all advice is welcome. Thanks so much!

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