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how to sex roleplay i love it

How to Sex Roleplay – Sexual Role Play Advice for Beginners

Learn the secret of how to sex roleplay, like a true master through a dedicated look at this sexual roleplay guide for beginners.

For many when you are in a loving relationship for quite some time, often sex can become somewhat of a routine rather than a lust filled romp. You need to learn the secret to making sex with your partner as exhilarating and full of desire as the one night stand you had at a great party. Learning how to sex roleplay is the secret to success and the one night stand we talked about, doesnt have to be a stranger it can be your partner in role play  The sexual role-play advise for beginners.

how to sex roleplay i love it


How to sex roleplay is nothing new and for many of us, we may actually partake in such activities without realizing that we are in fact taking part in sexy role play scenarios.

While we hear and yes have experienced that while even the sex that is full of passion can run out of the passion and certainly the more intimate acts of sex ecstasy can just run out of juice after some time.

It is when you need to look at your sex life and say, “we can do better”. When learning how to sex role play and even using sex role play costumes allows you to save your sex life woes and help to start the fire in the bedroom once more.

How to sex Role play for beginners

When you decide to take your sex life to the new level, sexual role play can most certainly be a fantastic way to increase you sexual pleasures.

Sexy role play allows it to become easy to reveal your deepest fantasies and desires to your lover.

For some who have tried all the sex positions in the Kamasutra, the positions themselves become mundane and a pain in areas and muscles we never thought existed. Instead of trying to flex into unimaginable positions, why not use some sex furniture. [Read Best sex furniture Or if that doesn’t take you fancy and we think it should then let the biggest and most sexiest muscle do the work.

Yes the muscle is your brain, and it is your imagination and creativity that allows you to take sex to the next level. Indulge in sex role play.

Let us be honest, there are many couples who absolutely love sexual role playing and for certain well know celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, the now separated Katy and Russel confessed their sexy role-play ideas

Christina and do not quote us on this said that she adores dressing up for a bit of naughty action. While having a number of different outfits to suit her mood. The nurse outfit is one of her favorites.

Our friend Russel Brand while providing some insightful sexy tips to William and Kate suggested that “things could be more spicy in the bedroom by pretending to be more French” Now this could be referring to be more French as in a French maid costume?

The problem with every day sex

It might be that you have sex once in a while with your partner, the sex a few occasions may move far too fast and as statistics reveal the average duration a man lasts is 3 minutes then before you know it the job is done. While as a guy you would love the sex journey to never end, although due to stress, pressures and performance anxiety things just do not turn out how you want. You may be unable to hold off. [Read hypnosis for better sex] Or if you are the girl you are far from warmed up and you find things to fast and not wet enough leading to pain.

These are just a few of the turnoffs in bed, while it may only happen on occasions but when it repeats itself too often sex gets frustrating and just annoying and then things become a sex tension disaster and that is when things in a loving relationship turn sour.

One aspect of problem sex is that the foreplay can often be too long, or there are instances when one partner wants to have crazy sex satisfying their own needs over their partners. Now this certainly sounds to be a selfish attitutde but you will find all of us has one of those times when you want to go for it and not continue with the same old same old style of love making you have been doing for the last how many times?

You need to be sure this selfish sex does not happen every single time and for certain you can be sure sex becomes boring unless you become creative and innovate

So what is sexual roleplay all about and how to sex roleplay?

The secret to how to sex roleplay is simple. You need to come up with sexual roleplay ideas and act those out. It is great for raising sexual arousal and seducing your lover in such a way that it not only gets you going but gets your lover going too.

Simply sexual roleplay is a little game you can play that alloys you to act out different characters and to dress up like a character that you choose to play. You are then able to make sexy advances to each other.

For example you might be the doctor while your lover can be the patient. There are so many choices and scenarios to choose from we will cover on some of these later.

You just need to be imaginative, creative and communicate with your partner what turns you on. Discuss with each other your ideal fantasy or scenario and act it out.

Sex will often be something that happens without planning or any prep work. One of you might decide to get all horny and habit will repeat itself and you wll take steps to get jiggy with it. Five minutes later and before long you or your partner rolls off and you are either both in total bliss or one of you is still trying to warm up and is left with an unsatisfied feeling.


When you learn how to sex roleplay the unsatisfactory, non fulfilling sexy times will be a thing of the past. With sexual role-play you are part of a bigger thing than just the sex you are part of a sex scenario that both gets your juices flowing in all the right areas.

The idea is that for the whole time you will not be thinking about anything but sex, you will be immersed in the thoughts of sex and the scenario that you can’t wait to get to it and enjoy yourselves.


Learning how to sex roleplay

Unfortunately as much as we try and advocate a good book, sometimes the best things in life can not be learnt from a good read. Certainly a book helps, but in this instance sexual roleplay is something that needs to be learnt from experience.

You will learn to better understand what characters and role play scenarios turn both you and your partner on the best. It is once that you are most comfortable with the whole roleplay scene, costumes and all of a sudden sex again becomes enjoyable and something both of you look forward to. It will feel like you are meeting and enjoying each other like the first time, as you will find when learning how to sex roleplay, you are really creating new characters and new people to enjoy a wicked and naughty time together.


Your ability to learn how to sex roleplay will only get more interesting with practice and with every new adventure you will fire up both of your sexual fantasies will allowing you to morph into horny little sex bunnies.

Did this feature help you better yourself or your relationship?

You can change someone else’s life too by sharing it with those who would love to spice up their sex life through sexy roleplay ideas.


Here are a few sexy roleplay ideas to provide some inspiration



The repairman
The repairman works very well with a scenario involving an electrician, a plumber etc. You get to choose your man of many talents.

So let us set the scene. Your lover, a very talented individual rings the door bell. While the seductive lady of the house greets this manly dressed figure at the front door only in her new satin nightgown or sleek negligee. Letting him in to do his work on whatever needs repairing, while you flirt a bit whilst he looks through his tool box. You should make sure this part of the scenario is nicely drawn out while flirting in front of your repairman. While your man gets to work repairing the”thingee” you might happen to brush past him or lean seductively exposing some cleavage or skin.  This adds to the arousal levels and brings up the sexual tension between the lady of the house and the repairman. For added spice talk about your need for servicing of a different kind.


how to sex roleplay repairman

Why is this sexy role play scenarios so hot?
The unexpected encounter and the surprise of finding a repairman at your front door adds to the roleplay of having naughty fun with a stranger. It is a scenario “I like you, and you like me, why don’t we  get on with it” sexy roleplay scenario. You will find that often this type of experience will turn out to be even more exciting in a roleplay scenario then in real life!



The hitch hiker

You might even want to try this little sexy role play scenario out for real. If you know of a quiet part of town, isolated from anyone and any preying eyes, your partner might happen to pull over by the side of the road to pick you up.

how to sex roleplay hitch hiker

While you hitch hiker happens to be wearing a naughty short skirt os shorts and little to no panties for discreet and quick action.


If you do not have a car the next best thing is a taxi. Your man can grab a cab and ask the taxi driver to drive past while he happens to “spot” you. While pretending to be old friends who haven’t seen each other in a long while. You might get a little naughty just enough to warm up and return back home for some action or to a hotel room near by.


Why is this sexy role play scenarios so hot?
While scenario one is all about picking up a naughty and hot hitch hiker who has more than a car ride on her mind. The thought of being promiscuous and having a sexy time in a tight and enclosed space makes it feel even hotter.

You have a chance to take two leads on this little scenario. Take the role of an innocent hitch hiker who the driver can’t help but give a great deal of unwanted but highly arousing attention. Talking very naughty to get you both wanting it.

Or you can be a horny hitchhiker who is unable to keep her hands off the surprised driver!

While the taxi scenario brings about a whole new scenario where you are acting as though you have just met someone again. While in front of a stranger, this adds to the level of authenticity and is like a pretend affair. While passion in the back seat of the taxi will get things warmed up before you head back home. The taxi driver will have a story to tells his buddies.


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