How To Give a Sensual Massage

How To Give a Sensual Massage

How to Give a Sensual Massage – Blow Your Partner Away With Your Intimate Touch

If you want to learn how to give a sensual massage then you are well on your way to improving your sexual relationship. By choosing to enhance your knowledge in the area of massage you are also about to discover more about improving your level of intimacy. Your relationship with your spouse or significant other will be greatly improved and yes it is most certainly well worth learning how to give a sensual massage.

Giving a sensual massage for us is one of the ultimate ways to be more sensual and intimate and an extremely good way to please your partner in more ways than one.

How To Give a Sensual Massage

Foreplay is important

For men and in particular women, foreplay is an important lead up to sexual intercourse. While sensual massage does not necessarily need to lead to sex, giving an intimate massage can be very rewarding. As sensual massage can be used to enhance foreplay while at the same time increasing the eroticism of sexual encounters with your partner.

What is very important about giving this sexy type of massage is that you need to understand each others enjoyments and level of touch or pressure that is most comfortable and enjoyable. Women often prefer a gentler approach and nothing puts off a good sexual experience than a massage that is painful.

The aim of sensual massage is to heighten the senses and it is very arousing, while it can also bring up sexual energies and if it happens, may bring your partner to climax.

What is a sensual massage?

A sensual massage is a massage that will focus on your partner’s erogenous zones. The aim is to allow for a level of stress relief as well as enhanced intimacy between the masseuse and that who receives the massage.

Ultimately we believe that the aim of a good sensual massage is not orgasm (although the physical response may be an orgasm), rather it is the chance to bring into your life a very personal and very relaxing experience. A sensual massage will allow both of you to receive a great deal of pleasure without performance pressures. It also enables a different intimacy to be brought into your relationship.

Receiving and giving a sensual massage which some know as a tantric massage is a very suitable way to bring your both together and to allow for a beautiful bond.

Communication is key

As with all sexual activities, communication is all important. If you have read our previous posts, you will understand that we believe communication is the key to a healthy relationship. With communication before hand you can establish to what level of intimacy the massage will be performed.

After the guidelines and levels of intimacy have been set you are both aware of each others goals and you can reap the benefits of a relaxing and very personal time. A time when you have a chance to explore each others bodies in a sensual and loving way.

Before you get into the massage and the following massage techniques you should establish an understand of basic massage.

Massage does not have to be complicated for beginners and you should be able to find a suitable setting and sensual oils and lotions to provide the most comfortable and rewarding experience.

Establishing the setting

First of all you should find a establish a nice setting for a sensual massage. We recommend introducing some soft and relaxing music  of your choice, candles are very effective for a suitable light mood, and an appealing fragrance or scent in the room. Be sure to have your sensual oils and lotions ready. You might even think about the perfect kit such as the Love Candy Kendra Kit.

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love candy kendra

Be sure to relax your partner by providing security, close the blinds or curtains. Dim the lights and provide a nice candle light for even more romance. If you prefer lock the doors and be sure to remove an distractions. Switch off your phones so you can not possibly be distracted from alerts or annoying phone calls. Your first priority is some intimate time together.

You Should Prepare Your Sensual Location

 massage with candle light


You should prepare your sensual location, the bed is a nice romantic setting with nice clean sheets or a nice intimate throe. The Liberator Fascinator Throe is made from silky satin and plush velvish materials. Making it a perfect addition to your bedroom. You are able to select and buy  from six differing designer colors, selected to seamlessly to match in with any bedroom décor.

Décor Fascinator Throe in Merlot Velvish

Décor Fascinator Throe in Merlot Velvish

The Throe has been made with inner moisture barrier that is able to trap lubricants and any other liquid that you might happen to spill.  These throes are designed with the intention of leaving them out on the bed if you choose to. Keep in mind they have an extraordinarily soft texture which also allows for a comfortable barrier that stops you from from nasty rug burn and avoids you injury your naked body from other rough surfaces. They are made to be Machine washable, which makes them a fantastic addition to your love room.

Make sure to have rolled towels and pillows to provide comfort to your partner.

Begin with a nice body massage – Give sensual full body massage.

Commence the massage by very lightly stroking your partner’s body with the very tips of your fingers. The delicate and tender strokes are very pleasing and it establishes and loving sensual touch. Begin by slowly giving the back a light massage working your way to the shoulders than arms and buttocks. Move down the legs and massage the calves and if you think it enjoyable give a nice gentle foot massage. Repeat your light massage and touch until you have warmed up your partner and as much as you feel necessary.

Introduce some oils or lotions

Take some oil in the palm of your hand and warm it up with your hands. Begin by gently, yet firm strokes of the muscles. Communicate with your partner to see if they enjoy and like your touch and intensity. Work your way over the back and shoulders as before. Preparing your partner to more intimate massage.


To Begin – How to Give a Sensual Massage

Once you have provided a relaxing massage you should then gradually begin incorporating erogenous zones while continuing with basic massage. It is this stage that you should be sure that your partner is feeling comfortable at every stage. If they are not too comfortable continue more basic massage until they are more ready for intimate massage.

You can look for specific feedback – Look and pay attention to both verbal and nonverbal feedback from your partner. By paying attention you can then begin to take notice and focus on the zones that provide the most pleasure to your partner.

Spice it Up – For those with a creative side, you can provide a more full body massage by utilizing your own body to provide a rubbing affect on your partner. Use your tongue and mouth to gently kiss, to lick and to breath on the skin of your partner. Creating a number of different sensations, will provide you with a great deal of scope to play with.

Use some intimate lotion or Oil suitable for intimate areas. Water based lubrication can be suitable which prevents any infection.Incorporate a vibrator or another type of sex toy into your intimate massage if you wish, which can provide even more pleasure.

Give Sensual Massage like Pro

In this section we explain more about the erogenous region and how to give sensual massage like pro. We often hear “i love give sensual massage” and there is no better feeling than to provide your partner with a loving and arousing massage.

Female Sensual Massage

(Give wife sensual massage)

To begin a sensual massage for your female partner, ensure she is comfortable and lays down either on her back or on her front. Both of these positions allow for the chance to provide arousing massage in differing regions. You should commence with a relaxing massage of the chest, the arms and then the hands. Lightly stroke her breasts and her nipples. Or if on her front begin by massaging her buttocks using a circular technique.

female genitalia diagram

Using a gliding motion, rub down her body and with soft strokes begin to focus on the region that surrounds the genitals. The key to sensual massage is to build up her anticipation. Be sure to build up her arousal with closer and closer massage near her genitals, lightly brush them now and again to enhance the anticipation. Once you have made sure she is in a comfortable aroused state you can then begin to give her a genital massage.

– While performing the massage, it is important to ensure you caress her genitals to ensure the optimum pleasure. Caressing rather than touching is preferred.

– It is important to make sure she is satisfactory lubed. If she is not producing lubrication it is a great idea to apply more and especially when you are to massage the clitoris.

– With the use of a hand, caress her body, while at the same time use your other hand to  gently rub her vulva in an up and down motion. Then, using your fingers apply a gentle pressure to her labia lips.

-Once your partner commences secreting lube, you then should provide stimulation of the clitoris. With a commencement of light touches and then up the pressure when she is further aroused. Using the index and forefinger to rub the “clit” in a gentle fashion.

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You need to experiment a bit when it comes to stimulating her clitoris. As some women are not so comfortable with certain movements or stimulation. You can consider internal massage where you can locate the G-Spot with an inserted finger. Find more about this below.

– If you do have difficulties finding your partner’s clitoris, then do ask her to help you find her clitoris. As sometimes it can be challenging to find it as the clitoris can come in many different shapes and sizes and for some women it is not as easy to find as on other women.

Should you be well aware of your partner’s intimate parts then finding her clitoris should not be an issue.

– While continuing to stroke the clitoris then move onto using a figure eight and circular technique. Be sure to use a steady rhythm while you take a slow and gentle approach to raising the level of pressure applied.

– Should your partner reach orgasm then quickly move onto the labia. the clitoris is particularly sensitive after orgasm.

– Allowing for full arousal, you now should move on to massage her inner genitals. As you know, to penetrate women can be very uncomfortable if not aroused properly. Using a well lubricated finger, insert it slowly and gently adding to her excitement. Point your finger up towards her pubic bone. Locate her G-Spot. The G-Spot is like a spongy section of her vagina. You should stimulate her G-Spot using the famous “come here” motion. This is hooking your finger up with your palm facing upwards.

At the same time as you are stimulating or putting pressure on your partners G-Spot you should also continue with stimulation of her clitoris with your free hand.

– You can also look to caress the walls of her vagina with your fingers. Using different movements and finding the one that allows her to be most pleasured. It is not about moving your finger in and out alone that creates the most enjoyment for her. Communicate with her, watch her satisfaction and body movements. You will find her spot and she will be writhing in a blissful state of sexual enjoyment.

Once she has reached climax or raise her sexual energy as you would with tantric massage allow her to relax peacefully and even allow her to fall asleep if she desires.


Male Sensual Massage

sensual massage

sensual massage for men


– You should place and have your man lay back in a slight reclined position. Use pillows or a massage pillow behind his neck, head or back what ever he feels most comfortable with.

– While leading up to a sensual massage be sure to give your man a body massage, working his chest, arms hands, back and working towards his buttocks and legs.

You can use a nice massage oil or lubricant. With a good handful be sure to warm up the oil or gel in your hands. Gently move towards his testicles and moving onto his penis.

Communication is important when it comes to massaging the very sensitive and highly aroused genitals. You should establish a signal so that your partner can advise if he is nearing orgasm and ejaculation. The aim is to hold off orgasm as long as possible and if conducting tantra, you man should not orgasm at all but sustain the energy. The aim of communication is to provide a more lasting and intense pleasure, while offering a relaxing experience.

Breathing is important, often in the heat of the moment breathing deeply and in a relaxed manner is forgotten. Be sure to remind your man to use deep breathing technique. This will also help to prolong the urge for ejaculation. Use a mediation style breathing technique, where he should breath in deeply with his whole body and stomach through his nose. Then when exhaling breath through mouth and exhale.

male genitalia diagram


You may find your partner’s penis moves from hard to soft and hard again. This is a good response to sensual massage and you should not focus entirely on the penis alone. Moving to the legs and buttocks, chest etc. Then when your man is more relaxed move back to the genitals to raise his levels once more.

– Throughout this sensual style massage, you can use gentle fingertip touching. Commence your massage by gently massaging the testicles and scrotum.

– After this you can follow this with massaging the pubic region located above the penis and accordingly massage the perineum (this is the area found between the testicles and anus).

Massage his shaft with different pressures and speeds to create alternative sensations. You should squeeze the base of his penis gently with one hand. Lift your hand up towards the head then off. Using your alternative hand repeat this motion with a number of strokes. You should then mix it up by alternating the direction of the strokes. Move from the head of the penis then towards the base of the penis.  Alternating hands once again.

– Move on to a gentle twisting motion. Focus on massage with a twist on the head and shaft gently and seductively.

The Prostate region is highly arousing. Find the small indentation on the perineum. using a gentle massage by moving your fingers over the region in a back and forth motion. You will notice after a while that the region becomes somewhat softer.

Should your sensual massage wish to bring about “a happy ending” or ejaculation, push on the perineum region to enhance the orgasm.

As you complete the massage with a few good strokes that her enjoys. Gently remove your hands and allow for his rest at least for then minutes.

Just as a note, if you are exploring tantra, your aim is to avoid orgasm and allow the sexual energy to rise.


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