How to Enjoy Sex? Stop with the stressing.

how to enjoy sex

How to Enjoy Sex – Stop stressing about sex itself and learn about taking it in turns reports the expert

If you want to learn to enjoy sex then you need to consider a number of basic principles.

  • Many couples think that they should be having their climax at the same time
  • Sex Expert Tracey Cox advises that is rare and we all should stop worrying about synchronized climax.
  • Tracy offers us some tips and tricks that help to get you both in the mood


Just about the most intriguing areas of my job as a sex researcher is reviewing which facts relating to sex, men as well as woman are prepared to believe – and which they are not .

The most apparent instance of this is the fact that only twenty five per cent of females frequently orgasm in the course of intercourse .
This is one thing that’s supported by research again and again however both women and men are reluctant to believe it .

Tracey states that it can be surprisingly improbable for partners to climax at the same time yet 1000’s of us nevertheless expect it.

Neither of us would like to throw in the towel on the concept that the ‘traditional’ means of climaxing really does not work ( and guys, especially, do not wish to believe that their penis isn’t all  that she requires) .

The additional sex fact both genders aren’t prepared to believe is the fact that the majority of partners don’t have synchronized orgasms.

how to enjoy sex

You will watch couples on a television series or in a movie, enjoying blissful orgasms and coming at the same time together. More often than you will see them eat breakfast. The reality is, in the “real world” it is not so common to orgasm together.

So here is why there is this non synchronized climax.

Approximately 75 per cent of guys in a relationship will every time have an orgasm with their partner, as a comparision it is  only 30 per cent of the gals that do.

Men’s orgasms will typically last anywhere between five and thirteen seconds, whilst by contrast a women’s orgasm  will last approximately 12 to 30 seconds.

Tracey states that couples should therefore take it in turns to orgasm to ensure that sex is the best it can be for their partner. Unless of course you have learnt the art of spiritual sex, then orgasms themselves are another thing.


It is therefore quite obvious that when doing the maths, you can easily see that a smart bookie  would never back the odds of a couple to obtain orgasms of ecstasy at the exact same time.

It is not impossible, it is just very unlikely!

While if we take the British norm, at exactly 10.37pm on a Saturday night (it is when most couples are most likely to go for it, apparently), it is then, that both of you are attempting to achieve mission impossible.

So let’s put some perspective into this, let us take a logical and less stressful approach to climaxing and instead take turns to climax? One for you, one for me, one for you, one for me. 

You will find that it is much easier to orgasm one at a time, while it also means that you have the ability to focus more so on ensuring that it is the best that it can be for your partner. (instead of falling into the mistake of trying to be selfish and obtaining an orgasmic sensation entirely for ourselves). Instead of stressing about oneself, foucs on your partner. Agree that for next time focus will be on you.

Tracey Cox says that couples shouldn't get hung up about climaxing at the same time and should focus on one partner at once

Tracey Cox – Sex Expert

Tracey Cox emphasizes  that couples should not become  hung up about climaxing at the same time rather they  should focus on one partner at any given time.


The vote has been cast, and the poll has been decided, rather then focusing solely on the ‘wegasm’ just consider it as very happy coincidence and nothing more then that.

In contrast, it is a matter of simply aiming for strong, more intensive orgasms for the both of you, and if you are prepared to commit to each others orgasm, you can agree to even have it in the same session. Just decide and take it in turns who orgasms first.

How to enjoy sex and orgasms. –  some practical hints on how to achieve them:

How to Enjoy sex – Give your lady a head start. Females do take a little longer then males to bring up their sexual energy and reaching the pre-orgasmic phase. Focus and provide her with double the scoop of foreplay even prior to moving into the really instense parts.

How to enjoy sex – ensure to give him foreplay as well. It is certainly true, that some guys aren’t so interested in foreplay itself and are happy to sprint as fast as they can to the finish line but theses guys are the unlucky guys who miss out. Recently a study was published in “The Journal of Sex Research” that discovered that both men and women will experience the  most satisfying climaxes when their desires build in a slow manner and orgasm is close but is put on delay a number of  times before the final release and climax.

How to enjoy sex – Reposition yourself. Should a position not work for you, then it is just a matter of mixing up the position. Move your hands, your tongues or your sex toys into places that feel better, rather than have your partner try to mind read your needs to hit that spot. 

How to enjoy sex- Communicate. We have said it before but the mind is an amazing organ. Go about describing your sexual fantasies to your partner during love making, discuss about how it is that you feel. Let your mind create an amazing scenario that gets your juices flowing. While the act of dirty talking does not need to involve dirty words, it is just the ability to say something sexy out loud that so often enhances both your moods.

How to enjoy sex – Do not drink excessively. While alcohol may remove certain inhibitions, it has a side affect, it numbs the nerve endings, which makes it far more challenging to reach orgasm. Or in some instances, for guys to achieve or maintain an erection.

How to enjoy sex – Watch something sexy. The beauty of having certain electronic media devises and an internet connection at our disposal, makes the ability to introduce some sexy video so easy. You can bring out your laptop to watch on the bed, or that tablet device that you got for your birthday gift from your loved one. There is a good reason for it, find a sexy movie you can both enjoy, or take it in turns to watch something, while the other gets down and does the physical work for you.  Read 5 reasons watching porn together can good for your relationship

how to enjoy sex

How to enjoy sex-  De stress and do not worry if you are unable to climax. There are dozens of variable and factors that influence the ability to have an orgasm: being tired, stressed, pregnancy, for women the timing of your menstrual cycle, medications, alcohol consumption, certain prescribed and non prescribed drugs, menopause, mental pressures. We are all human, we are not robots so having an orgasm all the time is not always possible.

How to enjoy sex – Using a vibrator. The fastest method of raising the number of orgasms that a woman is able to experience in the bedroom is to have readily available a favourite vibrator for easy access. If you feel worried that your man will find the vibrator a competitor? You need not worry as research from the Indiana University found  that 70 per cent of men are not intimated by your favourite vibe – it is likely that for those women who use a vibe regularly are reported higher levels of arousal, self lubrication, as well as orgasms and ultimately satisfaction.

You will have now discovered a number of factors on how to enjoy sex.

Would you like to feel even more confident in the bed room and to last longer during your sessions? We can recommend that you Download Tracey’s free app or click here to check out Tracey’s new range known as Edge, designed specifically to boost a man’s performance in the bedroom.

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