how to burlesque dance

how to burlesque dance

Learn how to burlesque dance

how to burlesque dance

Burlesque is a fun and exciting expression of sensuality. We teach you how to burlesque dance through this article.

Burlesque is something that is a confidence building show for those who enjoy theater, sexuality and sensuality. It is something that women of all ages have taken on as an expression of and love for entertainment.

For example we have ladies approaching fifty or older who may not feel so appealing to their man, and seek ways to spice things up. Finding things to get his attention while exercising and enjoying themselves at the same time. By learning how to burlesque dance you are able to embrace the  sense of self confidence, it will allow you to feel very sensual while adding a pep in your step. You will feel more glamour.

While finding out how to burlesque dance is something that we do not immediately think about, is exactly why we add it to our blog.  You need to get out of your comfort zone and explore things, be daring and love life.

Now you may not be sure about trying to learn how to burlesque dance or trying to engage in this sort of entertainment, we provide a few reasons why we think burlesque dancing is something to consider.

Why it is good to learn how to burlesque dance

Firstly, burlesque dancing is a great way to show off your femininity and sensual side. This is not about being considered an object, rather it is raising the gorgeous femininity that is within us. As the burlesque dancer you are set your stage be it your own home and share your abilities. You can show your skills and move freely in front of your attentive audience. In your own case it might be your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband. Your feeling of being in control will give you great joy knowing that you are providing entertainment and that your partner is watching you whilst you reveal your female power.

How to burlesque while enhancing your self confidence

The burlesque dancing as previously mentioned is something that can be done by any female, it does not matter your shape or size. You are able to bring out the beauty within. It is once you embrace your own style of dance that will boost your confidence. The feeling of being sensual will continue to follow you where ever you go. You shall glow with your circle of light and with it your increased self confidence that no one is able to take from you.


Dress with Glamour

You shall discover that many enjoy or love the world of burlesque fashion. Burlesque has been around for many years, often you will find the fashion to be from the 1950s with eye makeup that is winged and wearing bright red lipstick. This type of fashion is not just for the stage, the burlesque attire with form fitting dresses and heels that are strapped can be something you take into your bedroom.

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Loose your fear.

With your new found confidence you can even learn a bit about strip tease. You can do a little strip tease act for your partner. You might even have a pole dancing pole, but you do not need one. It is once that you are able to show your ability to bare yourself emotionally and in a physical manner without the fear. You are then onto a great little secret any you shall be able to entice your partner into the bedroom.


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how to burlesque dance


Put a pep into your step.

You are able to use burlesque as way to spice up your sex life. It will eliminate your fears and if you are a mature lady lacking confidence, burlesque can be life altering for the better. Your new sparkle in your eye, the new pep in your step. Learning how to burlesque dance will bring a new found level of cheekiness, a little mischief will be in order and all of a sudden you will be seen with a new light. One with interest and vitality and your partner will love you for it.

Learning how to burlesque dance will bring a new level of sensuality and appeal.

With anything, you need to learn some basics and practice. You need not concern you self about stage firght as the audience you begin with is your partner. As you continue your stage show you will learn more and more and find different moves. The beauty about burlesque dance is that the moves do not have to be so rigorous. Burlesque dance gets you moving and is a good way to workout will toning up. Exercise does wonders for reducing stress and helps with getting a good nights sleep.

You will have a great deal of fun.

Your burlesque dance is all about having fun, you may not be professional yet but no one is judging you and who cares. Your partner will really enjoy seeing your show and ability to do a sensual dance in front of him. You can learn some basics and do a choregraphed routine. Learn and practice in fromt of the mirror and suprise your partner. Play around with your routine and at the same time feel sexy.

It does not matter if you dance before a group or if it is just your lover at home, burlesque dancing has a great deal to offer.

You might decide to look for a class or even a workshop that shows you how to burlesque dance.


Watch a video compilation on how to burlesque dance.






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