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Experience The Thrill Of A Hot G Vibe Vibrating Ring

You have not had a real sexual thrill until you have used a vibrating ring from Hot G Vibe!

hot g vibe

Bold claim we know, but we also know just how true it is from personal experience! Don’t feel too bad though, there are plenty of singles and couples who have never once enjoyed the sensuality and excitement that a vibrating ring can bring.  We do like to get our vibrating rings from Hot G Vibe, and they have an incredible assortment of other toys as well. But before you get them we thought it would be fun to see how to use them. No, there isn’t going to be a video demonstration that is left to the team from Hot G Vibe themselves below, but we will tell you our three secret ways of using vibrating rings!

Multiple Penis Rings – This is a great method for both him and her, and we guarantee you will both get pleasure from it. The secret is to slowly build up the amount of vibrating rings you put on the penis. So for the first night you are going to use just one, and get use to this ultimate sensation. For most guys the sensation of the ring and vaginal sex is going to be overwhelming, so be easy on him. Try again and keep going until he gets use to this incredible sensation. Once it seems as though he can last a little longer it’s time to slip on another Hot G Vibe vibrating ring! You can keep going with this fun activity until you run out of space!

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Solo Action – Every single one of us has dealt with the situation of being super horny and not having a partner available. Well you could just lay and bed and masturbate until you cum or you could have some incredible fun! All you need is the added element of a vibrating ring, some lubrication and add a silk blindfold for the heck of it. If you are feeling really groovy some scented candles and Marvin Gaye on the iPod will do nicely as well. Go ahead light those candles, play your music and blindfold yourself. You are ready for the ride of your life! Lube yourself up and slip a vibrating ring on and explore yourself like you have never done before. It will feel like you are masturbating for the very first time! In fact you may enjoy yourself so much, you may not want to have your partner come back! However, when they do come back, try doing this with your partner in the form of mutual masturbation.

Sensual Massage – we think we have saved the very best for last, and that is the art of a sensual massage with vibrating rings. While this doesn’t have to involve sex, it most usually ends up with some of the most incredible passionate night filled sex.

What you want to do like always with a nice sensual massage is to set the mood. You know the drill, nice sheets, soft music and of course really exotic smelling candles. The art of a perfect massage is to take the person to another plateau or dimension. You want to have plenty of warming oil ready as well. Undress your partner and have them lay down on the bed or a massage table and slowly rub oil into their aching muscles. You want to get their bodies really loose and limber before you turn on the sensuality and the vibrating rings!

Once their muscles seem relaxed it is time to turn on the heat!

You want them to be laying on their backs and slowly add more oil to their bodies. Once they are oiled up you can now slip on multiple vibrating rings – the more the better! You want to rub their entire bodies, but much more softly this time around. And of course you will be paying more attention to the erogenous zones – the breasts, nipples, clitoris, vagina, penis and scrotum. The secret of an incredible sensual massage is to keep bringing them to the edge of climax and slowing it down. Once you have had your fun and your partner can take no more, you can take them!


hot g vibe

Well we don’t know about your place, but we are burning up here. We actually think we are going to get our vibrating rings and enjoy a cool shower! You know if Hot G Vibe knew how much pleasure they were helping create, they could charge double for these products and we think most people would still gladly pay. Anyway take a look at let us know how you plan to use it.


 Hot G Vibe is exclusive to AMAZON find out more.



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