Guide to Lingerie- the do’s and don’t of lingerie selection.

Guide to Lingerie

Let us provide a great guide to lingerie. The do’s and don’ts of lingerie selection.

Yes we all know Fifty Shades is famous for its BDSM undertones than its smattering of steamy sex scenes so not everyone is going to rush out a buy a fully equipped red room of pain to install into their new home extension. So leaving the bondage aside for one moment, the first question is how to look super sexy without donning the handcuffs and cat women outfit?


It can easily be a nightmare just matching your favorite sexy bra with anything remotely attractive as a matching pair of knickers. So deciding your wardrobe for a night of passion that could even make Christian blush is going to be a challenge of biblical proportions.


So where do you start? Well here is a list of 12 handy tips that may not turn you instantly into a Victoria’s Secret model but will certainly put your in the right direction of dreamy dress sense.



Guide to Lingerie – Don’t wear poor quality lingerie.

Whatever you choose in whichever style you feel is right you must invest in something that won’t scream out ‘cheap garment’! It won’t matter if it is a full length see through ball gown or doggy style denim stockings if they ain’t up for the punishment you could be facing your worst embarrassment. So many girls spend small fortunes in the spa and salon all day that they may forget to give their best to their apparel. Don’t let this disaster happen and keep it waiting with some quality items.


Guide to Lingerie – Don’t choose Ill fitting fittings.

They are called fittings for a reason. You should be buying only well fitting lingerie. This is another disaster area if your twinset and teddy palpably don’t fit. Not only will you be uncomfortable physically as well as mentally but bad fitting straps and lacing will surely have a negative effect on your nearly naked appearance.

Avoid this at all costs as your problem areas can easily be turned into natural disaster areas when you thought you were fixing the problem. Try and find a local store or in house tailor who can correctly measure you and provide you with an honest, albeit brutal, assessment you need about your curves and crinkles. Sexiness is all about feeling confident so you need to eliminate the back of the brain niggles or they will be etched all over your face.


Guide to Lingerie – Avoid the dreaded VPL.

A visible panty line can be a thief in the night stealing your thunder. You can never see your VPL and often friends or colleague don’t have the heart to mention it. There are plenty of modern options that are stylish in both look and feel so no more excuses.

You wouldn’t sport an ill fitting bra suggesting way to much overhang, so why risk it with your buns? Give your booty the chance it deserves as you never know the good work it is doing for you when walking passed an outside bar for instance.


Guide to Lingerie – Wear bold colorful lingerie

We all know black is the queen of sexy colors but if your skin tones has a better match then go for it. Reds, browns and even burgundy can look super sexy if you have chosen right so let the bright colors bring out the brightness in you. Anyway, haven’t most of us got a bit bored with black?

It will surely make you feel good if you have a shocking red color under your clothes when out with the girls and you feel you want to show it off but simply keep quiet and make them wonder what you are smiling about.


Guide to Lingerie – Variety is the spice  of life

So don’t stick to just black lingerie and definitely don’t limit your choices to teddy’s and corsets just for sexy time at home. Why not wear your strappy favorites out when having an evening with the girls. If wearing your teddy makes you feel and look good then wear it anyway. You can always tone down the sexiness with a thin blouse over the top to avoid looking like you’re off to do your stint at Spearmint Rhino after drinks.

Guide to Lingerie – Dance around the room in your undies more often

This doesn’t mean take up stripping for a living but doing the vacuuming or dishes in just your skimpies can be very liberating and invigorating. You soon will learn some basic sexy moves that even you can pull off without falling over the sofa so have fun and think sexy!.

Another advantage is that it definitely will feel much more comfortable while doing the chores not to mention saving some wash load and you are likely to get your jobs done in a flash (pun intended).


Guide to Lingerie – Don’t assume no one will see your underwear

One of the biggest faux pas to make with lingerie is to not bother wearing something nice under your clothes on the basis that no one will see it so there is no point. There is ever point. Wearing sexy comfy underwear will make you feel great inside. Psychotically you are going to have a much better day knowing you look great underneath and heaven forbid, if you do get caught short in public by a gust of wind or the Christian Grey office lookalike then you know you have the upper hand already.

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Guide to Lingerie – Always have a matching set

guide to lingerie

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This is often as important as wearing ill-fitting under wear.  It would be rather embarrassing to have an exciting chance to strip down just to realize that your two piece could never be recycled into a one piece. A purple bra with bright green panties isn’t going to get you on the set of Fifty Shades as a background extra.

You also may not get an ideal amount of time to rush off to the bathroom to make a quick change into something more appropriate and sexy. Being caught with enormous granny underpants or a Mickey Mouse bra may get you only raised eyebrows but nothing else.


Guide to Lingerie  – Don’t Be Dull

Boring underwear is going to be an equal turn off like strange choices or very non sexy lingerie. You want to show willing otherwise it could say that if you don’t want to make the effort to dress sexy then you probably don’t make enough effort to be a sex goddess.


Guide to Lingerie – Less Doesn’t Always Mean More

In fact much of the magic of lingerie and sexy underwear is all contained in the reveal as the art of seduction is used layer by layer.

Many of the best styles of lingerie are the ones that are held together by one bow or untied section by section building the tension of the teasing and anticipation. Well chosen undies can add such bravado and self assurance that the strip tease can keep a man held firmly under control.


Guide to Lingerie – Being Sexy is feeling sexy

Being sexy is actually more of a state of mind and showing off the confidence within. Having sexy lingerie under a business suit is often empowering many top business women as it can give them the confidence to face colleagues and competitors head on.

The tricks and teasing capabilities that nice lingerie can provide normally gives the woman the upper hand in the bedroom as she can make her man work harder to unwrap his reward.

Better still, when lingerie is perfectly chosen it can make light of any problem areas and showcase the assets to a high level of interest. This in itself makes you feel good which adds to the sex appeal. Many men like women that show pleasure and enjoyment when they participate in the oldest activity of all.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to lingerie and found the article informative and education.

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  1. Stacy says:

    Great post! I think these tips are very useful for anyone on the lookout for some sexy lingerie. I also prefer buying sets and paying attention to the quality of the materials. It’s important for a woman to feely comfy but also seductive. It’s all about the confidence.

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