Game of Thrones ‘desensitising’ us to incest?

By watching the Game of Thrones, can this be  ‘desensitising’ viewers to fictional incest pornography? Is the G.O.T driving many into a heightened interest in faux-cest?


For those of us who are uninitiated, a movie title such as ‘Family Play Date’ might possibly be seen as a harmless, wholesome family film.

However in reality, this movie title –  amongst an ever increasing number of other movies, has become part of a growing trend in pornography referred to as ‘Faux-cest’.

This ‘Faux-cest’ pornography genre includes actors ‘acting’ if they were to be in a sexual relationship with their co-stars. Whilst the story would suggest they were in fact related by blood. (keeping it in the family)

These ‘Faux-cest’ fictionalised stories would often see the actors partake in ‘role play’ potentially in daughter-daddy type relationships, cousins who are kissing or potentially siblings having sexual liaisons.

Whilst this niche has in some reports become a leading porn industry category, it is also considered “one of the hottest and highly controversial genres”. It has been found that it is couples as well as women who drive this genres new popularity.

Fauxcest’ looks at performers imitating fictionalised love-making sequences as an element of pornography narratives involving blood relatives.

Pornography actor Ashley Fires, has been in the porn industry as far back as 2003. She is amongst many adult stars who have elected to use her talents and specialise her skills to feature in movies centred on incest.

Ashley is in an interview with Vice, where she reveals since the beginning of 2016, the films she has been a part of is already at a count of 17 “faux-cest” films. They are a big part of her earnings.

“My fans only want to see me as mommy,”  Fires says, while only at the age of 34 herself,  she has now switched from daughter-sister to mother roles. “I am mommy and only mommy.”

Fires has starred in such movie titles as ‘Little Sister Has to Do The Unthinkable’ as well as ‘Mommy Made Me Do It’.

With the reference to the porn industry and the now very popular genre ‘faux-cest’, the is no consensus on why fictionalised incest has become a trending category.  The Vice President of business developments, Jeff Dillion heads up his role at GameLink. He informs Refinery 29 that the category ‘family role play’ has increasingly become popular. Dillion advises that their category ‘Family role play,’ is indeed one GameLink’s highest sellers with the customers being both couples and women.

Mr Dillon informs us that the interest in the fictionalised incest genre has increased by as much as 1000 per cent since 2011, and with a 178 per cent rise in viewing in 2014 itself remarkable.

The true reasoning  as to how this particular fetish is found to be enjoyable certainly remains a question, however some of the leading industry professionals consider females are likely to have an appreciation of this genre since they choose porn with a narrative — for instance romance or perhaps erotica.

game of thrones capture

Are character relationships like that in G.O.T’s Cersei and twin brother Jamie ‘normalising’ incest?Source:YouTube

“Women like the narrative and the story,” Mr Dillon comments.

“[In faux-cest] it is important to play out some background to the characters and to depict who these characters are and how it is they are, well, related to each other.”

While in another view point we have psychologist and sex therapist Georgina Whelan reporting that the storyline theory was a “social stereotype”. Georgina advises that a number of females are responding to a narrative based storyline due to the reasoning that they “would like to see the dynamics of an interpersonal relationships played out”.

As many men would attest to this fact “Women’s sexuality is complex creature, fluid in nature and influenced by interpersonal and social constructs,” Georgina told Australian based

“A number of  women use their fantasies to improve their sexual responses while other women may not, some women need a good storyline and want to see the dynamics of interpersonal relationships while other women focus on their own physical sensation”.

While we see insights from other anonymous fans of the pornographic category saying  that ‘faux-cest’ is “enticing given the sex practices that are depicted are so off limits, both culturally as well as legally”.

“Of course the job of Porn has many times been created to depict what is taboo in nature, but as viewers we have reached a point where we have run out of taboos,” reports Kelly Shibari. Shibari herself, a porn performer as well as a model with Penthouse responded in her interview with Refinery 29.

“When something ends up mainstream, people do not search anymore in the underground,given it is now simple to find. What remains is a list of taboos that we can still legally do? Incest. It is a re-creation of taboo fantasy scenarios, which is what porn is.”

game of thrones capture2Theon Greyjoy became intimate with his sister, Yara during Season 2 of Game of Thrones. Whilst himself unaware that it was his sister, not realising he was groping his sister,  she on the other hand was aware of who he was.


HBO’s G.O.T been questioned as a typical program that has began to ‘desensitise’ the viewers into inter-family relationships.

For those of us that have not watched the madness that is Game of Thrones here is a small piece of insight into what one may consider some what squeamish is the relationship between two of the main characters — Cersei Lannister and her twin brother Jamie.

“Jaime and I are more than brother and sister, we shared a womb, came into this world together, we belong together,” character Cersei said in season one of the series.

Ms Whelan stated conventional media channels might “normalise a practice as well as decrease stigma, shame and also judgment”. However she acknowledged that for a show along the lines of GoT to impact one’s fantasy, the viewers would really need to be subjected to the episodes of G.O.T on a continual basis .

“Taboo content increases sexual desire in many people.” Whelan said.

“For GoT to raise incest desires in individuals , people would need to regularly observe the incest impression again and again as well as have positive reinforcement on this aspect, since there needs to be reinforcement and also repetition for a fantasy to stick.”

Further on the topic we find Justin Lehmiller, PhD who is a sex educator as well as a research psychologist at Harvard University. He emphasizes that since the rise of the world wide web, along with the notion of the ‘gross-out’ theory, has become an enormous boon for fetishists.

This indicates principles as well as ideas you’d typically consider appalling might be disregarded or much less shocking during intimacy.

“During a heightened state of sexual arousal, ones disgust impulse becomes weaker,” Lehmiller informed Shape magazine.

“It is as though a higher level of arousal alters your perception of the world.”

family role play

‘Family role play’ is becoming a more popular porn genre.Source:istock

Ms Whelan reports  that while ‘faux-cest’ is not a new area, the world wide web has provided the ability for like-minded individuals to connect globally, and provide fast and easily obtainable access for those who may be so inclined.

“Comprehending that numerous individuals fantasise about incest might normalise a fantasy, decrease shame as well as enable individuals to take pleasure in a fantasy ,” she stated.

“This is realized by lowering boundaries to disclosure due to the anonymity of the online world … . the capability to interact with minority populations globally … and by means of effortless as well as fast access to particular sexual interests.”

While the human race has engaged, and been intrigued by the concept of incest for many hundreds of years it is the very modern “medium that is new” and creates some controversy.

“Nancy Friday in her 1973 novel “My Secret Garden” reported common women’s fantasies – that included incest fantasy,” Whelan advises.

“The 1974 titled novel ‘ Flowers In The Attic’, sold more than 40 million copies and later made into a motion picture. The main theme happen to be incest.”

“Research has show that it is some of the best selling content,” award winning ‘faux-cest’ director and writer Jacky St. James has concluded.

“The fact of the matter is that consumers are purchasing it, whether or not they really want to acknowledge that it is sexy or otherwise.”

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