Find a Sex Partner Online

Find a Sex Partner Online

Find a Sex partner Online – the safe way.

If you have given up on the traditional dating scene, perhaps you can find a sex partner online. Or perhaps you are looking for a long term relationship? Let us delve into some important factors to consider when online dating.

Find a Sex Partner Online

As you will often hear, finding your sole mate is all about the numbers game or you might hear it is all about the fish in the sea. Unfortunately the odds of finding true love are against us.

If you look at the research, the odds of finding a love partner is challenging to say the least. While certain studies have shown that both single men and women that hope to find someone for a lasting relationship should look to go and date with anywhere between fifteen to twenty five new dates on an annual basis. This is if she or he is hoping to find just one or potentially two partners for a long term relationship.

The sad fact is singles will typically give up a long time before they find a compatible match. Using the same set of research, it came back showing that those looking for that special someone got as far as four or five dates and gave up. Putting blame on themself for not meeting expectations or simply not being suited. When it could have been number six that was the winner.

So if it is the objective to find a sex partner online, or looking for a long term relationship how can a busy working single possibly have the time? How can a single date so many in order to find true happiness? For one you can look to your friends, family, coworkers to support and network with. The aim is to have some level of introduction through a mutual friend, however this may be a limited number of potential suitors, so now where?

There are a handful of opportunities to find someone for companionship or sexual liaison. You might decide to join a group or organization that may be a hobby or something that interests you. The aim of finding someone that interests in the group.

You can spend countless hours in karaoke bars, or singles bars aiming to meet someone who just happens to hang out in these establishments.

Or you go and find a sex partner online, or find yourself a committed someone looking to settle down.  The fact is the last option is most certainly in our opinion the best. If you look at the reality, it is much more easier, more productive and certainly often more enjoyable to search for a date using the world wide web compared to enrolling in a pottery classes. Perhaps the pottery class is your thing, however finding a single love match is unlikely. While attempting to relax and unwind with overpriced beverages and cocktails listening to a wannabe star at the karaoke scene is not your thing.

How to find the Right Person- Find a Sex Partner Online

Whatever you seek, should it be to find a sex partner online, a long term lover, a short-term hook up or a relationship for friendship or in between any of these scenarios, there are things that you are able to do to increase your chances of a successful match:

  1. Be honest. Should you be 55, never attempt to lie your way to a youthful 35. If you upload a photo into your online dating profile and it is highly recommended you do. Make sure it is current and does look like you. It shows your true size, weight, hair or lack of and don’t hide away. It no way should you lie to try and impress. For example state your true job status or line of employment, do not pass yourself off as a doctor or professional when you are not. Never mislead your online friend with a fairy tale story of lasting  love when all you after is someone for casual sex. It is not online dating etiquette and will not get you the right type of action that you are after anyway. You need to understand that there are dedicated sites for like minded people of different dating interests. People who you happen to meet online will find out who you and what you really want. Save yourself time and be kind to your online mate. You need to be honest and upfront your intentions and your reasons for dating. It will save someone from unwanted heart break.
  2. Establish exactly what it is that you seek and narrow your search to Find a Sex Partner Online. With a number of Online dating sites/apps allowing  you to define what you criteria is when seeking a date. You can cross off those people based on things that do not appeal to you. Based on such things as smoking, to drinking, education levels and employment. Of course location is important and sexual or relationship status. You may decide to pick three or more non appearance specific attributes that are high on your preference list. This will then limit your search to potential partner who most appeals to you. You will then be able to look at profiles and pictures of online dates who have something in common with you. You might find someone who looks physically attractive to you or you may not.  Perhaps you are being to picky and you should look to broaden your search criteria if you are unable to find a love interest from a picture and profile.
  3. Be Certain to register with the right dating site/app that is for you to Find a Sex Partner Online. If you happen to be seeking a long term relationship, then there are a number of sites specific to those who are serious about love. There are a number of established sites that come to mind, like,,,

You might want to target and use specialty dating sites that have been created to help those seeking partners with a certain religious affiliation, those who have different sexual orientation or sexual activity interest, and/or age profile, or ethnicity profile.

Here are a number of sites that may be of interest.


Christian ( ) connects people who share the same faith and values

Jewish ( ) is certainly fast becoming one of the larger online Jewish dating personals site with more than 400,000 registered members. Jewishfriendfinder has  features specific to Jewish culture, such as questions related to diet and orthodoxy, and the frequency of religious service attendance.


Sexual Orientation and Lifestlye


Alternative Lifestyle   ( Alternative Lifestyle Dating sex dating for those who enjoy kink. read more
Bondage   ( Bondage Dating for those who like to be bound during your sessions. Meet like minded people. read more
BDSM Dating    ( BDSM Dating are you into the BDSM scene? This dating site is for you. It is the pioneering personals site that revolutionized online dating, with nearly four million members from every country. features a friend network, blogs, chatrooms, and much more
read more
Compatibility matching (get it on) Compatibility matching dating allows you to find a match with your interests. Enjoy a happy and enjoyable connection online. is a brand new adult-oriented dating site that matches members based on their compatibility preferences and offers a variety of affordable membership options. read more
Affairs, hookups  ( Affairs, hookups, romance, or passion with discretion read more
Passion Adult   ( Passion Based Adult dating without the nudity and language. Maybe you want a site that isn’t outright “adult” in nature, but it’s more provocative than the traditional “vanilla” dating sites read more
Lesbian Personals ( Lesbian Personals Dating provides a site to allow like minded people. read more
Gay Personals  ( Gay Personals Dating, find a man for you. OUTPersonals is the world’s largest gay personals site for more of a casual hook caters more towards relationships and serious dating, in a PG-rated meeting environment without the nudity. read more
World famous – Good time ( World famous Online dating –  Good time dating with a new partner(s) Adult FriendFinder is the most popular personals site for people who are looking for a good time! read more


 Seniors dating  is an online personals site for people over 40 years of age.  Senior FriendFinder easily lets members find a match in their own area or across the world. Featuring active chat rooms, an advice magazine, and more


Millionare’s is where wealth and beauty come together for the ultimate online dating experience. Casual dating, relationships and discreet encounters are just some of the things you will find in the best upscale personals site.


Different Ethnicity

Latin Dating Latin Dating, looking for a love interest with Latin flair then you need to visit a dedicated online site. read more
Asian Dating Asian Dating, if you enjoy the company of Asian beauties or studs then this is the online venue for you. read more
African African find a love interest from Africa and you are sure to find an erotic change. read more


Romance and Tours for Men seeking women

Russian and CIS women

Founded in 1993, AnastasiaDate is the industry’s leading International Introduction and Romance Tour Company connecting Western men with women from Russia & CIS for love and romance. The site has over 80 million online visitors yearly and with over a million letters exchanged onsite daily. Anastasia date partners with over a thousand affiliated dating agencies from most major cities.

Latin Women

Achieve more than your wildest dreams with AmoLatina is а industry’s leading International Introduction and Romance Tour Company introducing women of Latin America to men from around the world.

Asian Beauties

AsianBeauties is the first choice in online dating and romance tours for men seeking Asian Women for love and marriage. Find Your Asian Lady

 African Ladies

AfricaBeauties is the premier online matchmaking resource for the growing international African dating scene. Single African Women


What to watch out for – Liars, Scams, and Perverts.

We can safely say that it is no secret, the internet does attract a number of unscrupulous individuals. These people may search online dating sites or smartphone apps looking for potential prey of one variation or another. While it can happen “offline” dating online can bring some seedy or not so nice people.Of course these individuals are a minority thankfully of the huge online population. However you need to know that they do exist.

While choosing to explore and fine a sex partner online or a meaningful long term relationship, you need to be mindful and keep a vigil. You need to feel safe and protected, and be vigilant and understand that the online predators will take advantage of the point that there are only written words, possibly photos and maybe even a small video as an introduction.

The predators prey on emotions and those who may fall for a date online who says all the right things but who they know so little about. Being busy individuals online love is often the case where both men and women, are simply not able to meet their love interest in a physical sense. (There was a reported incident where Former Notre Dame Footballer, Manti Te’o fell into a nasty situation)

The not so nice Guys

The online dating site not so nice guys or bad guys, however you want to put it consit of two distinct categorisations. The sexual predaors and those that are there to financially scam you.


Sexual predators will use your vulnerability and emotions to groom you. This can be through apps, Instant messaging, texts, apps and even video chatting. They can be well trained and pretend to be a victim’s ideal love match.

It is often that these individuals are most thoughtful, often flattering and very attentive. They will spin a very good web of lies and will lie about their overall true intentions. They will build a relationship of trust and create a feeling of emotional dependency. Like a drug the emotional contact becomes a hook and before long they set a trap. They are very good at convincing vulnerable types of wither sex to meet them at home or in a distant location where the vulnerable person is alone and can not escape.


The Financial scammer is also well aware of the need to build trust and a loving online companionship. It is only after they get someone to “fall in love” will they begin to ask for financial support of some kind. It is the money only the victim is able to provide. They use the natural human instinct of those people who will help a loved one at any cost. The scammer will come up with an elaborate story, and is supposedly on business travel or even a mission in a foreign country. And all of a sudden he or she is found to become ill or in some sort of meducal emergency.

It might be that the scammer requires financial support in order to cover their surgery. This surgery can only be paid for with cash as this is the only possible payment that the “third world country” accepts. It is at this point that the victim is then asked to transfer a substantial amount of money because the scammers money is supposedly held up for what ever reason.

Another scam involves your online fling needing some money to help pay for a visit with a plane ticket or a visa. You send the money and you never see or hear from your love interest again.


It is sad that such scams are present and an unwelcome part of the online world. Those who might be lured into a compromising position or into a financial scam are so embarrassed that they are unwilling or afraid to report the abuse when it occurs. (Take a nasty example, consider rape, or the act of blackmailing, when a individual sets about destroying your work and personal reputation.   They have access to nude pictures of you. Even worse the victim in some occasions blames oneself and the depressing feeling of knowing better sinks in.

That is when you should act and report the situation. Not reporting what you suffered only increases the chances of the perpetrator will take advantage of repeating his orchestrated plans and repeat if not escalate his or her actions with other victims.


Have Fun and Avoid Abuse

There are a few key things that you can do in order to protect yourself from online dating and hookup predators. These can include a few of the following:

  1. Trust your instincts. If you feel a level of discomfort and feel something is astray then chances are there is something wrong. So the simple thing to do is get out of the situation. It simply does not make a difference how charming or attractive the other indivual appears to be online. If the circumstances of your online dating feels “off” then it is likely to be. Remember the easiest thing about online dating is that you can stop an online interaction instantly..
  2. Meet your online friend in public, and “buddy up.” It is always wise to have your first physical meeting in a popular and in a public location. For example a popular cafe or mall, coffee shop etc. ) Even if it the aim of your meeting is for a casual sex hookup. You should arrive at the chosen venue and plan to leave again on your own. This is done to avoid getting trapped. for example in someone’s car or driven to a place you would prefer. Let your friend or family members know exactly where you are going and who it is that you are meeting. When, where and for what intended duration. Be sure to arrange to check in with that designated friend at least once. Better Still have your friend accompny you to the venue and discreetly keep an eye on you.
  3. Never at any stage should you respond to a stranger’s request for money or nude pictures that display your face. You of course can show your face in person, or send a fully clothed version of yourself at the Grand Canyon. Rember it is so easy to share anything from a smart phone so be vigilant when sending anything to a person you can not trust.
  4. Go Dutch. When you first  meet your online companion IRL (in real life), it is always advisable to have each other pay for their own way. Even if it is for the first few dates. If you are asked for money, gifts, pictures of yourself naked simply walk away. That individual is using you and is not sharing the same love intention as you. Even if your online companion turns out to be the most beautiful of people, you should keep your radar on for money diggers or unwanted pressure. If you believe your emotons are getting in the way of a sound decision. Ask your friend or trusted family member and for them to help you assess the situation and what steps to take going forward.

No matter what, if an indivual you have met online victimizes you and this can be in any way, you should really report the abuse. In addition to local authorities, there are some additional resources such as websites designed to support those who have fallen victim online. This can include Do not delay and use them to pootect yourself and others.

Why Should You Bother With the Internet?

So we have gone through the unwanted and not so favourable reality of online dating. However the  fact is that millions of individuals have really good dating and hookup profiles posted online. — this certainly increases their as well as your own dating potential. Of course as already mentioned you need to be wary. Using the internet can be a true game changer and we know of many succesfuul firendships, relationships and hookups that have turned out to be very rewarding from online sites.

remember the more honest approach on your part when it comes to picture, your interests and what you are seeking will give you the best chance of finding the desired type of relationship you are after.

The important thing to remember is to find a dating site that is in your niche or desires and be sure to follow the simple safety rules. then there is every chance that you can find a Find a Sex Partner Online, or any partner that you seek, should it be a lifetime friendship, for casual sex or anything that takes your fancy.


Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S is an author of a number of publications that are in the area of sexual addiction and he is an expert on the juxtaposition of human sexuality, technology and intimacy. He is the founding director of The Sexual Recovery Institute and also the director of the Intimacy and Sexual Disorders Services located at The Ranch and Promises Treatment Centers. Robert is a , addiction specialist, psychotherapist and clinical educator. He has assisted with providing sexual addiction treatment training internationally for psychology professionals, , and the military addiction treatment centers. A media expert for Time, the New York Times and  Newsweek, Weiss has been featured on such TV shows as CNN, The Today Show, Oprah, and ESPN among many others. Robert can also be found on Twitter at @RobWeissMSW.

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