Learning How To Have a Female Ejaculation – Squirting

female eejaculation

Learn How to Have a Female Ejaculation – Squirting 


For certain lucky women, they have had what is known as female ejaculation. Female ejaculation, which can also be known as gushing, squirting or the shejaculation, occurs when women discharge a certain liquid from their vagina’s and or their urethra’s whilst having an orgasm. It is only a few women who openly admit to squirting, the numbers are somewhat hard to establish, however it is believed that between 10-40% of females are capable of having a female ejaculation. This is according to  Dr. Jerry De Haan.

While the  concept of the female ejaculate may seem new for a great number of us, Dr. Jonna B. Korda and her colleagues have established in their published study that may be found in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, asserting that reference to female ejaculation in medical terms and also in psychology can be dated back to thousands of years ago.

Female ejaculation remains a fascination for both men and women alike. The news that many of us would like to hear is that it is possible for women to learn how to squirt. Let us commence with the biological mechanics behind the female ejaculation.


While for many, it is the G-spot the sponge like area just within the vaginal wall that influences the ability for female ejaculation. The G spot, which happened to get it’s name from Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg a gynecologist from Germany. The Spot can be found behind the pubic bone, whilst in the front of the cervix. This G-Spot and the exactness of this location can vary between women.

Typically the G-Spot can be stimulated only a few inches or approx 5 cm inside the vagina, in the front of the pelvis.

female ejaculation

source: http://learn.condomdepot.com/learn/sexual-education-learn/2014-02-03/secret-to-female-ejaculation-squirting/

While he G-spot will require quite a firm stimulation that in turn induces it become harder and swollen when blood flows into the spongy area. It is a certain stimulation of the G-Spot that is thought to allow the female to ejaculate.

Your G Spot should feel very similar to a wet raspberry…soft, wet and slightly dimpled.

To stimulate your G-spot, you have a number of different choices, you may either use your fingers, your partner can use their fingers. Or certain sex positions can help with G-Spot stimulation which includes  Doggie style or Reverse Cowgirl (leaning back so that your partner’s penis can stimulate the spot) or a specially designed G-spot vibrator such as the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 G-Spot Vibrator.

In order to get even close to ejaculating, you need to stimulate your G-spot. To find your G-spot, you or your lover will have to place a finger inside against your vaginal wall and waggle it in a ‘come hither’ motion. You should be able to feel a raised, textured area that’s different to the rest of the vaginal wall.

Great Toys For Helping You Squirt:



Here is what you will require (one or more of these):

  • Use Your fingers
  • A sex toy (such as dildo, a vibrator, G-spot stimulator)
  • A partner who can work his or her magic.
  • If you prefer get a PVC Sheet that is ideal for liquids – let’s you relax about creating a wet mess. also in King Size

The 7 Steps to achieving a Female Ejaculation

1. Explore. To begin with, exploring your body and learning to better understand your own anatomy is a great start. Observe and admire your genitals. Take time to study the area of your vulva and pinpoint and learn where all of your lady bits are. This includes by touch and by taking a look in the mirror if it is possible. You should become aware of what your genitals look like and how your touch makes you feel. You need to be comfortable with your own body and your private areas. It is also important to touch not only your genital region but other areas can be just as sensual and exciting. Learn where it is you enjoy being touched and where feels good and what helps you feel aroused. You should consider no off-limits as is your body after all and you need to love it and enjoy the sensual touch without shame or guilt. One important factor that you need to consider is that you need to let your mind be at ease. If you feel guilt towards enjoying your sexy time, then it will make it harder to reach orgasm or you will take that guilt with you after an orgasm. There is absolutely unnatural about enjoying your body and having a sexual encounter. It is good to let go of any guilty feelings. Learn to enjoy.

2. Arousal. It is the ability to allow oneself the feeling of arousal. The feeling of how to increase your arousal levels. Be aroused with the touch from yourself or from that of your partner. It is important not to be rushed or feel rushed into penetration. Be it with your own fingers, a adult toy or from the use of a strap-on. You should instead take time to take pleasure in the sensation od an increase in arousal during the arousal period.

3. Locate. Locate your G-spot. You should remember that the G-Spot is found roughly two to  three inches inside the vagina, towards the front area of your pelvis. For those not so familiar with your G-Spot and finding it yourself with your own fingers. It could be good to allow your partner to assist you in locating it or a goof G-Spot vibrator or simulator can really help too.

4. Stimulation. When you or your lover have located the spot, commence stimulation. Often you may have a feeling of wanting to take a pee. Take time to get used to this sensation this pressure is perfectly normal and you be happy to know no pee will happen.

5. Relaxation. Like with any sexual enjoyment, relaxation is key and the greater the chances you will have the opportunity to experience female ejaculation for yourself. Some females do tend to tense up due to the concern of peeing during the stimulation which then can prevent the female ejaculation from happening. It is the ability to let go and accepting the sensation of needing to pee as a normal part of obtaining the squirt. Also a good point to mention is that you need to enjoy the feeling and also avoid the thought of your partner reacting to your squirting. The relaxed mind the enjoyment of both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation if that works for you is all about your own process. Your partner is there to support and they would absolutely love for you to experience female ejaculation. No matter if you do or do not, the key is relaxation.

6. Enjoyment. As the mind is a powerful tool, the ability to accept the enjoyment and letting yourself go is an import factor. If you are supported by your partner, you should communicate what it is that you want. Be it fast, slow, just there a little up, or down, you get what we mean. Let them be guided by your body movements, your groans and your pleasure. When you as though you are about to explode, be sure to embrace the sensation the orgasm and the wetness of your female ejaculation. You may either have a large or small amount of the love liquid that may be ejaculated. Of course you should be happy to know what squirting can lead to very powerful orgasms. If you have never had a chance to experience one for yourself than this will blow you away. For all the right reasons.

7. Practicing. It is the ability to remove the stressing of the whole female ejaculation process that is key. Some females have the ability to squirt quite easy, while some need more practice. Knowing where your G-Spot is and having the ability to relax and enjoy the sensation is good practice. Practice makes perfect as they say and having a loving partner to allow you to help achieve the shejaculation is great. Keep practicing and learn about the sex positions that help you get off and those that help with certain stimulation that help with the G-Spot. 


If you happen to be one of the ladies who have already experienced this type of orgasm, then consider yourself lucky very lucky indeed. If you want to experience what it feels to squirt and you are interested to learn, do not give up, practice the mind relaxation, the exploration of what get’s you aroused the removal of the in built pressures and the awkward sensations. You will master it and the feel oh the feel is O-spectacular!

 As you apply more pressure, you are indirectly stimulating the Skene’s gland. As you do, you will bring yourself closer  to a female ejaculation. This moment when it feels as though you are are about to squirt is crucial. If you are afraid and believe that you are going to pee, then you will inevitably clam up and not be able to squirt. But if you instead embrace the feeling and just let go, you will experience that wonderful feeling of squirting.


When I Squirted, it did not feel like a clitoris orgasm. The sensation was much more powerful. —Lorna R., Dallas, TX

My hubby and I were very determined to make me squirt. It was after a great deal of practice, that  I ejaculated. At the beginning, I would try to hold on, it was because I felt as though I needed to pee. My man encouraged me to let go and it was this that pushed my over the edge and I had a female ejaculation. Now I can do it all the time. —Selena G., Miami, FL

I can squirt at certain times, however not all the time. It really depends on exactly how aroused I feel, also how hydrated I am, and most definitely how relaxed that I am. Sometimes I squirt a lot while sometimes only a little. But I always love it! —Cynthia C., San Juan, PR

What exactly is the fluid that comes from Female Ejaculation?

To continue our article on how to have a female ejaculation we need to first understand what this squirt is. Many females as well as men believe that female ejaculation is urine that is released. No this is not the case. It can happen but it is very rare. Rather female ejaculation is fluid that comes from the  the Skene’s gland. This gland is found above the G Spot and near to the bladder.

It is the stimulation of the Skene’s gland that fills it and when the ejaculation occurs it is the expelling of the fluid the actual squirt. The fluid is expelled through the urethra which happens to be the same tube where the pee comes from which can lead to the misunderstanding of the liquid. It is the feeling that women have that they are going to pee when they do squirt.  This is a totally normal feeling. It is therefore good to know you are not peeing rather squirting which is a whole other liquid. What is important is being able to mentally ‘release’ and relax so that you allow your body to squirt.

If you are concerned about peeing and to let your mind relax, try squirting in the shower or on a blanket designed for liquids of many kinds. The chance to relax is the critical factor of letting go and skirting.

Seeing Female Ejaculation in Porn

You Can Not Fake The Squirt


You have probably noticed the notion of female ejaculation has gained a bit of attention in the media of recent times. The Squirt has also made it’s way into fetish porn movies. However many adult movie actresses are in fact faking the whole squirt. The aim to cater for those of us who have a fluid fetish or squirt fetish of some kind. If you take a closer look it is possible to see the difference between a fake and real squirt. How you may ask?

You need to see where the liquid is being excreted from.

If you see liquid or water that comes from the opening of the vagina, perhaps after a very dodgy video edit, this is a fake squirt. Female Ejaculation as mentioned earlier comes from the urethra which is located near the clitoris.

The vaginal squirt is simply water that has been inserted into the porn actresses vagina using a lube plunger before the squirt scene. Hence the edited film. So if you have seen a squirt in a porn movie and not in real life then when you do it may come as a surprise to see it and experience it for real.

Here is a reasonable video on how to make a women squirt on Youtube.


For a Instructional version with a real live demonstration follow the link to see more below. Warning Adult content.

How to Make a Woman Squirt (Instructional) powered by YouPorn.


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G Spot Orgasms and female ejacuation

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