Esse Chaise by Liberator

Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish Buckwheat

Esse Chaise by Liberator – Contemporary and Sensual

Esse Chaise by Liberator  Velvish Black


Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish Black available at

As you may already know, a fulfilling sexual life needs variety and this is where sexual furniture comes to the rescue. The Esse Chaise by Liberator has become famous for supporting couples improve their sex lives. In order to fight routine nothing can be as exciting as new experiences and this is exactly what Esse chaise by liberator provides. The first element to mention is the Liberator brand since it was created in 2002 by the couple Leslie and Louis Friedman. They have made innovations in the sexual furniture landscape and many couples attest how their lives have been substantially improved by using their furniture. By embracing the description of being a bedroom adventure gear company they have captured the imagination of countless people who are now much happier thanks to their products.

The Esse chaise by liberator is a particular piece of furniture since it was created with an attractive set of features such as:

  • Contemporary and modern lounge with a narrower and longer body along with lower height than its predecessor which allows for better access and freedom to move during those passionate moments of sexual activity. With the Esse Chaise having a  lower profile, those that have shorter legs are able to easily utilize the floor to provide  thrusting power while being totally supported by the chaise.
  • A headrest which is useful when you want to raise your knees up or when you want to benefit from extra height when it comes to improving positions such as those where you need to bend or stand.
  • It can be considered as a tasteful decoration piece.
  • It doubles as a functional chaise lounge, great for taking a comfy nap, receiving a romantic massage or just thumbing through your favourite magazine or reading your novel.
  • It is manufactured with foam of a high density nature which provides supportive and firm cushioning.
  • It has a moisture-proof inner liner made with nylon and stops any moisture from entering the foam interior.
  • It has a lush cover.
  • Made in the US
  • Removable covering and washable.
  • Wide array of colors to choose from that can complement many decors.
  • Variety of positions available through stretching out, straddling or sitting atop.
  • Measurement in inches: 68L x 22W x 22H
  • *This product is made to order please allow 7-14 days for delivery.

 Delivered vacuum compressed

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It is no wonder that this playful piece of furniture is the new favorite piece of couples like James and Cassandra, who say that their sexual life has been improved by leaps and bounds thanks to the Esse chaise by liberator. James is now able to reach spots previously inaccessible in Cassandra´s body while they made love on their bed. With a grin they say that choosing a pink color has made their private life more sensual and fun since they say this color stimulates something inside their inner selves.

It is also important to say that this product is not for everybody since lonely individuals without a couple will not benefit as much as those looking to add more passion to their relationship. It is also not a good fit for people who enjoy their sexual routine as it is. A suitable metaphor to the use of this product is sauce. Why sauce? Well, for example you can eat chicken and it might taste good but when you add a really good sauce to it you will feel as if you are in heaven. The same goes for your sexual life since sex is enjoyable by itself but it is even more so when you spice it with the right sexual furniture, such as the Esse chaise by liberator. Many people have wider smiles thanks to this product and you could be joining their ranks soon. While these quality US made items are not the cheapest on the market they stand the test of time and are an ideal investment towards a happy and fulfilling sex life.

Esse Chaise by Liberator comes in a number of color choices.

Find them all here at 

Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish Black

Esse Chaise by Liberator in Velvish Black


Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish Buckwheat

Esse Chaise by Liberator in Velvish Buckwheat


Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish Espresso pillow

Esse Chaise by Liberator in Velvish Espresso pillow

Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish Espresso

Esse Chaise by Liberator in Velvish Espresso

Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish Merlot

Esse Chaise by Liberator in Velvish Merlot

Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish Aubergine

Esse Chaise by Liberator in Velvish Aubergine

Reviews for Esse Chaise by Liberator

My fiance’ and I had chuckled, even joked and teased about buying a Liberator product for about a 12 months now. It felt like a great method to ” liven things up”. Our concerns had been around price and having a recognized high quality of the product. Don’t allow any branding trick you, this is a sex chair designed to enable the entire body to optimize angles and comfort. Upon opening, the product it is definitely in reality large, correct to the sizes pointed out, but it will take up some living space comparative to a lounge chair. It is certainly very comfy and very well produced.

It is along the lines of those tempur pedic mattresses you find on Television. It is providing enough to adapt with your entire body, yet solid enough that you do not feel like you happen to be sinking in to the chair. We are by no means considered Karma Sutra gurus, but this lounge actually shows the angles at which you are able to enter your lover. Each individual can discover different positions and angles as you make your way around the design of the lounge.

For a pair just coming into their 40’s with a few younger kids, we have discovered this is an excellent way to have a little original enjoyment at night time. There is quite a bit of height variation between myself and my fiance’ and we have discovered it can be occasionally challenging to take pleasure in the regular positions in the bed. Forget missionary or my poor spouse would end up being suffocated by my torso :) with this chair, we can easily both, quite comfortably, discover new positions and minimize any elevation variation in the missionary and doggy . We occasionally chuckle that we in fact purchased this, but when it comes time to put it to use, we have had top-quality an enjoyment and interesting times discovering it. It has definitely improved our intercourse lifestyle and incorporated a “raw passion” factor to recent romps.


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Just a few of observations. The idea of this chaise  fitting under a bed or in a wardrobe. I can’t find this being the situation unless you have got a seriously raised bed or huge walk in wardrobe. Finally, place the feeling of any embarrassment away and go ahead and buy it. If you are searching for a nicely made, comfy item, that will assist explore different sexual positions and assist you to break out of the regular regimen, you will not be dissatisfied.

Love it!!!

by fromtheheart

we were intrigued by the Esse Chaise and we are always looking to add something new and fun into the bedroom. It was hard to decide between the original and the new esse chaise. We wish that we could have tried them both! We already have and enjoy the Fascinator throe, the whirl, and the wedge/ramp combo, and this is definitely  our new favorite! The material of the chaise gives a little bit of slide without being slippery. The shape and size work out great for us and makes certain/many positions much easier, more comfortable and more effective.



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