Escorts Can Give You the Highs of Getting an Orgasm!

Are you sick of lack of lustre sexual encounters with random women? Do you find yourself feeling disappointed each and every time? Whether you finish too quickly or you feel the other woman doesn’t put enough effort into the whole thing, you’re understandably frustrated. Luckily, there is a very real solution here: hiring an escort. These sensual ladies of the night will take you to heaven and back again in the most erotic way possible, helping you climax in a manner you simply won’t believe.


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They have plenty of experience.

If you pick an escort who has worked in the industry for years, you’ll find they use their expertise to good effect in the bedroom. This is because they’ve had plenty of time to hone their craft and figure out exactly what it is that turns a man on and keeps them hungry for more. A skilled professional woman will also have a series of tricks up her sleeve to heighten your orgasm as well.

Additionally, an escort will know how to stimulate you without actually making you cum, employing techniques that keep you going for the full length of the session. Forget about holding yourself back with a girl who just wants to get the job over and done with! Instead, hire an escort skilled in the many techniques to prolong the male orgasm. With years of experience and countless sex partners behind them, they’ll know precisely what to do to keep you hanging in there for more.

The focus is completely on you.

Another difference between sleeping with a regular woman and bedding down with an escort is that, in the latter case, you won’t be expected to help her cum. Since she’s doing this professionally, the entire focus will be on giving you a good time. Thus, they’ll work to increase your orgasm in the following ways:

• Dressing up for you in an erotic manner
• Using both tongue and mouth techniques
• Introducing you to new sexual positions
• Talking to you in a manner you find arousing

All of this will be directed at you – you’ll be the star of the show here! Forget about destroying your pleasure by focusing on what the women is feeling. Hire someone who’s there to satisfy your carnal urges instead. In this way, you can turn the whole experience into something that’s solely aimed at making you finish in a truly spectacular manner. As business women, escorts have to deliver quality service every single time.

Following your desires is an option.

Sometimes you won’t be able to properly orgasm during regular sex simply because the woman you’re with isn’t into what you are. The good news is that you can hire an escort who specialises in the different types of sexual fetishes out there. This can vary from the more common turn-ons to some downright unusual stuff. Whatever floats your boat though, it’s likely you can find an escort to help you orgasm in an explosive manner. Some examples of different fetishes include:

• Domination
• Voyeurism
• Role play
• Sadism
• Toe licking
• Latex outfits
• Golden showers

Now this isn’t an extensive list by any means. If you have a fetish that’s not included here, don’t worry! We’re sure you can find an escort who’s willing to work with you and help titillate your senses and build up to an amazing orgasm. Just remember to ask first if they normally work with these kinds of fetishes or whether they can recommend someone who does.

They can bring additional toys.

Lastly, hiring an escort can help you reach an unbelievable climax due to the fact they have their own array of tools and equipment to make you cum. If requested, most working girls can bring along all types of sex toys for men. If you’ve never experienced sex with these devices, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The next time you hire an escort, get her to bring along the following:

• Cock ring
• Fleshlight
• Sex doll
• Prostate massager
• Handcuffs

There is plenty that you can do to make the occasion more stimulating with a little imagination and some added sex toys. The good news is that you won’t have to go out and buy these items either, as the experienced escort will already have them in her repertoire of orgasmic options. In this way, sex doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, you can spice it up each time by using a different toy to increase your pleasure until you simply explode.

Hopefully this has stimulated your loins and convinced you to hire an escort as soon as possible. If you’re looking for the ultimate climax – a natural high like no other – bedding down with one of the exotic mistresses of pleasure can be a great idea. You won’t go back to regular sex ever again after the hands-on attention supplied by your favourite escort.

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Thomas Smith is a freelance writer and digital marketing specialist currently writing for Black Cat Parlour, an establishment in the adult entertainment industry based in Sydney.


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