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Secrets to erotic breast massages

Men often forget about the importance of giving erotic breast massages to their lover. It is something that is often overlooked but spending time on providing stimulation to their partners breast can actually allow them to have what is known as a breast orgasm.

Certainly you will find that most lovers do use forms of erotic breast massages in foreplay and for sexual pleasure. Breast Massages can be employed to providing firming of the breasts and also to check for specific health concerns. While of course erotic breast massages can be used during sex for sexual arousal. So men need to pay specific attention to the breasts during sex.

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Breast Massage Secrets Revealed: Get Pleasure Like You’ve Only Imagined

What is an erotic breast massages orgasm?

The breast massage orgasm, can be common for certain females however the concept has not seen a lot of attention in publications such as magazines or books. Research has seen that women who receive breast massage can increase the chances of female orgasm.

The breast in itself is a positive pole for that of woman’s sexuality. While the positive pole of that of a man is his penis. So we lead on to the concept of foreplay. The aim of foreplay is to create stimulation of the positive pole of the women in order to allow her heart to open. It is thereafter that her negative pole will open, which is as you may know the vulva and for it to become wet.

Guys will typically rush to the negative pole, the vulva, without taking time to allow for their lover to become fully aroused. Research shows that it can take up to twenty minutes. As with men, women do have erectile tissue and is located around the vulva. When aroused the vulva and surrounding area fills with blood. It is this process that can take up to 20 minutes.

The Sad Fact, Most Women will NEVER get to a fully aroused state.

The reality is that many men will make love like a rabbit and it will last less than fifteen minutes. Knowing this fact, it is true to say that many women just never get to a state of full arousal. It is then men who are left pondering why their partner is turned off sex after a year or so. The key to changing things and having a great sex life is to mix things up and spend time on foreplay.

SEX TIP: You should allow for at least  30 Minutes for foreplay!

While we have discussed foreplay before, the concept of adding breast massage to your to do list is something that we have not focused on. Quite simply it is a fantastic way to have your lady in a spin for all the right reasons. It is not about going straight to the breast, rather you should start with kissing and lightly stroking her over her body. For example the neck is a very highly erotic region for most females. Also try kissing her fingers and even her toes, you can not be sure she likes it until you try it.

erotic breast massages

How to Start With Erotic Breast Massages.

When leading into erotic breast massages, you can commence the massage by gently placing your warmed palm onto her heart chakra or the heart region. It is the heat of your hand that will begin to stimulate your lovers sexual arousal.

If the lady of the house is alone, she can do her own breast massage orgasm. When in privacy she can begin by taking a gentle press of her inner nipple and moving the fingers to the outer side. With the pressure being slow and gentle, it is a very sensual and gentle touch. The lady should touch herself with gentle, slow stroking.


Erotic Breast Massages Stimulation Strokes

There is one particular stroke that I love, it is the breast lifting action. You hold a breast in one of your hands and gently lift a breast. You can do this particular stroke for quite some time, even up to five minutes. While performing this stroke, look into your lover’s eyes. While at the same time try to connect with her heart energy. The next step you can begin to knead her breast. Then your next move, for greatest pleasure is to rub the breast using the palm of your hand. Begin using a clockwise motion and then move into a clockwise action.

Use a good warming massage oil for erotic breast massages.

You should always have a good massage oil at hand. It can take massage to a very erotic level and creates additional levels of sensuality and pleasure. You should take the oil in your hand and quickly rub your hands together to warm up the oil. Some massage oils have warming effects for added pleasure.


Obtaining erotic breast massages orgasms

It is the sensitive woman who is able to obtain a  breast massage orgasm. It can happen after some massage and about fifteen to twenty minutes of stimulation. It is once she has had her orgasm, that she will absolutely adore penetration. Make sure that you take your time as her arousal will be very high and she may even have a chance to experience multiple orgasm.


Taking time in foreplay and sex in general will ensure that your sex life will be greatly enhanced. Do mix up your love making patterns as a quickie can also be highly arousing and a romantic massage and sensual massage can be highly rewarding too.


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  1. A breast massage is an incredible experience for all women when it’s properly performed.

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