Enhance These Sexual Fantasies for Men, With Sexual Accessories!

Enhance These Sexual Fantasies for Men, With Sexual Accessories!


We try our utmost to ensure that we are bang up-to-date with all the revelations which unfold, courtesy of the research undertaken by sexologists, concerning the male psyche; and just as we thought, men do love sex! – it’s thought that men think about sex every five minutes of the day, and that they would rather have sex than do anything else during the day; sex is a masculine need, and who could deny them that?


We find men incredibly sexy, and we think it is vitally important to know – and understand – what men require, and desire, from a good woman; however, due to tensions and everyday stresses, a man’s sexual appetite can diminish; or he can simply get bored due to the same old routine. Sexologists have recently compiled a list of the top ten male sexual fantasies; why not begin to truly enjoy your primal drives, and enhance your sex life and begin to embrace some of those fantasies and desires?


Mirror Sex! Sex in front of the mirror is not just enjoyed by men, but by women too; it arouses you both at the same time, which can greatly improve sexual performance. Men enjoy a lingering glimpse of the female’s reflection, making for a sensual and pleasurable experience, heightening every sense, and arousing him even further. Why not utilize some sexy costumes, or adult fancy dress, to tease your man, while partaking in a little mirror sex, before sensually stripping before him?


Filming Sex! Filming your sexual performance is a fantasy shared by many; you can become engrossed – and aroused – time and time again, as you re-watch your passionate embrace. Sex in front of the camera can make a man feel empowered, which goes some way toward explaining this fantasy’s popularity. The use of remote control sex toys can make filming sex even easier.


Stripping and Dancing! What man doesn’t love to watch the sensual movements of a woman’s body as she disrobes – just for their eyes only? There was a reason strip clubs were invented, after all: Men love to watch women dance, and men love their women nude! So why not start off your strip by wearing some lingerie and see-through dresses?



Sex Games!  Men and woman alike enjoy playing sex games; you become unclothed together, and you’re never quite certain what is about to unfold next. These games add a sense of spontaneous fun; you’re never really sure of how the end result will be achieved.


Sex in differing positions! Sexual positions can make – or break – your erotic time together, so why just stick to one? Test out varying ways of having sex; the top two sexual positions, as rated by men, are doggy-style, and reclining, with their lover on top. So don’t get stuck in the rut of “A quickie here and there”, plan out your activities; and most importantly enjoy – and optimize – your time together, to attain the most pleasure.



Oral Sex Outside! Men love to receive – and also give – the feeling of a tongue on their genitals; this act certainly ranked high in regards to male sexual pleasure; and combining this with the excitement of outdoor sexual activity, eases this sexual fantasy into fifth position. Which leads us to:


Sex anywhere other than the bedroom! Male sexual fantasies seem to take place in just about every part of the house other than the bedroom; as well as in a car or, as noted above, outdoors. So make sure your sex life doesn’t stagnate; get frisky just about wherever you choose, and add a simple boost of excitement!


Beach Sex! Sex on the beach – not only does it add a touch of romance to your sexual encounter, but once again, it’s a recurring theme within the realms of male sexual fantasy! It’s thought that men get turned on by the feel of the sand against their bodies – as well as by the hot embrace of their partner.


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