electronic sexual stimulation

electronic sexual stimulation

A beginner’s guide to electronic sexual stimulation & Electrastim Power Units

electronic sexual stimulation

Electronic sexual stimulation is a popular trend in erotic toys. For those who have not tried them yet may have some misconceptions about electronic erotic stimulation and one of the biggest misconceptions is the fear of being electrocuted. Electro sex or erotic electro stimulation is a painless shock that is being applied to the muscle tissue and the nerve.

It uses low frequency electrical stimulation that is more like a tingling or buzzing sensation than a shock. It gives a pleasurable erotic sensation. The muscles are clenching around the electrode in the beginning and after adjusting the frequency and the pulse dials the muscles tighten and relax rhythmically around the electrode. Variations in the placement of the electrodes and different types of electrodes induce various sensations. They can give very intense pleasurable erotic sensations. Electronic sexual stimulation can be used all kind of sexual play such as edging, orgasm denial, or forced orgasms.


A Vaginal Plug is one example of erotic electric stimulation toy. It is a penetrative electrode with the shape of a phallus. The conductive surface runs an electric pulse from base to tip and it feels like a dildo or penis is moving in and out of the vagina. Because it using low frequency electric impulses it can stimulate the nerve and muscle tissue by reaching below the surface of the vaginal walls in a way that cannot be replicated by regular sex, dildos, or vibrators. The push-pull sensation simulates the in and out movement of a penis in the vagina but also stimulates the clitoral nerve.

Electronic sexual stimulation gives a sensation somehow similar to a vibrator. However, erotic electro stimulation will offer a more unique and pleasurable erotic experience. It can add a lot of extra fun and excitement to your sex life. Some people use it for S&M because it offers an ideal way to explore the boundary between pain and pleasure without lasting pain or risks of damage to the body. The electro sex stimulation can be controlled precisely.

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In general there are three main categories of electro stimulation. The pulse based stimulation is the safest form of electro stimulation that uses a device specifically designed to stimulate the body through a pulse type waveform. In a pulse type device the current flows between two places on the body. Some are using a monopolar output and others are using a bipolar output.

The electrostatic stimulation uses a very high voltage device to generate a spark that can jump to the body. An example is the high frequency ultraviolet wand that works by ionizing the air between the body and the device. The AC/DC devices such as batteries and hand crank generators are not designed for use on the human body and they are the most dangerous form of electro stimulation.

Pulse type devices are the best and safest choice for erotic play. The can be Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation devices or Electro Muscle Stimulation devices developed by the medical community or electro stimulation devices specifically designed for erotic play. They usually have adjustable level and frequency. The electronic sexual stimulation units don’t have any significant side effects if properly used and they can bring a lot of fun in your sex life.

Electrastim produces product designed specifically for electronic sexual stimulation. Find all of the Electrastim Range available now.

With different Electrastim kits available, there are a number of options for consideration. Each kit has a number of different features and accessories to suit your budget and needs. We provide you with a summary of the power units and  kits available.


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Electronic sexual stimulation power units.

You can’t experience electronic sexual stimulation without a power unit. Electrastim offers a range of different power units used to power toys and pads to allow you to feel the erotic feel of electronic sexual stimulation.

While these power units are not the cheapest, they are certainly high quality and offer you a variety of different options and models for different budgets.

The most exclusive model is the electrastim-sensavox-kit,  while not everyone has the budget there are a few more from the range.

We have partnered with our highly respected Love shop to offer great value, free shipping and a risk free return policy that has to be seen to be believed.

With the Return Policy you have absolutely nothing to loose.

Returns Policy

We would like you to be 100 percent confident about every single order you place here, so we have a very reasonable 100 day no-questions asked return policy to ensure your mind is at rest when you make a purchase with us.
ElectraPads ElectraStim Electro Sex Pack
ElectraPads ElectraStim Electro Sex Pack – $149.99

from: Lovehoney Ltd

Bzzzzt! Connect and turn on the EM32 unit for a unique erotic experience. You will find that the ElectraStim doesn’t vibrate like standard sex toys, rather it transmits sensual signals that tingle to your brain by providing stimulation of the nerve endings anywhere on your body. This is suitable for intimate use.

Contains Electra Pads which are a fantastic method for two individuals to share the ElectraStim experience. Electra Pads are placed below the waistline for max stimulation. You should attempt to touch your fingertips together, prior to attempting other erotic electric sensations.

ElectraStim EM60-E Flick Single Output Stimulator and ElectraPads Set
ElectraStim EM60-E Flick with a Single Output (Stimulator) contains ElectraPads Set – $149.99

from: Lovehoney Ltd

You are able to electrify your sex life with the ElectraStim electrosex rechargeable machine. The unit features an intuitive Flick setting the alters the intensity automatically as you near orgasm. Includes 4 times ElectraPads which are compatible with other ElectraStim accessories.


ElectraStim ElectraProbe Electro Sex Adventure Gear
ElectraStim ElectraProbe The Electro Sex Adventure Gear – $194.99

from: Lovehoney Ltd

Get read for a shared adventure full of electro sex with the complete kit from ElectraStim. The kit contains twin loops that are able to be teamed together with toys or the loops can be worn over the penis prior, during and after intercourse. This kit is a must for electric-sex-love couples.

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ElectraStim EM60 Flick Electro Sex Stimulator Multipack Set ElectraStim EM60 Flick Electro Sex Stimulator Multipack Set – $224.99

Feel  the unique stimulation and the pleasure of the tingling sensation from electrostimulation while comfortably situated in your own home using this electro kit. The Kit includes the control unit EM60, with a number of attachments and ElectraStim conductive gel. Also included in the kit which has everything you need for electo pleasure. T-bar vaginal and anal probe, 4 x ElectraPads self-adhesive conductive pads.

ElectraStim EM80-E Flick Duo Dual Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Kit ElectraStim EM80-E Flick Rechargeable Duo Dual Channel  Electro Sex Kit – $268.99

Talk about the tingling feelings with this unique EM80 Flick dual channel device. 2 stations allowing you to make use of up to 4 ElectraStim components at the same time for combined satisfaction and the rechargeable device also contains 4 x ElectraPads to get you commenced with electrosex.

Both channels are handled separately, meaning that you can each determine your personal sensation intensity. The EM80 enables you to each make use of 2 uni-polar toys or 1 bi-polar toy per channel therefore you can make use of up to 4 toys at the exact same time.


ElectraStim EM80-M Flick Dual-Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Set
ElectraStim EM80-M Flick Dual-Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Set – $344.99

from: Lovehoney Ltd
You can have double the fun with the EM80-M dual-channel electrosex power unit and accessory set from Electrastim. Two channels allows for an easier ability  to share your pleasures with your companion, or you may enjoy twice the experience alone.The kits comes with a number exciting accessories.


While the Elite Electrastim Sensavox Kit is not for everyone’s budget, Electrastim offers a number of alternatives that allow you commence your electrosex adventure.

Be sure to look at the accessories available from Electrastim that will enable many hours of erotic electro sex exploration.





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