Electrastim Sensavox Kit

The Electrasim Senasvox Kit – The Power unit with attitude.

Electrastim Sensavox Kit is said to deliver amazing stimulation by the way of sending pulses that are electronic through any electronic sex toy that you connect to the unit. This elite electrosex unit provides you greatest command over your kinky electro play. Attach two electro sex toys at once and take pleasure in anything from electro play penis rings, electro play vaginal dildos and probes to clamps and inflatable butt plugs with an electrifying buzz.

This unit is for those who take electro play seriously and is our premium unit for those who want to indulge in electo sex with enthusiasm.

ElectraStim SensaVox Kit Erotic Electro Stimulator

ElectraStim SensaVox Kit Erotic Electro Stimulator MODEL EM140

ElectraStim SensaVox Erotic Electro Stimulator – $449.99

This unit has got absolute safety in mind and makes use of years of research into electronic sex therapy, this kit gives a variety of electronic play for adventurous couples.

This unit is unique such in a way that it has a double channel contrary to one, each able to operate either a single double polar toy or two single polar toys. This allows you and your partner to enjoy different toys, at different arousal intensities, making use of the same power unit. If you prefer a high-powered stimulation and your partner likes an easy or lazy tingle, both of your tastes are taken care of.


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Each of the channels have their own separate control dial, enabling you to adjust the intensity output from zero level to the highest level-‘ 99’ each step at a time. This gives amazing control over intensity of electric waves and pulses felt, ensuring that sexual stimulation is neither too much nor unsatisfying. To insure a comfortable and smooth climb, take it from a soft nudge to a vibration-like tingle, a sensational shock is inevitable at the end and remember each step at a time.

It may be essential to dial the boost button if you want more and extreme sexual pleasure, it charges power for a moment, tossing you and your partner into the climax that is ever desired by any sexual partners.

Electrastim Sensavox kit – Audio Play

If there is a need which there always is- to further sweeten play, trying the audio input is advisable. It allows you to connect an audio player to the Sensavox package, your electronic waves pulse will then be in rhythm with your favorite music. It may be advisable to make a choice of some slow and sexy jams for longer waves or some upbeat tunes for shorter pulses.

The microphone input allows you and your partner to control stimulation with your own voices. Dirty talking sweet talking, moaning and groaning will activate tingling sensations that will take you and your sexual partner all the way.

Electrastim Sensavox kit – Safety technology

It is also fit with the best and safest technology, the unit always operates with a flow and with gradually rising intensity, immediately it is first switched on. In a similar manner, if patterns are changed, the intensity always increases gradually initially starting at the lowest level (zero) this will ensure you never go through too much before you even realize you are started.

This unit can be powered by either using the 9v battery included in the package or through worldwide mains adapter, according to your preference. When using battery to operate the unit, it will go on power save mode by reducing intensity of the display lights and later switching off the LED lights. It will although continue with operation during dimmed display, in that way it will save power and prolong your pleasure play.

It is necessary to note that no electrode attachments are included in this package. Those have to be separately bought. The unit can be compatible with either single polar or double polar toys that accept 2mm pin connectors.

Electrastim Sensavox Kit
ElectraStim SensaVox Erotic Electro Stimulator – $449.99

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Electrastim Sensavox Kit – Product Specifications and description.

The ElectraStim Sensavox generates outstanding pleasure through the use of electronic pulses. The Unit has been designed with complete safety in consideration and making use of yrs of analysis into electro treatment, this expandable kit gives an assorted system for electroplay.

SensaVox has two individual channels, permitting you to power two different electronic sex toys separately. Opt for internal and external stimulation, or share with your companion and each of you can make use of a toy you are not  actually required  to touch to complete the circuit.

You will find that the output intensity of each channel is adjustable from levels ‘0’ to ’99’ with the positive ‘click’ individual step increments. This gives incredible control over the strength of the electrical waves. Take it from an incredibly gentle nudge to a sensational shock one step at a time.

Using digital encoder technology indicates that over 4 complete rotations will be needed to raise the intensity to the max levels, ensuring a steady comfortable ascending power level – although few, if any, can go all the way with this powerful unit.

All other sorts of power units go from absolutely nothing to the greatest intensity in only a mere three-quarter rotation, resulting in very small margin for adjustment mistake. The output strength of the Em140 is therefore over 5 times more controllable than conventional methods, indicating you won’t encounter any unpleasant surprises during your electro adventures.

Using the Music Input

There’s actually an inlet to power the device by microphone or music. Shock via tone of voice control or take pleasure in a rhythmic electrical thrill along to your most liked music songs.

Fitted with the very best in safety technology, the unit will certainly always run at ‘0’ intensity when you first switch it on. Furthermore, when altering patterns, the strength will consistently begin at ‘0’ to make sure you in no way experience too much strength too quickly.


Caress; Smooth; Swinger; Alternate;  Burst; Stepper; Auto Climb;  Shooter; Climax

Please Notice: This unit is not suitable for people with coronary heart conditions.

Electrastim Sensavox Kit Review

The best sex toy ever

Reviewed: Sept 29 in 2013 –  normchurch, a Married Straight Male

About 30 days ago I bought The Electrastim Sensavox Em 140 – Electrastim Sensavox Kit This had been to replace a P.E.S. powerbox I’d long been working with for 8 or 9 yrs. I feel, as a result, that I am in a good position to come up with a several beneficial comparisons of the 2 units.

PES Powerbox

My loyal PES electrosex unit and components have served me personally very well indeed and I have experienced countless hrs of stimulative pleasure. Actually the only niggle I experienced had been the simple fact that there will be just one electric power adjustment (alright there is in addition a control for extremely fine modifications) which would mean that if you switch the strength up or down on one channel it does exactly the exact same for the 2nd channel. This implies that one channel may be providing just the appropriate stimulation from one accessory but the stimulation from the 2nd accessory is most likely to end up being too weakened or way too strong. Really challenging to obtain the correct balance.

Possibly it is my shortage of expertise.

Nevertheless with the Sensavox Em140,  both channels may be tweaked separately and as a result the degree of stimulation from each and every channel may be set at pleasurable ranges.

The preset programmes in the unit are all incredibly good and, I imagine, each individual will have a certain favourite.

The microphone performs flawlessly – with the degree of stimulation specifically associated to the volume level and ‘type’ of the sound.

What I come across to be a totally amazing function is the line in for live songs/dialog from stereo and the line in for signals from the CDrom provided with the Sensavox Kit. This indicates that the end-user has no notion what kind of stimulation will end up being provided – it will vary in strength and frequency. I believe it’s similar to getting stimulated by a companion when you are blindfold. You’ve no idea what will take place next. AMAZING.

The best toy I’ve ever purchased! Well worth the price and it’s produced in The united kingdom – with a 3 year warranty.

Very highly recommend. Electrastim Sensavox Kit

ElectraStim SensaVox Erotic Electro Stimulator – $449.99


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Go buy it. You will not regret it. With the Return Policy you have absolutely nothing to loose.

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