Different positions having sex

man missionary sex position

Different positions having sex – The Best Sex Positions for All different Penis Sizes

Different positions having sex


We cover the subject of different positions having sex in this captivating article. With regards to sex, larger is NOT usually better. Most certainly, not for all positions and maneuvers. The good thing is that you are able to  experience maximum enjoyment with the right partner, no matter what it is that he is working with. Here, see 4 alternative and different positions having sex, focused on perfection for four various kinds of different sized penis. Whether he is large or below average (or should his penis bend quite a lot to the right! ), you shall most certainly discover a way to achieve maximum velocity with these tips for different positions having sex with different penis sizes.


Different positions having sex – with a man with average size

Fortunately for the average guy, this is a good length and most positions are possible. With Sex expert Emily Morse who writes and owns SexWithEmily.com will most certainly suggest that the Crouching Dragon is ideally suited: Wrap your arms around his shoulders and your legs around his midsection before having him crouch down in a squat so that his body makes a human chair for you. Press your body closely up against his as you grind.

crouching dragon Different positions having sex

Different positions having sex Crouching dragon or some call it the Jellyfish Sex Position – Requires a bit of strength from your man…but is great for lots of close skin-on-skin contact.


Different positions having sex – For Mr. Big

If your man is larger than average it is important that both of you spend at least 10 to 15 minutes during foreplay to help and assist the vagina to expand. It is important to use a good pleasure lubricant. If you are concerned about the size of your man then different positions having sex will allow you to control how deep he goes. Therefore we suggest you maneuver into woman on top positions. You should lean over his body with both your hands on either side of his head. You can do this on the floor or on the mattress. You can consider it a push-up style say Emily. He can even bend his knees so you are able to lean back for support when needed.

man missionary sex position

Different positions having sex – For a man who is Smaller Than Six Inches

The ideal sex position for men who are of average size or less, is to Go rear-entry, reports Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., an established sex researcher at the University of Indiana. This position will offer you a more deeper penetration. For the woman, she is to rest her head and shoulders on a pillow or cushion, while lifting her butt up. It is also good for her to squeeze her thighs. It is the tighter her legs, that it makes it a more snugger fit. (For a smaller guy you may not need to use lube: it is with a smaller guy, that friction becomes your friend.) Find The Liberator chase ideal for all kinds of different positions having sex.

Different positions having sex ideal for rear entry

The Esse Chase From Liberator is ideal for Different positions having sex.

An alternative may be the drill sex position that allows for the woman to squeeze her legs around her man.

drill sex position different positions for sex

drill sex position

Different positions having sex –  the Bent Penis

If your man has a slight bend in his shape, it would be best to have him standing next to the bed whilst you are lying on it, says Emily Morse. By allowing for alternate angles you can move yourself one way or the other, while almost curled in a ball. Your man can use your shoulders for supporting himself whilst he is able to thrust and for you, move and adjust to find the most enjoyable position. It all depends on which direction his penis bends.

The are many different positions having sex and a good book on the subject of sex positions can provide inspiration.


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