Champagne and Sex

Champagne and Sex

Moet champagne and glass.

Moet champagne and glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Absolutely nothing speaks of romance like champagne and Sex and a romantic night out in a hotel room. The effervescence and sparkle of champagne attracts many senses and has managed to become the ultimate beverage of a special event. It’s the perfect addition to a particular nights hotel passion, one which will be frivolous, indulgent and fun. What makes champagne an excellent accompaniment to love?

Champagne and sex Aphrodisiac.

Alcohol can be used as aphrodisiac. Any liquor will loosen inhibitions. That is partially true since it raises testosterone in ladies, freeing the libido and raising it to great levels. But an excessive amount of alcohol and the sedative ramifications of this elixir means no-one can truly make the most of the results. You do not want to get overly drunk and make a fool of yourself.  As Shakespeare stated, “It provokes also it unprovokes; it provokes the desire, nonetheless it eliminates the performance.” To attain the perfect balance only two glasses ought to be sipped by each one of you. This should be adequate to allow for priming of the love engine and give the love action a helping hand.

The Sexy presentation of a champagne bottle says it all. The champagne bottle sparkles in it’s silver champagne bucket when placed on the table by your friendly room service attendant.  Lifted out of its bucket full of ice and water with a delightful swish, drops of moisture journey slowly down its cooled bottle surface. While the Champagne glasses sparkle in the delightful and romantic candlelight, with expectation. Deftly cracking of the bottle will be the key to a romantic journey:


  •     Tease off its foil outerwear.
  •     Loosen, but don’t remove, the wire cage of its undergarments.
  •     Firmly grasp the cork and the cage, after that rotate the bottle (as opposed to the cork) by making sure to hold it at the bottom.
  •     Slowly relieve the cork out with a fulfilling “pop” (allowing the cork to shoot over the room, creating a fountain of foamy wine which can be spectacular, but a bottle that explodes before it really is drunk might not be the very best omen for a nights love – and think about the waste).
  •     As that first little bit of mist rises from the bottle, pour the golden liquid in to the waiting around glasses (champagne flutes are usually good, but big burgandy or merlot wine glasses are in fact best for checking and capturing the delicious aroma). Don not overfill the glass.

Savour the initial moment. Start to see the bubbles rise, the way the champagne captures the lights from the candles. Raising your glass, look at your companion as you breathe the fragrance of your wine and then finally, lastly take that first deep sip. Have the tingle clean across your tongue, producing the mouth area keenly alive. Kiss your lover deeply and share the moment.

Champagne and Sex your new sex toy. The bottle is open now. How can you intergrate champagne in your sexy play tonight? Oh, i want to count the ways…

  •     Share champagne kisses with a sexy open mouth that is sure to create a tingling and make sure to excite.
  •     Combine it with some other treats such as chocolate or strawberries for sensual flavors.
  •     Drizzle it onto the now very steaming skin of your lover; watch the awesome, fizzing liquid tickle and tantalize your lover’s belly buttons nipples and other sensitive areas. Lead the way and move on with delicate movements and continue together with your warm tongue.
  •     Take some champagne and fill your mouth slightly. Hold the beverage in carefully and then be sure to go down on your partner. Use your tongue to swirl the bubbles over the most vulnerable parts of their anatomy. Nerve endings react to the bubbles, heightening sensation and increasing their pleasure.
  • If you have at your disposal a freezer, and satisfactory, you can also consider making champagne ice cubes to cool fevered, aroused skin and cause gasps of delight.
  • Enjoy it the morning after with orange juice as part of an indulgent (and well deserved) breakfast in bed.
  • And so on, and so on, and so on…Treat yourselves to the good stuff. It is true technically, any sparkling wine will do the trick, but there does seem to be something extra special about the real thing. Champagne from the region of Champagne in France lends a certain air to your night of hotel sex. The night that allows you to both feel pampered and special. Also, it is possible that a cheaper sparkling may give you a headache, which you might say defeats the purpose of a romantic time together. When you could be spending more time indulging in some sexy time.Raise your glasses and toast hotel sex as it deserves. Cheers!





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