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how to sex roleplay i love it
How to Sex Roleplay – Sexual Role Play Advice for Beginners Learn the secret of how to sex roleplay, like a true master through a dedicated look at this sexual roleplay guide for beginners. For many when you are in a loving relationship for quite some time, often sex can become somewhat of a routine […]
how to burlesque dance
Learn how to burlesque dance Burlesque is a fun and exciting expression of sensuality. We teach you how to burlesque dance through this article. Burlesque is something that is a confidence building show for those who enjoy theater, sexuality and sensuality. It is something that women of all ages have taken on as an expression […]
how to have erotic dreams
How to have erotic dreams – allow hypnosis to guide you. Learn how to have erotic dreams which allows you to have the best sex ever – using HYPNOSIS! Use your sensual side and open your mind to the sexy inhibited sex you have always wanted. Are your current dreams missing  spice ? Do you wish […]
hypnosis for better sex
Hypnosis for better sex – the secret to your success  Fantastic sex, is it something that you have experienced? Learn about hypnosis for better sex through this article. Having great sex is something almost all of us want, right? Unfortunately somehow it generally does not always happen that way. Sex is something that is essential […]
Find a Sex Partner Online
Find a Sex partner Online – the safe way. If you have given up on the traditional dating scene, perhaps you can find a sex partner online. Or perhaps you are looking for a long term relationship? Let us delve into some important factors to consider when online dating. As you will often hear, finding […]
In popular culture, men have masturbated with an apple pie, wanked before a big date with Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary and “cranked” – a term coined in tv show Offspring meaning the act of “crying and wanking”. Yes, the references to masturbating men in mainstream media are many and common. But when it comes to the topic […]
Pregnant Sex To have sex while pregnant is not something that you need to be scared of, nor completely keep away from during the pregnancy term. Pregnancy health practitioners as well as doctors will often need to reassure their patients that  to have  sexual intercourse is completely safe all throughout pregnancy. The opportunity to have […]
how to have sex in public
How to have sex in public the secret to seduction. Guys are usually not  just the only ones who imagine and have fantasies about intercourse in open public places. Learn how to have sex in public in our latest post. Ladies are also often searching for and wanting for even more variety and experiences in their […]
Champagne and Sex Absolutely nothing speaks of romance like champagne and Sex and a romantic night out in a hotel room. The effervescence and sparkle of champagne attracts many senses and has managed to become the ultimate beverage of a special event. It’s the perfect addition to a particular nights hotel passion, one which will […]
Tips be good kisser
Some Tips be Good Kisser Kissing is Important and can be the difference between love or failure. Here are some quick tips be good kisser. Let us begin with some interesting details from a resent study into kissing. Overall, the researchers demonstrated that the amount a couple of kissed was proportional with their stated degree […]
How to Wife Swap – For Swingers What Is Swinging? How To Wife Swap. For those in the know, swinging is something completely sexy. Perhaps you have seen in a movie or tried it yourself? You hear of couples dropping keys in a bowl and picking another set of keys. These are just some of […]
what is a smoking fetish
What is a smoking fetish – The fetish known as capnolagnia Learn what is a smoking fetish through this overview of smoking fetishism. Smoking fetishism ( often referred to as capnolagnia ) is a sexual fetish consistent with the vision as well as representation and images of someone having a smoke, be it a cigarette, […]
average male penis length
What is the average male penis length? So you are interested to find out what the average male penis length is. Actually you are not alone, this question is a very common one, as guys like to see how they compare to the general population and find out what a typical human penis length is. When […]
anal sex tips
Tips for Anal Sex Enjoyment   If you are like many of our readers exploring sex topics can be a way to enhance knowledge in the bedroom. Here are our tips for anal sex enjoyment to help you better understand some of the areas that need to be considered for enjoyable anal intercourse. These anal […]
pegging my husband
Learn if Pegging My husband is right for you. We get the question regularly, “how do I go about pegging my husband?” Pegging is a situation where a woman penetrates a man anally typically using a strap-on. Certainly it is one of the latest trends when it comes to the sex toy industry. Just a side note a […]
women shaving private parts
Women shaving private parts – The best way to shave We both personally love to shave or trim our pubic hair. So you can say women shaving private parts is a good thing. It provides a good clean view to our love parts and offers a fresh smooth feel that looks great. While some have a fetish for […]
tips giving oral sex
  Tips giving oral sex – We all should know how to give good head. Learn some important tips giving oral sex, firstly what is oral sex? Wikipedia defines “Oral Sex as a sexual act which focuses on the enlivenment of your sex companions gonads. This performed using ones mouth, teeth, tongue or throat to bring […]