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By watching the Game of Thrones, can this be  ‘desensitising’ viewers to fictional incest pornography? Is the G.O.T driving many into a heightened interest in faux-cest?   For those of us who are uninitiated, a movie title such as ‘Family Play Date’ might possibly be seen as a harmless, wholesome family film. However in reality, this movie title –  amongst an […]
Sex, pornography, love making . . . all these terms have been made a taboo through ages by hypocrites. Satan has  been able to twist and pervert sex in his own way. Satan has in-sighted righteousness with sex and has replaced it with lust, pornography, adultery, and homosexuality. But all these concepts have been locked […]
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 Ultimate Guide Cunnilingus & its 7 deadly sins is something to consider.   We examine the Ultimate Guide Cunnilingus through this post from our special guest writer Raeven. Men may think they know everything about going down on their princess. But in reality they are likely to suck at sucking. So if you aren’t too […]
Porn vs the reality of Sex For those of you who have ever watched porn and we would think that there are a good few of our readers who have at least taken a peek. Do a comparison if you have ever had “real sex” then you will have established that the two are very […]
Watching Porn as a Couple Conventional thinking informs us that pornography viewing can be not just harmful to our own psyches, it may even be considered  harmful to monogamous romantic relationships. Our best of friends, mothers and fathers, religious types, and counselors — all individuals who have got our very best interest in mind – […]
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Types of Porn Listed below are common sub-genres of pornography. This list might not be comprehensive, as there are lots of genres of pornography. Pornographic films can include elements of several genre. The two primary distinctions of pornography are usually between softcore and hardcore pornography, while hardcore functions can include softcore content, however, not the […]