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Non Penetrative Sex: Foreplay, mutual masturbation, and more! Learning that there is more to sex than just sticking it in, with our look at Non Penetrative Sex. On occasions it can help to get back to the basics of sex when it is time to try something new from the standard mundane sexual intercourse that […]
How to Start You and Your Partner Swinging Interested in becoming a swinger? Learn How to Start You and Your Partner Swinging. Are you having more than a passing interest in what they do and what it’s all about? Wondering what a swinger’s lifestyle is really like behind those secret parties? The first question really […]
Just in case you require another reason to get it on with yourself, Stephanie from the site offers 10 excellent factors for you to get kinky with yourself! Examine this enjoyable guest article – your are most free to leave a comment and to let us better understand your preferred reason for self enjoyment, […]